3 Simple Ways to Read Snapchat Messages Without Them Knowing

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Cody Walsh

Updated: Jul 19, 2021 04:31 pm

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Snapchat is quite different compared to other social media apps. The standard of security is exceptionally high and the snap can get deleted after viewing. And when you tap on the Snapchat messages or stories sent to you, the sender will see an "Opened" label under your name and know you have read it. But, wouldn't you like to know how to read Snapchat messages without them knowing? We have a few tricks here, and they are detailed in the article below.

 read snapchat messages

How To Know If A Message Is Read On Snapchat?

You know your Snapchat message has been seen when the delivered message under their name changes to open. Another way you can find your message status is by holding down on the text you have sent. If they have opened it, then it will come up with their name and say "Seen" by "Username".

  • Snapchat Viewed Icons Guide
  • Snapchat provides you with different types of icons depending on your message. These squares are color-coded. Let’s understand its meaning.

  • A hollow red square indicates that the message is viewed with the sound being turned off.
  • The purple color appears when the message is seen with the audio turned on.
  • A hollow blue square appears when someone opened the chat.
  • If the icon turns grey, it means that the snap has expired.
  • 3 Ways On How to Open Snap Messages without Them Knowing

    Way 1: Put Your Device into Airplane Mode

    The issue of how to view Snapchat messages without opening is not such a difficult procedure by using the Airplane mode.

  • Steps to view Snapchat messages with Airplane Mode
  • Step 1: Start by, opening the Snapchat application and go to Chats.

    Step 2: You will be able to view your recent messages. Look for the message you want to view without the knowledge of the user.

    Step 3: Now, you have to wait as the message will load. You will see the option "Tap to Load"; tap on it. But if you see "Tap to View" don't tap.

    Step 4: Now, put your device into Airplane Mode. After that, open the Snapchat and view your friend's snap or read their chat message.

    airplane mode

    Step 5: After checking all the messages, your need to clear the Snapchat caches. Navigate to "Settings" and scroll down until you see "Apps", tap on it.

    navigate to apps

    Step 6: Then, tap on the Snapchat app. After you tap on the app, you will be redirected to a new screen that contains all the app info. Tap on "Storage".

    open snapchat

    Step 7: Then, find the "Clear Cache" option and tap on "Clear Data". You need to make sure that you press "Delete" or "OK" to confirm.

    clear data

    Step 8: Lastly, turn off "Airplane Mode" and log in to Snapchat and the opened snap will still show as unopened.

    It is a popular method of how to open a Snapchat without it saying opened. But, we do not recommend to use this method! As this procedure only stops the Snapchat signal temporarily. The moment the user opens the app again, the signal will reach and the user will be notified about the seen snap.

    Way 2: Half Open Snapchat Messages

    When asked, can Snapchat messages be read in secretly and how to open a Snapchat without the person knowing? Most of the users talk about putting the device in Airplane mode. This method may be a bit too complicated but it works. But some user has encountered significant flaw with this procedure. As per their experience, the moment mobile gets connected to the internet, they will be able to confirm that Snapchat message was opened. Instead, you can use a loophole of Snapchat to read messages without opening - Half swipe Snapchat messages.

  • What does half swipe mean on Snapchat?
  • This means you can slide the snaps a half rather than slide it to the end. As the app doesn't consider the snap or messages to be opened until you have seen the complete snap. So, you have to be very careful and slide it very, very close to the end. If you stop too further away, you won't be able to see the snap and too much will risk exposing yourself.

    slide the snap

    But this way isn't foolproof. Basically, your need to very careful and stop yourself from sliding it to the very end of the screen. In a word, there is huge risk involved and the chances of success is pretty low.

    Way 3: Read Snapchat Messages without It Saying Opened

    We have already discussed different methods that you can use to read Snapchat messages include how to see snapchat without opening, but there is no guarantee that they will work every time. Several users have tried different ways to access it but success didn't come to them frequently. Is there any app to read Snapchat messages? Yes, there is a sure-shot way of reading Snapchat messages and it involves using a professional app called KidsGuard Pro for Android. The app provides users with an online portal and you will be able to use it to check up on Snapchat messages of the target person without knowing.

    The operation of KidsGuard Pro is very simple. You surely have to install the app on the target device you wish to see other people's Snapchat history. Then, the app will start working in stealth mode, staying invisible and uploading data to the web-based control portal.

