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What Is Zigazoo? Explore The TikTok Alternative

Review of Zigazoo shows how it engages kids with fun challenges, as well as how to set up parental controls to keep them safe.

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Cody Walsh Cody Walsh

Mar 05, 2024 03:28 pm

A recent development in the world of children's applications, Zigazoo, has been gathering attention. In this Zigazoo review, we delve into its features, and safety measures, and compare it with the popular social media platform, TikTok. As an app designed primarily for children, Zigazoo's safety and educational value are of utmost importance. So, let's explore what Zigazoo brings to the table.

Part 1: What Is Zigazoo?

Zigazoo is a child-friendly application designed as a platform for kids to watch and share short videos. Its concept closely resembles the popular social media platform TikTok, but the content is tailored for a younger audience, specifically children aged 3 to 12. The emphasis on educational content, coupled with strict moderation measures, makes Zigazoo an engaging and safe space for children to learn and share.

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Features of Zigazoo

Educational Content: Zigazoo encourages learning through fun by providing a range of educational prompts and challenges to which children can respond through short videos.

Safe Environment: All content on Zigazoo is reviewed and moderated to ensure it's appropriate for children.

Interactive Learning: Children can respond to challenges, engage with other users, and learn from their peers.

Parental Supervision: Parents can control their children's activities on the app, including the ability to approve friends and monitor video content.

Zigabucks: A unique feature of Zigazoo, Zigabucks are an in-app currency that rewards users for interaction and can be used to purchase fun features and stickers.

Private/Public Toggle: Users can decide whether their videos are posted privately or publicly.

The primary audience of Zigazoo is Generation Alpha, children aged between 3 and 12. However, the platform recently launched a separate app, Zigazoo Kids, for its younger audience, while the original app has been rebranded for Gen Z users, aged 13 and older.

Part 2: Is Zigazoo Safe?

When it comes to children's applications, safety should always be the top priority. Zigazoo has implemented several measures to ensure the safety of its users. The app requires adult verification during sign-up and all content is reviewed and moderated by humans to prevent any inappropriate content from reaching the children. Furthermore, text comments on videos are not allowed, reducing the risk of harmful interactions.

is zigazoo safe

Part 3: How Does Zigazoo Work?

Zigazoo is like a fun app where kids can watch short videos that ask them to do different activities, like answering questions or doing little projects. Here's how it works:

  1. Download the App: Parents or teachers download Zigazoo from the App Store or Google Play Store and make an account.

  2. Create Profiles: You can make profiles for kids, customizing them with avatars and other details.

  3. Browse Challenges: Users can browse through a variety of short video challenges on different topics such as science, art, literacy, math, and more.

  4. Select Challenges: Children pick the videos they like and watch them. Then, they do the activity the video asks for.

  5. Record Responses: Kids use the app to record themselves doing the activity or answering the question.

  6. Share and Explore: Once the response is recorded, users can share it within the Zigazoo community or with friends and family. They can also explore responses from other users to see how different people approached the same challenge.

  7. Earn Rewards: Zigazoo may offer rewards or recognition for completing challenges, encouraging children to engage with the app regularly and explore new topics.

Part 4: TikTok Alternative? Zigazoo vs TikTok

As Zigazoo is often touted as a 'TikTok for kids', it's worth comparing the two platforms to see how they stack up.

Purpose Educational app for kids to do challenges Social media platform for sharing short videos
Target Audience Children aged 3-12 and 13+ Teenagers and adults
Content Short video challenges focused on education and creativity Wide range of content including lip-syncing, dancing, comedy, and more
Community Encourages collaboration and learning Focuses on entertainment and social interaction
Privacy Emphasizes child safety and privacy Privacy concerns have been raised due to user data handling
Pros - Fosters creativity and learning
- Emphasizes child safety
- Encourages collaboration
- Vast content variety
- Offers monetization opportunities for creators
- Entertaining and addictive
Cons - Limited audience (children and parents)
- Limited content variety compared to TikTok
- Privacy concerns
- Potential exposure to inappropriate content
- Time-consuming and addictive behavior

While both platforms share the concept of short video content, they cater to different demographics and have varying focus areas. Zigazoo's emphasis on educational content and extensive safety measures make it a more suitable platform for its younger audience.

Part 5: User Experience and Reviews of Zigazoo

Zigazoo has received positive reviews for its engaging content and stringent safety measures. Users appreciate the app's educational focus and the interactive nature of the challenges. The Zigabucks feature is also a hit among children, promoting active participation.

Tips: How to Set Parental Control to Protect Your Kids

For added safety, parents can use external parental control tools like KidsGuard Pro. This software allows parents to monitor their child's online activities and set restrictions as needed. It offers features like app blocking, geofencing, and real-time location tracking.

kidsguard pro

  • App Blocking: Remotely control which apps your child can access.

  • Geofencing: Set safe zones and receive alerts when your child leaves or enters these zones.

  • Real-Time Location Tracking: Know your child's location at all times.

  • Web History Monitoring: Secretly monitor your child's internet usage and search history.

  • Call and Message Tracking: Track your child's calls and messages for any suspicious activity.

Steps to Use KidsGuard Pro for Parental Control

Sign Up: Register for a KidsGuard Pro account and choose a suitable plan.

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Install: Install the KidsGuard Pro app on your child's device.

install kidsguard pro on the target device

Monitor: Log in to your account to start monitoring your child's activities.

use kidsguard pro to setup parental control


In conclusion, Zigazoo offers a safe and educational platform for children to engage and learn. Its strict safety measures and educational focus make it an excellent alternative to mainstream social media platforms like TikTok. However, as with any online platform, parents should still monitor their children's activities and educate them about safe online behavior. Tools like KidsGuard Pro can provide an additional layer of safety and control for parents, ensuring a safe and enjoyable online experience for their children.


By Cody Walsh

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