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10 Relationship Tracker Apps for Couples

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In this fast-paced life and with busy workload, relationships have become social obligations. It is getting more and more difficult to get time for our significant other and a healthy relationship requires plenty of time and a bit of mutual effort. Getting into a relationship is easy, but maintaining it will turn it into something more beautiful, it will strengthen the bond.

But we are failing at that, making the bond gets weaker over time. So, in order to help you at this certain crossroad of life, relationship tracker apps were developed. These are excellent apps, which will tell you how long you have been together, tell you about your special moments and of course and remind you of your anniversary dates. These reminders and lovable gesture from your part will help significantly to take your relationship to the next level.

Just, for example, we have taken the privilege of choosing a few relationship tracker app for you. They are listed below, have a look.

1. My Love- Relationship Counter

Compatibility: Available for Android and iPhone.

Another app that counts the days of your love is called My Love. It is an excellent app with a stunning interface. It shows how long you and your partner have been together and creates anniversaries like the 50th month or 300th day.

my love

The latest version of this app has some new features. You will be able to customize your romantic photos and a notification alert has been added so that you never miss an important day.

2. Love Days Counter

Compatibility: Designed for Android only.

This is a nice fitting app for couples. The number of days of your love shows in the app and you can even check it without even launching it.

love days counter

Love Days Counter app can calculate the days passed after you celebrated your anniversary. You can customize the background and you will get a notification for every 100 days spent. You can even share your screen via SMS.

3. Lovegg-Love Calendar

Compatibility: Designed for Android only.

Lovegg is a phenomenal love tracker app for couples. At this moment it is only available for Android devices but it has a significant following base. It records everything from your first day of meeting, first kiss, engagement and anniversary.


Lovegg has several features like it will notify you after a year of your union, comes with a relationship calendar, you will be able to make a photo album of your special days, anniversary day calculation and significant technical support etc.

4. Been Love Memory-Love Counter 2019

Compatibility: Available for iOS and Android devices.

Been Love Memory-Love Counter 2019 is an exceptional app to manage any relationship. It counts your days of love. It shows you how many days you have been together. It also comes with love days counter, and also tracks love days. It also manages important days that are significant to you.

been love memory

This app can also help you manage and remember important dates like your love anniversary. It can make a slide show of your anniversary photo album. Days and date counting are its specialities.

5. Been Together

Compatibility: Available on both Android and iPhone

This is a great relationship counter app and it is available for free. If you are within a budget but you are desperate need of a date tracker app, this is the app for you.

loving couple

Been Together is a front runner among the most effective apps designed for relationships. It allows you to keep track of the number of days passed from your anniversary. It can help calculate a specific date after your anniversary and can notify after every 100 days from your anniversary. Overall, a very useful app if you are in a relationship!

6. Between-Private Couples App

Compatibility: Available on both Android and iOS

This is another great option for the couples who want an app that can help schedule and remind certain things like anniversary date, a specific date from the anniversary, a special date etc. It is a well-organized app designed for couples who prefer their privacy and comes with a one-on-one chat option as well.

between app

Between-Private Couples App not only lets you make conversations but also acts as a scheduler which counts the special days. It can automatically count down the shared calendar timeline and also the special days like when you people started dating or when is your next date etc. All these can be done with a press of a button. Uploaded photos get organized on the timeline automatically. It is almost like a memory box.

7. Simply Us

Compatibility: Available only for iPhone.

Simply Us app is designed for couples and it rightfully helps them to organize their lives. There are couples who like to stay organized and try to preserve each and every moment along with a date and time stamp. These couples are very particular about their special moments and this app helps them to keep their relation blooming.

simply us

Although, organization is the main focal point of this app it also comes with other features to help the couples. There is a private messaging function if you want to talk to each other in private. Other functions like shared calendar and shared lists are also available.

8. inlove - Love Days Counter

Compatibility: Only iOS supported.

inlove was designed so that married couples or couples, in general, can calculate their D-days. With the help of inlove, you can remember your special dates like anniversaries, first meetups, or any other special date in your love life. You can also view days as week, month or even year. It is also equipped with a love clock as well.


So, basically, this is purely a love days counter app for the couples. It is very easy to use and comes with a very intuitive interface. You can also customize and calculate widgets and badges as well.

9. Relationship Calculator: Been Together Love Days Counter

Compatibility: Available only on iOS devices.

Designed only for iOS, Relationship Calculator shows your relationship time. It shows how long you guys have been together and then categorise the days by week, month, year and even in minutes.

relationship calculator

You can also add the most important days of your relationship. It has a very attractive romantic interface and you will be capable of sharing your important events on social media.

10. 1000 days countdown love event

Compatibility: Designed for iOS devices only.

The 1000 days app makes it easier for couples to count their days of love, even by seconds. You can even choose to measure the time by heartbeat or in seconds.

1000 days

The working principle is very easy. You have to enter the date of your special day like the day of your anniversary or the holiday trip date etc., Also, you have to select a photo or a video for the background. Basically, this app is very unique.

Best App to Monitor and Protect Your Relationship with Partners

All the above apps are excellent and can help to track down the important days and events between couples. However, in case you want to keep track of your loved one's location, or in case of your partner having an affair, you can choose KidsGuard Pro to monitor your partner and maintain the relationship. It is perfectly suitable to monitor and eventually protect your relationship with your partner.

Introduced as a cell phone monitoring app, KidsGuard Pro is packed with features like location tracking, activity tracking, file access etc. Basically, KidsGuard Pro comes with so many different features that its capability reaches way beyond any conventional phone tracking apps. Its over-the-top tracking and monitoring features made it an effective app to monitor and maintain your relationship by tracking the partner's device and observe anything unusual.

kidsguard pro dashboard

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Let's have a close look at KidsGuard Pro's effective features;

  • It tracks location very effectively. The built-in GPS made it capable of providing real-time location throughout the day.

  • Capable of monitoring device activity and even snatches real-time screenshots as well.

  • Monitoring browser history, photos, videos, calendar, and even keylogger helps to keep the relationship in check.

  • You can track all the incoming and outgoing calls and text messages as well.

  • Unlike many other apps, KidsGuard Pro is capable of monitoring chats from third-party messaging apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber and Kik etc.

  • After the launch stays hidden, doesn't let the owner know of its existence.


We have detailed several relationship date tracker apps on this article for your convenience. The above relationship trackers apps only count the days of your love, and notifies you on the day of your anniversary or any set special date. Overall, these apps are designed for couples to sort out their relationship and to keep it special for years to come. But in case, you want to track your loved one's location and whereabouts or if you just want to monitor your partner's phone usage, we do think that KidsGuard Pro is your ideal choice. There is a 3 day free trial that you can go for right now!


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