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Parental Control

Learn about how to protect your kids safe online using parental control apps.

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KidsGuard Pro for Android

A hidden, powerful, and one of the best Android monitoring app for you. It has more than 30 mobile phone monitoring features.

Featured Articles

A Complete Guide about AT&T Parental Controls

Looking for a complete parental control tool to monitor your kid’s activities? In this article, we will give you two of the best parental controls tools - AT&T parental controls and its best alternative.

userBy Cody Walsh|Aug 27, 2020

Verizon Smart Family Parental Control Review and Alternative

Not able to decide whether to use Verizon parental controls? In this article, we will tell you about the features, reviews and setup guide for Verizon Smart Family as well as how to set up parental controls for non-Verizon users.

userBy Cody Walsh|Aug 27, 2020

How to Set up Instagram Parental Controls and Keep Kids Safe

Wondering is Instagram safe for teenagers and how to implement Instagram parental controls for the safety concern? Read more info to learn everything.

userBy Cody Walsh|Aug 26, 2020

Top Teenager Sexting Apps that Parents Should Know

Check this article and learn top social apps that teenagers are using for sexting and what to do if catching teenagers are sexting with strangers.

userBy Cody Walsh|Aug 26, 2020

How to Set Parental Controls on Roku

In this article, well describe in detail the process to enable parental controls on Roku player and Roku TV.

userBy Cody Walsh|Aug 26, 2020

Best 3 Ways to Use Parental Control on Android

This article includes 3 ways to put parental control on Android phones. Check each method and find the one to protect and monitor your kids.

userBy Cody Walsh|Aug 25, 2020

6 Best Parental Spy Apps to Keep an Eye on Child's Phone

This article includes 6 best parental spy apps for Android and iPhone. These apps can help you remotely monitor child’s device and know their whereabouts as well as online activities.

userBy Cody Walsh|Aug 24, 2020

2020’s Best 10 Parental Control Apps for Android/iOS Phones

Want to keep a check on your child’s online whereabouts? This article lists 2020 top 10 parental control apps for Android and iOS cell phones.

userBy Cody Walsh|Aug 24, 2020

How to Use iOS 14/13/12 Parental Controls on iPhone/iPad

Have you ever considered setting up iOS parental controls on the iPhone/iPad? In this article, we will discuss what iOS 12 parental control is and how to set it up in detail.

userBy Cody Walsh|Aug 24, 2020

Top 6 Apps That Let You Remote Control Android Phone

There are several apps capable of remotely control Android phone from another phone but we have handpicked the top 3 apps that are really effective and will get the job done for you.

userBy Cody Walsh|Aug 24, 2020