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2024 WebWatcher Reviews and Best Alternative App

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Cody Walsh

Updated: May 17, 2021 12:26 pm

3 min read

WebWatcher is one of the popular phone monitoring apps which proves to be very beneficial for those parents who want to keep a watch on their kids activities and keep them safe in this fast-paced and extremely vulnerable online world. All you have to do is create an account and then use it to discreetly monitor your kid's activities on their phone through a secure online medium.

All the necessary data is recorded on the target device and the entire report is sent to your online account which can be accessed from any device with a stable internet connection. You can access the entire recorded data or you can just view the highlights which are generally marked under the risky behaviour to take necessary actions.

WebWatcher helps the parents by letting them be more responsible in this digital era and keep their children safe from dangers like cyber bullying, online predators, sexting, suicidal tendencies, drug or alcohol abuse or any other kind of inappropriate scenario. Read about what is WebWatcher, what are its features and other details here.

webwatcher app

Part 1: WebWatcher Reviews: Features, Pros, Cons and Pricing

Although this app is among the most downloaded parental control apps, is it really worth it? Find out more about how does WebWatcher work and should you really be downloading it by reading on!

Features of WebWatcher App:

1. Compatibility

WebWatcher app is compatible with almost all the Android phones and tablets, iPhone, iPad, Mac systems and Windows PCs and laptops.

webwatcher compatibility

2. Text Message Monitoring

You can view and monitor all the text messages which have been either sent or received by your child on their device.

message monitoring

3. Browser History Access

The internet holds a lot of content online and accidentally coming across an inappropriate site is more common than you think. With this app, you can keep a check on the sites which your child visits and if in case you see anything inappropriate you can immediately put a stop to that.

search history

4. Location Tracking

Parents constantly worry about where their child is at all times. This worry increases when their kid does not respond to their messages or calls. You can forget fretting about the whereabouts of your child through this app as it gives a detailed history of all the places your child has visited.

location tracking

5. Social Media Monitoring

Many popular social media sites like Kik, Tinder, WhatsApp and Viber are accessed by several teenagers and some younger kids as well. It is very important to keep a check on the activities on all these sites as they are major source of a lot of unwanted scenarios. WebWatcher helps the parents by letting them read all the incoming messages on these sites so that they can prevent any dangerous predator from contacting their child. Through this feature they can also know if in case any kind of unsuitable content is sent or circulated.

6. App Monitoring

There are new apps being uploaded everyday on Play Store as well as App Store. Some of these are very useful for your kids but some of them may be highly inappropriate. This app has the unique feature of letting the parents know whenever any kind of app gets installed on the target device.

7. Access to Call Details

The entire call log on the target phone containing all the information related to incoming call, outgoing calls and missed calls can be viewed by the parents.

8. Stored Data Monitoring

Any photo which is stored on the target phone can also be accessed by parents through the WebWatcher app.

Pros of WebWatcher App

  • When used for Windows PC it records almost all the activities on PC.

  • Works in full stealth mode.

  • All the data can be accessed online remotely with any device.

  • Gives out instant email warnings.

  • Allows discreet sifting of web content.

  • You do not need to jailbreak the target device for use.

Cons of WebWatcher App

  • When compared to the other available parental control apps, this one is not very intuitive to use.

  • There have been several WebWatcher complaints which highlight the fact that some of the features offered by this app are pretty clumsy.

  • It is a bit tricky to install on the target device.

  • Some security features may have to be disabled including some of the antivirus programs.

  • The premium version of this app is pretty expensive.

  • When it gets detected by any antivirus program on the target phone, it gets removed easily.

  • It makes the target phone lag in functionality upon installation.


This app is priced at $59.95/3 months and $129.95/12 months.

Part 2: WebWatcher VS KidsGuard Pro: What is the Best Parental Control App for Android

KidsGuard Pro is an excellent alternative for WebWatcher app and this can be easily seen by the comparison table below.

FeatureWebwatcher AppKidsguard Pro AppWinner
Social Media MonitoringSupports monitoring of Instagram, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Kik, Viber, Snapchat and TinderSupports monitoring of WhatsApp, Kik, Viber, Line, WeChat and QQWebwatcher
Location TrackingProvides location historyProvides location history, real-time location with GPS and Wi-fi loggerKidsGuard Pro
Files MonitoringSupports monitoring of SMS, Browser History, Photos and Call LogsSupports monitoring of SMS, Browser History, Photos and Call Logs, Contacts, Notes, Calendar and so much moreKidsGuard Pro
CompatibilityCompatible with Android devices, iOS devices, Windows and Mac systemsCompatible with Android phones and tabletsWebwatcher
Other Additional Features-Has the keylogger features and also supports instant screenshot on the target phoneKidsGuard Pro
Pricing$10.83/month for 1 year$8.32/month for 1 yearKidsGuard Pro

As you can clearly see from the features listed above, KidsGuard Pro should be the much preferred option for Android over WebWatcher parental monitoring app. KidsGuard Pro has several advanced features at an affordable price which set it apart from the rest of the parental control apps when it comes to Android. This app is highly recommended and it comes with a three day trial as well.

Monitor Now View Demo

features of KidsGuard pro app


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