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[100% Work] The Best Way to Bust A Cheater

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Cody Walsh

Updated: Jun 27, 2023 04:47 pm

5 min read

In today's world, getting a date and getting into a relationship is not that hard anymore. Thanks to dating apps and social media sites, people are easily finding like-minded people to go on a date and take things forward. However, due to the easy availability of so many suitable matches on these dating platforms, cheating in relationships has become quite common. This is why everyone needs to be careful in their relationships and keep a strict eye on their partners to find out if they have any illegitimate affairs.

People should always watch out for signs of cheating when in a love relationship. It may seem difficult to find your partner's secret infidelity acts behind your back. However, it is not that difficult when you have the right tool in your hand for spying and finding out the harsh secrets of your partner. In this article, we will explain in detail the signs of your partner cheating on you. We will also illustrate how to bust a cheater in simple steps.

how to bust a cheater

Signs That Your Partner Is Cheating On You

In order to bust a cheater, you have to invest in a legitimate spying app. However, before you can invest in such an app, your partner needs to show signs of cheating on you. Once you have enough doubts and suspicions on your mind, you can start monitoring your partner's phone activities and catch him red-handed.

signs of a cheater

1. Becoming Possessive and Secretive About Phone

If your partner is having an affair with someone else, it is quite natural for them to hide it from you. Your partner needs to keep in contact with that someone else through dating, social networking or messaging apps. That is why he is likely to become possessive and secretive about his phone suddenly. It is a clear sign of cheating in a relationship.

Your partner will not allow you to access his phone and put a password lock on messaging apps so that you cannot unlock it and read his conversation with that someone else. If your partner is not cheating on you, he should not have any issue with you accessing his phone or reading his messages.

2. Decline In Frequency Of Physical Intimacy

When a person gets into an illegitimate affair, he loses interest in his partner. That is why he becomes quite reluctant to make love to his partner and only thinks of his illegitimate lover for physical intimacy. If you notice that your partner is ignoring you in the bed and not talking about making love like before, there is surely a sign of cheating in a relationship. There could be other reasons as well, but if this continues for a considerable amount of time, the possibility of cheating becomes more prominent.

3. Increase in Finding Faults and Picking Up Fights

Once your partner gets into a love affair with someone else, he will start picking up fights with you. It can be a voluntary or involuntary action, and it is meant for getting rid of you from his life. If not fights, he will start finding faults in almost everything you do.

4. Start Paying Attention To Grooming and Appearance

When a person settles comfortably in his relationship, he stops paying attention to his grooming and overall appearance. This is because he does not have to impress his partner anymore with his appearance. This is also true for girls who are in a relationship. However, when a person starts an illegitimate affair, he starts to dress attractively and groom himself properly to present himself perfectly in front of his new love interest. If you find your partner sudden paying too much attention to his/her grooming and appearance, you should take it as a big red flag.

5. Less Interaction and Time Spending

If you find that your partner has reduced interacting with you considerably and he is more on his phone chatting and being active on social media sites, it is a worrying sign. Besides, he may start to spend very little time with you. He may pretend to be busy and difficult to reach out to and try to avoid your calls and messages. This is because he prefers to hang out with his new love interest rather than you and give you excuses for his absence.

6. Lying To You For No Strong Reason

A relationship is based on trust, and if your partner is lying to you for no reason as such, it is a huge sign of your partner cheating on you. It could be that he lied to you regarding his whereabouts, and you found out through his friends or others that he was somewhere else with someone else. Besides, he could lie about reasons why he was busy, and you found out from his colleagues and friends that there was nothing true about his reasoning.

As soon as you detect any of these signs of cheating and your suspicion starts to deepen with time, you need to bust your cheating partner.

Different Ways To Bust A Cheater

There are different ways through which you can confirm that your partner is truly cheating on you.

different ways to bust a cheater

1. Setting Up A Trap

If you are married and you feel that your partner is cheating on you, you should set up a trap to catching red-handed. You should stay away from home on specific days by giving your partner some made-up reasons. This will allow your partner to talk to his/her love interest freely through audio as well as video calls.

In fact, there is a high chance that your partner may bring his/her new love interest at home. You could set up a spy cam and record audio and video. You can check the recordings later to find out what he was up to when you were away.

2. Hiring Someone To Spy On Your Partner

You can hire someone online such as a private investigator who can spy on your partner. The method could be expensive but highly reliable and there are many such service providers available online. The hired person will keep track of your partner's activities and even give you evidence if he/she is hanging out with someone and being lovey-dovey.

3. Monitoring Your Partner's Phone Activities

Smartphones are our digital identities. When your partner starts to cheat on you, he will become very protective about his phone. This is because the phone must have his conversation and interaction with his new love interest. This is why it is easy to catch a cheating partner if you can monitor his phone remotely.

