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[2024] Can Telegram be Traced? 4 Useful Methods

Megan Evans Megan Evans

Apr 18, 2024 02:18 pm


Can telegram be traced?

In today's world, Telegram has become one of the most widely used messaging apps, and your loved ones may be among its users. However, there may be instances where you need to monitor your loved ones' Telegram activity to ensure their safety.

This article aims to address your concerns regarding tracking someone on Telegram. Despite offering end-to-end encryption for all its users, Telegram is a freemium messaging app that provides instant messaging, video calling, and VoIP services through cloud-based technology. While it may be challenging to track someone on Telegram, this article will provide you with the best possible answers to keep you informed and secure. So, continue reading to learn more.

can telegram be traced

Can Someone Be Tracked Through Telegram?

Yes, someone can be tracked through Telegram via someone third-party tools. Maybe you think it is impossible to track Telegram as it offers end-to-end encryption. However, the reality is different from what you are thinking. You can track Telegram with the help of some Telegram tracking app or Telegram location finder app like KidsGuard Pro.

So, the answer is a big YES; Telegram can be traced with the help of a third-party app. Therefore, without any app, you can hardly track Telegram.

How Do You Locate Someone on Telegram by Using a Telegram Activity Tracker?

Interestingly, there are many ways to track telegrams. You can use a web-based app or a Telegram activity tracker like KidsGuard Pro, etc. It is an amazing app that helps you track Telegram and other activities of your loved ones, like calls, messages, videos, photos, etc. You can download KidsGuard Pro in Google Play or App Store. Let's look at its best features to get an idea of how it will do your job perfectly.

kidsguard pro

KidsGuard Pro Best Features:

Monitor Social Apps

KidsGuard Pro can serve as an ideal app for parents to monitor social media. One can monitor all the social apps like Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.

Similarly, you can track all the activities on these platforms such as conversation, videos, and screenshots of your loved ones with anybody else. Moreover, you will get all the information in your online control panel with timestamps.

Read Phone Files

Besides, KidsGuard Pro also offers an amazing feature of reading all the phone files like videos, photos, calls, and messages. You can check someone’s call history online. Plus, you can export all this information in a file. However, the best thing is that it offers this feature without rooting the phone.

Capture Screenshots

How to see what someone is doing on Telegram? In order to get an idea of what is happening on the screen of your beloved' phones, you can take a screenshot with KidsGuard Pro. Amazingly, you can take a screenshot at any time you want. Is it not look interesting to you?

Track GPS Location

With the help of KidsGuard Pro, you can track the real-time location of anyone you want. Luckily, you can find location tracking in your control panel with additional details.

The GPS location feature is helpful when the person is going out of the city or maybe out of the country. With this feature, you can also set safe and unsafe areas for your kids to stay updated and secure.

Set Sensitive Words

KidsGuard Pro tries to cover all the related aspects of how to check someone's Telegram. That's why it also offers you a feature to set some sensitive words. Whenever these words are typed or said by the target person in any app, you will get an instant notification.

So, this short overview of the app's features may be enough to give you an idea of how powerful it is. Now, let's look at how to use this app to get the required information.

How to Check Someone's Telegram with KidsGuard Pro

Here, we will show you the steps of using the KidsGuard Pro to track Telegram and other activities. So, let's have a look at the installation process of this app to quickly get the Telegram activity tracker:

Step 1: First, you need to create an account on the KidsGuard Pro website with your email address.

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Step 2: Then follow the instructions to download KidsGuard Pro on the target device and complete some necessary configurations.

install kidsguard pro

Step 3: Finally, you can log in to your KidsGuard Pro account and start monitoring someone's Telegram on your device.

 track telegram messages

How to Hack Someone's Telegram by Using Telegram Web

Therefore, how to spy on Telegram is a trending topic these days. However, the main problem with Telegram is that it offers end-to-end encryption, meaning the messages cannot be spied on. So, how to spy on Telegram?

Well, there is one easy one to spy on someone's Telegram if you have physical access to their phone. Luckily, you can use Telegram Web to do so. Telegram Web is the web version of Telegram and doesn't require any installation. So, you can easily use it to spy on Telegram.

Here is how you can use Telegram Web to spy on someone's Telegram:

Step 1: First, you need to open the Telegram Web on your browser.

Step 2: After that, you have two options to log in to your account.

sign into telegram

Step 3: Now, you will receive a code on your phone. You need to enter that code to verify your identity.

