How To Secure WhatsApp From Being Monitored?

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Megan Evans

Updated: Jul 19, 2021 04:50 pm

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Launched 12 years back in 2009, Toady WhatsApp is one of the most popular texts and voice messaging applications. You may send messages on both desktop and smartphones, conduct voice calls, and hold video chats for free.

This App's appeal originates in part from the fact that it works on a variety of phone and computer OSs, making it highly viable for texting. WiFi and cellular data can also be used to make one-on-one or group calls. WhatsApp offers a simple UI that displays your chats in text bubbles with a timestamp, and alerts you when your receiver has viewed your messages—similar to iMessage for the iPhone. Since its usage is so widespread, a common question arises about security. Have you thought of the consequences if your account is being tracked? Most people consider that knowing how to secure WhatsApp from being monitoring is a top priority.

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WhatsApp Security Concerns

Is WhatsApp Safe?

WhatsApp has earned a reputation of being protected, safe, and private— Thanks to highly publicized end-to-end encryption feature. WhatsApp is fundamentally secure than other messaging apps as it employs end-to-end encryption. Facebook Messenger, Instagram Messages, Snapchat, and even plain old iMessage are all included. However, it isn't completely fool-proof.

WhatsApp claims to be totally encrypted, but that doesn't mean it can't be hacked. There can be certain WhatsApp security issues that can lead to your account being compromised.

Your WhatsApp Can Be Tracked In These Methods

Someone might hack another person's WhatsApp account for a variety of reasons, including parental supervision, cheating suspicion, or for mere fun and so on. Your buddy or lover could wish to peek into your chats to see what you are up to, what you talk about,etc.

There are some methods by which your WhatsApp account can be tracked.

  • Your device backup file

  • Hackers may be able to retrieve data from your WhatsApp backup file or the media folder if you don't keep them safe. They may be able to access all your chats and media files shared through the App.

  • Open unsafe public WiFi networks

  • Scanning and connecting to public WiFi networks that aren't password-protected, allowing you to access the internet inexpensively is quite common. In fact, offering free WiFi to customers is a common selling point for many restaurant chains nowadays, and local governments provide public WiFi hotspots in numerous locations. However,can you vouch for security there? Open networks are seldom well-protected, and there are always more chances of your login details stolen and your accounts getting compromised.

  • Spy apps

  • There are various ways to eavesdrop on WhatsApp communications, including software vulnerabilities, social engineering,amongst others. Spy apps, such as mSpy, and FlexiSpy, are invisible and difficult to detect. They can seamlessly integrate and retrieve all the details from the compromised accounts.

    What Can Whatsapp Monitoring App Do?

    The WhatsApp Tracker Apps empower the users to view all incoming and outgoing texts as well as the multimedia world's most popular messengers from afar and invisibly. Some of the applications can even collect and transfer the messages to a web dashboard so one can read them later.

    whatsapp monitoring app can do

  • Monitor WhatsApp in the stealth mode

  • These are totally concealed WhatsApp monitoring spyware apps that work in stealth mode,they are entirely undetectable by account owners and work invisibly in the background.

  • Monitor Social communication on WhatsApp

  • Spying Apps such as mSpy and FlexiSpy, once installed, help you monitor all the social communications of the hacked accounts, including live chats, history and multimedia transfers.

  • View All Media Types on Whatsapp

  • Spying Apps can monitor all types of media shared and received on the targeted WhatsApp account, including images, stickers, emojis, video clippings, audio messages, and so much more.

    How To Secure WhatsApp From Monitoring?

    If you've seen some weird behaviour with your WhatsApp account, chances are, someone could already be spying on you.

    There are, thankfully, viable techniques to prevent people from spying on you and tracking your WhatsApp activity.We've put together a listing of the most efficient methods for preventing someone from spying on your WhatsApp account.

    Method 1: Enable Two-Step Verification

  • Go to the WhatsApp Settings page.
  • Enable two-step verification by going to Account
  • Enter and validate a six-digit PIN of your choice.
  • Tap Skip if you don't want to enter an email address and click “Next”
  • (Note: Adding an email address is recommended by WhatsApp since it enables you to reset two-step verification and helps protect your account).

  • Tap Save or Done after you've confirmed the email address.
  • Method 2: Use ClevGuard Anti-spy App To Remove Spyware

    If you are still worry about the security of your WhatsApp account, or feel that your smartphone is being monitored. We strongly recommend you to use the ClevGuard Anti-Spy app to protect your privacy. Using ClevGuard is super easy!

    Step 1: Download and install ClevGuard anti-spyware

    Click "Get it on Google Play" button below and skip to Google Play Store page to download it and finish installation.

    download clevguard

    Step 2: Launch ClevGuard Anti-Spyware

    After installation,open ClevGuard and click "Scan" to determine whether spyware is installed on your device.

    clevguard scanner

    Step 3: Remove spyware on your mobile phone

    After Scanning, you can review the results and eliminate spyware (If there is a spyware on your mobile phone), you can choose "Fix" to remove it in a matter of a few seconds. Otherwise, "Report" and "Ignore" are required when you cannot ensure the security of the application.

    scan results

    Features of ClevGuard Anti-spy App

    As a professional spyware remover, these are a few significant ClevGuard anti-spy app features that we vouch for:

  • Real-time protection of your smartphone

  • Protect your privacy from being tracked in real-time with the App. It can keep running in the background to protect your smartphone stay away from spyware and other hazards.

  • Listing and segregation files

  • Scan and update phone files to either whitelist or blacklist.Files that are added to the whitelist are not subject to the risk warning the next time scan is run. You can easily remove files from the whitelist and report apps to the blacklist.

  • ClevGuard Auto Alert

  • A 24-hour check notifies you of any hazardous apps.With an insecure app detected,a notification is sent,reminding you of the malware presence on the device that you may choose to eliminate.

    Final Words

    For any smartphone user, device security should be a primary consideration.In recent years, phones have rapidly evolved to keep and share our most sensitive information. These devices have important data that unscrupulous actors can profit from— whether they are managing our financial, social lives, or business information. To be protected, you'll need to use security-focused gadgets and applications.

    Anti-spyware apps such as ClevGuard, help protect your device in real-time from all possible spying threats looming around. The program takes a single click post-installation to eliminate malware from your device, offering 360-degree protection.


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