You need to install a monitoring app on your partner's phone which should not be that difficult. The app will stay hidden on his phone and work secretly. You can remotely monitor all his phone activities and come to your conclusion. We recommend you to install KidsGuard Pro for Android on your partner's phone for complete remote monitoring.

How To Bust A Cheater With KidsGuard Pro?

KidsGuard Pro for Android is a complete remote monitoring app that gives you the platform to check your partner's phone activities from your phone or computer. Here are the features the app has to offer in order to bust a cheater immediately.

kidsguard pro

KidsGuard Pro for Android

The Ultimate Android Monitoring App for You.

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Tracking Social Media Activities – Social media platforms are where people interact the most these days. If your partner is cheating on you, he is likely to be in touch with his new love interest on social media platforms. Not just that, if your partner is flirting and sending inappropriate photos to people of the opposite gender, you can get confirmation of his cheating.

social media apps

KidsGuard Pro lets you track your partner's social media activities and chats. You can track WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Line, and various such apps. Most importantly, if your partner has installed Tinder which is the most popular dating app, you can track his activities on Tinder as well using KidsGuard Pro.

Check Call Log and Record Call – KidsGuard Pro lets you check your partner's call log in detail. You will understand with whom he is having conversation daily and for how long. You can also record calls remotely and listen to the conversations in your free time to bust a cheater easily.

record calls

Track Current Location – There are many times when your partner may lie to you regarding his whereabouts, especially when he is with his new love interest. You can catch his lies instantly by checking his current location. You can also check location history to find out the places he had been and take your own conclusion. Moreover, you can set a Geofence and if your partner goes out of the range, you will get alerts.

kidsguard pro android location

Inspect Photos and Videos – A cheater partner sends inappropriate photos and videos to people of the opposite gender to attract them. If he/she has a love affair with someone else, the other person can also send his/her photos and videos for fun. Therefore, by checking the media files of your partner’s phone, you can conclude what he is up to and take action accordingly. KidsGuard Pro lets you check photos and videos taken with phone camera as well as the downloaded media files.

kidsguard pro android video preview

Take Photos and Screenshot Remotely – If you find out your partner's current location is different than what he told you, you can take a photo of the surrounding with his phone camera. You will instantly know with whom he is presently. Similarly, when you are away, if your partner is chatting or checking out photos of his love internet, you can take screenshot remotely to check what he is up to.

kidsguard pro android take photos

Check Browser History – By checking the browser history of your partner, you can easily conclude if your partner has cheating traits. If he is visiting dating sites or searching topics that are indicative of his cheating behavior, you should be more skeptical. You can also check his calendar if he has saved any unusual date with unusual notes.

browser history

Steps To Install KidsGuard Pro

Step 1: Create an account and purchase a suitable plan. Thereafter, you will automatically land on My Products and Orders Management Page. Here, you can check out the Setup Guide to understand the steps you need to take to deploy the app and start monitoring.

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step sign up

Step 2: Get access to your partner's phone in his absence and from the web browser, visit the download link. Download and install KidsGuard Pro on his phone. Launch the app and login with your new account's credentials with which you have purchased the plan.

login kidsguard pro

Step 3: On your phone or computer, you can visit Dashboard online from your KidsGuard Pro account and monitor his phone activities remotely and even save them for future evidence.



Q1. How can you bust a cheater quickly?

If you install a monitoring app like KidsGuard Pro for Android on that person's phone, you can catch him in a few minutes. This is because all his/her social media chats, messages, call logs, photos and videos will be available to you for scrutinizing and coming to a conclusion.

Q2. How can you know whom your partner is having love affair?

If you can monitor his social media chats and message conversations, you can easily find out with whom he is chatting the most. If you go through the chats, by the language used, you can understand who the new love interest is. You can also record calls with KidsGuard Pro to listen to your partner's conversation with his/her new love interest.

Q3. Can you bust a cheater without being a tech-savvy person?

These days, everyone has a smartphone, and everyone knows how to install an app and operate it intuitively. To monitor your partner's phone activities, you do not have to be a tech-savvy person. You just need to create an account, purchase a plan, install the app on your partner's phone and start monitoring from your created account.

Q4. Is busting a cheater through a monitoring app a reliable solution?

Catching your partner cheating on your red-handed through a monitoring app like KidsGuard Pro is the best solution ever. You will have the chats and recorded calls on your phone to show your partner as evidence. In fact, it is the most proven method of catching a cheater with minimal expenditure.


In today's harsh world, people with multiple love affairs at the same time are not challenging to find. That is why you should know about the signs of cheating in a relationship, and if you notice them in your partner, you should start monitoring his phone activities. KidsGuard Pro for Android is the perfect app for monitoring your partner's phone remotely and secretly. We highly recommend everyone who suspecting their partner cheating on them to install KidsGuard Pro on their partner's phone and catching their cheating red-handed.

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