Step 4: Once you are logged in, you can see all the chats of the person you are spying on.

telegram web chat

So, this is how you can use Telegram Web to spy on someone's Telegram. Cheers! You have done it.

How to Spy on Someone's IP Address in Telegram

Spying on someone's IP address in Telegram is easy, but it is impossible without physical access to the target phone. However, here you will know this by two methods: one is by using IP Logger, and the other is by using CMD. So, let's look at how to use these methods to spy on someone's IP address in Telegram.

Method 1: By IP Logger

IP logger is basically a website-based method that can be used to spy on someone's IP address. The Grabify IP Logger website works by providing you with a link. The person who clicks on that link will log their IP address. Let's know the complete process:

Step 1: First, you need to go to the IP Logger website

grabify ip logger

Step 2: After that, you need to enter the URL of the website in the given space.

Step 3: Now, you need to click on the "Create URL" button, as reflected in the above image.

Step 4: You will be provided with a link in the "New URL" menu. You need to copy that link and send it to the person you want to spy on.

Step 5: Once the person clicks on that link, their IP address will be logged, and you will be able to see it in the "Results" menu in your IP Logger account.

grabify link information

Method 2: By CMD

CMD is the abbreviation used for Command Prompt, which is a command-line interpreter. It's also a common method to spy on someone's IP address. However, this method is only possible if your Telegram user is connected on your browser through the telegram web. Close all other tabs and apps on your desktop and browser to make it easy. So, let's have a look at how this method works:

Step 1: First, you need to go to the Start menu and type "cmd" in the search bar.

Step 2: Further, you need to right-click the Command Prompt and select "Run as administrator."

command prompt

Step 3: Next, you need to type "state -an" in the Command Prompt and hit the Enter button.

Step 4: After that, you will be able to see a list of all the IP addresses that are currently active.

This is how you can spy on someone's IP address in Telegram by using CMD.

So, these are the two methods you can use to spy on someone's IP address in Telegram. Both of these methods are really easy; anyone can use them without any problem. Do you also want to know How to Know if someone is online on Telegram? If Yes, let's jump to the next section.

How to Know If Someone is Online on Telegram

Are you also wondering how to know if someone is online on Telegram? Therefore, Telegram has the feature of Online/Offline. By this, you will be able to know the online status of your contact.

If somebody offs their Online status, you can also know it in other ways. Interestingly, here you will do it by two different methods. So, let's have a look at how you can do that.

Method 1: By Sending Messages

The first method is simple, and anyone can use it without any problem.

Step 1: All you need to do is send a message to the person you want to know if it is online or not.

Step 2:If the person is online, you will see a blue tick mark next to your message. And if the person is offline, you will see two grey tick marks next to your message.

telegram group

Method 2: By Joining the Channels

If you want to know about the online status of all your contacts at once, then this method is for you.

Step 1: For that, you need to join some Telegram channels that provide you with the online status of all your contacts.

Step 2: Once you join those channels, you will be able to see the online status of all your contacts.

telegram channel

So, these are the two methods you can use to know if someone is online on Telegram. You can use any of these methods according to your convenience. Besides this, we covered how to hack someone's Telegram in the above sections. So, scroll up and have a look at those methods as well.

FAQs about Tracking Telegram

Q1. How to delete/hide Name and Username history on Telegram?

Ans: You can easily delete or hide your Name and Username history on Telegram. First of all, you need to go to the Security and Privacy settings in Telegram. After that, select the "Delete All Names and Usernames" option. This will delete all the Name and Username history from your account.

Q2. How can I read Telegram messages without Seen?

Ans: You can use KidsGuard Pro to read Telegram messages without seen. This powerful monitoring tool allows you to remotely spy on someone's Telegram account. With this tool, you will be able to read all the messages of the target person without them knowing.

Q3. How to clear Telegram history?

Ans: You can easily clear your Telegram history by going to the Settings section. Next, you need to select the "Clear History" option. This will delete all your chat history from your account.


This comprehensive article covers various aspects of Telegram, including how to hack someone's Telegram, how to track their IP address, how to check their online status, and how to delete message history, among other topics. We aim to provide you with all the necessary information and resources you need to manage and monitor someone's Telegram activity.

Additionally, we recommend trying out KidsGuard Pro, an effective monitoring solution for Telegram accounts. We hope this article will be useful to you. Happy reading!

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