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[2024 Full Guide] Is It Safe to Download Android Apk from Apkpure?

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Cody Walsh

Updated: Nov 12, 2021 02:34 pm

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It has never been safe to download apk from any site because it is infected by malicious malware and viruses that may harm your device.

It results in abnormal activities in mobile phones, getting viruses, etc. You will get to know some basic facts about Is Apkpure safe, some antivirus tips and spyware checks with ClevGuard from this blog.

Is Apkpure Safe to Download Apk?

Apkpure is the most decent version of any apk file, but it does not mean that apk pure safe download will not bring any malicious files to your mobile. Also, it gathers a person's data and shows over flooded ads.

It is recommended to download every app from the Play Store because all other sites contain dangerous files. According to Apkpure, it is allowed by Google and contains no harmful substances, and there is no difference between Apkpure another the Play Store.

In short, how can anyone think that Play Store apps and Apkpure apps will be the same? Also, there is a perfect difference in privacy between them.

Check for Spyware with ClevGuard

ClevGuard is specialized anti-spyware software. If you suspect that your mobile phone is infected by spyware, you can use it to detect and delete malware.

How to use ClevGuard Anti-spyware?

Step 1. Click Get it on Google Play button below to download and install ClevGuard.

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Step 2. After installation, open ClevGuard, just click the Scan button to start scanning all mobile phone files.

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Step 3. ClevGuard will show you a list of results after the scan is completed. If there are malicious software on your mobile phone, you can see them in the list. Now you can click Resolve All to remove them from your phone.

scan results

Anti-virus tips

Everyone should know some essential tips about clean your phone from virus because you will not want your files to be stolen, malfunctioning of computers or mobile, appearing of unwanted ads, etc.

Suppose you are very eager to download apkpure safe app. It is recommended that side by side.

You should have to download antiviruses programs so that if any virus comes into your computer through apkpure safe download, it can be easily detected and removed.

Unwanted emails many criminals send bundles of unwanted emails to a group of people hoping that any one of them will open that email.

Remember to direct delete that email because if they are opened, the virus will start running on your background without any knowledge.

Updating mobile software and unexpected clicking on cookies is recommended to timely update your mobile software because cybercriminals intend to use these flaws to get inside your computer.

If you click on cookies shown on any website, then there is a 100 % chance that your data will be leaked.

Is Apkpure illegal?

There is no harm in downloading any app, even if it is from the apkpure site, but when this Apkpure Play Store starts to do changes in anyone's mobile and leaks data in the name of other apps, it is undoubtedly illegal.

Almost all app owners do not allow their app to be distributed without their consent (illegal). But if any app's owner shares their app's distribution information so that users can use the full performance of the app, then it is not unlawful.

Features of Apkpure

Apart from downloading simple apps from apkpure, there are also many more features that you should know. There are some apps in the play store which require some permissions and are locked.

You can unlock all of the unavailable games; it will also notify you when the updated version of any app comes in the market.

All types of games are available in this apkpure app. Moreover, it has a 5-star rating, and these Apkpure safe download apps require an update after every 2-3 months.

How to Install Apkpure?

Apkpure can be easily downloaded on any mobile or laptop that has no virus’s protection. Apkpure on android devices can be downloaded from simply Apkpure search or through browsers.

  • Go and find the version of the Apkpure file that you want to install. After clicking on installing, you will see it downloading in your notifications area.
  • After downloading, click on install to finish installing. When you click on it, they will show you an option of install or ignore, click on install.
  • Also, remember some requirements are needed to install Apkpure safe. Some of them are below.
  • apkpure

    Requirements to Install Apkpure

    As this app has many harmful features which almost all mobiles don't allow to be downloaded, so to download and to know is apkpure safe; you will have to fulfill some requirements that are needed to download this app.

    As third-party apps are used to download apps that are not safe, in this case, if you want to download Apkpure, you will have to allow this option.

    After that, check the possibility of unknown sources from the settings and allow it so that Google can download apps from unknown sources.

    Installation Guide

  • Go to the settings, then in security, search for an option named "installation from other sources" if it is disabled, then enable it.
  • Also, don't show your real id to the app's developers or any third-party apps. Instead, use a good VPN so that some of your privacy issues are resolved.
  • Remember, this Apkpure app will only work on android, but the link of this site can be used for any device.
  • How to Use Apkpure App?

  • Open the Apkpure download app and search for the game that you have desired to install.
  • When you find the game, click on download, you will see it downloading in the notifications bar.
  • After downloading, click on that and tap install. In this way, you can easily use the Apkpure app and download anything from it.
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    The Importance of Choosing a Safe Apk Site

    Whether you choose an apk site, some cons are already in it, and you are unaware of them.

    Every apk app has some disadvantages, so it is better to deep search every apk app before installing and know what the app's features are and which app may suit you.

    Some apk sites are for languages, some for downloading apps and increasing shares, so it is up to youwhich site you choose.

    Alternatives of Apkpure

    There are many alternatives of Apkpure safe available in the market. Some of them are:

    Apk Mirror

    In this app, you will find different versions of a single app. It has all apps that are released in the market along with recent apps also.


    It is the best replacement for the Apkpure app because, in this app, there is not the slightest chance that its app developer will check your privacy by seeing their code.

    Amazon App store

    On the contrary to Apkpure, this app is very easy to use. Also, you can easily download any app and use it on your phone instead of installing an apk file. These are not all but some of the best alternatives for the Apkpure safe app.


    Whatever how much you need an app, there is no chance of compromising your privacy to anyone. Just imagine! You will like malicious files and viruses entering your phone just for an app?

    Whether you know if apk is safe or not, it is better to do antivirus tips and tricks. And constantly check Spyware from your mobile device with ClevGuard.

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