    The app will intercept all the incoming and outgoing Snapchat messages as well as notifications and upload to KidsGuard Pro's dashboard in real-time. How to read a Snapchat without opening it? You won't even have to stay close to the device. The entire process runs remotely. Most importantly, since the Snapchat messages are uploaded to KidsGuard Pro's server, so it will notify Snapchat server that you've read the messages and send notifications to the target.

    So, let's have a detailed insight into the operating procedure on how to read Snapchat messages with KidsGuard Pro.

    Step 1: So, you need to begin with registration with KidsGuard Pro. Then select its pricing plan.

    Monitor Now View Demo

    Step 2: Then, get hold of the target's mobile and visit from its browser to download KidsGuard Pro Assistant app.

    download the apk file

    Step 3: Now, tap on the downloaded APK file and install the app. After that log in your account. An on-screen wizard will come up on the screen and provide the necessary instructions. When you have successfully installed this app, you will see the app icon disappear from the Home screen.

    provide the necessary access

    Step 4: Now, leave the target phone and assess KidsGuard Pro web control panel from your mobile phone or computer. This control panel will show you all the collected data and phone activity. Just by clicking on Snapchat under Social Apps.

    monitor snapchat

    This is the best way to check Snapchat messages online without them knowing. KidsGuard Pro is not only capable of monitoring Snapchat, but it is also an all-round mobile monitoring application and there are several advantages of using it. Let's have a look at the list;

    • First of all, KidsGuard Pro is budget-friendly. It's available at a significantly cheaper price than its competitors.

    • The app works in covert mode, making it impossible to be detected.

    • As you have seen, the app installation is very simple and it can be completed within a few minutes.

    • The recorded data syncs in real-time. You will be able to check the very latest messages.

    • All the monitoring gets done remotely. No need to stay near or access the target device after the app installation and you can monitor Snapchat without logging them out.

    • Last but not least, you are not required to root the Android mobile.

    [Video Guide] 3 Ways to Read Snapchat Messages Without the Other Person Knowing

    Here is the video tutorial of the above 3 methods. If you want to find a way to remotely read someone's Snapchat messages with super easy operation, then you can directly go to the third way - by using KidsGuard Pro.

    FAQs About Instagram Messages - Perhaps You’re Concerned

    Q1. How to monitor someone’s Snapchat without passwords?

    To monitor someone's Snapchat, you need their correct credentials. However, if you don't have their passwords and want to keep on their Snapchat activity, then third-party software may help to assist you.

    The KidsGuard app is a top-quality solution to bypass security features and gain access to their target's account. Logging in to the KidsGuard dashboard will give you access to all target device data and?once synced, just click on Snapchat and leave no detail untouched.

    Q2. How to see messages on Snapchat without being friends?

    It is impossible by default to see someone's messages that are not included in your friends' list. You can only view stories or send messages to those contacts that are on your friend list.

    Q3. How do I view deleted Snapchat messages of target user?

    Snapchat is a secure platform. It keeps users privacy and security at any cost. But if you want to view deleted messages of the target user, then there is no option other than the KidsGuard monitoring App.

    The KidsGuard app is the best way to bypass Snap chat’s security features and use their target account from any location.?You will be able to know how to read Snapchat messages without them knowing.

    Q4. Can I open a Snapchat without them knowing?

    Yes, you can open and read Snapchat messages without the sender knowing by opening Snapchat. How to check Snapchat messages without them knowing? Snapchat allows your messages to load and then place your phone in Airplane Mode. Another option to prevent your significant other from finding out you read their message is Clearing Snapchat’s cache. Once you delete and reinstall the app, others won’t get to know that you have opened their snaps.

    Q5. How to View Someone’s Snapchat Story Without Notifying Them?

    If you want to see a friend or acquaintance’s Snapchat story without their knowing, first turn off Wi-Fi or just use airplane mode. Now open their story page but before viewing anything uninstall and reinstall the application again. If you do this successfully, your name will be hidden from view for other viewers of that person's account so they won't know how many people have seen them.


    This post has illustrated the ways on how to read a snapchat message without opening it and without sender knowing. We should know that the premise of these methods is that you are checking the snaps of someone in your friends list. We have discussed multiple methods of viewing Snapchat messages but it is completely up to you to choose which method. But as you can see, it is better and way more convenient to use KidsGuard Pro for the said task. It's a long-time solution for Snapchat monitoring.


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