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Parental Control

Learn about how to protect your kids safe online using parental control apps.

How to Use Nintendo Switch Parental Controls

Nintendo’s parental control appcan help parents to set game restrictions for the kids. Check this article to learn how to set parental controls on Nintendo Switch.

userBy Cody Walsh|Feb 04, 2019

2019 Best Parental Control Software Reviews

Here we have reviewed the best 10 parental control software for you to protect kids online, monitor their activities, block website content and more.

userBy Cody Walsh|Feb 02, 2019

A Must Know Guide About Snapchat Parental Control

Is Snapchat safe for kids? Can I parental control and monitor Snapchat on my child’s phone? Read this article to know everything about Snapchat parental control.

userBy Cody Walsh|Jan 25, 2019

How to Set up Parental Controls on YouTube

This article includes specific ways to set YouTube parental controls for kids on both mobile phones and computer. Check it out now!

userBy Cody Walsh|Jan 22, 2019

Top 10 Free Parental Control Apps of 2019

Are you looking for some best free parental control apps for Android & iPhone to monitor your kid’s activity on their cell phone? Find out the best 10 apps in this article.

userBy Cody Walsh|Jan 22, 2019

2019’s Best 10 Parental Control Apps for Android/iOS Phones

Want to keep a check on your child’s online whereabouts? This article lists 2019 top 10 parental control apps for Android and iOS cell phones.

userBy Cody Walsh|Jan 22, 2019

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