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Should You Ban Your Kids from Creepypasta? - [Parents Should Know]

Creepypastas have a strong influence on today's young generation in a similar way as Fear Street books and unresolved mysteries had influenced our generation when we were growing up.

userBy Annie Brooks|Aug 25, 2021

[Solved] Epic Games - How to Turn off Parental Controls on Fortnite?

Have you enabled Fortnite Parental Control, but now want to know how to disable it? Check this article to find the method even if you forgot your PIN.

userBy Cody Walsh|Aug 25, 2021

Fitbit for Kids: More Useful or Dangerous for Children?

We have tested all popular Fitbit among the market and collected the questions that parents care about. You must read it before buying to find out if your child should wear fitness trackers.

userBy Megan Evans|Aug 20, 2021

How to Put Restrictions on iPhone Devices for Kids? [Quick]

This article provides you with 3 methods to restrict your child's iphone. We have tested these methods, 100% working and fast. Let’s check and learn together…

userBy Megan Evans|Aug 20, 2021

[Solved] How to Tell if Your Phone is Tapped

Do you want to know whether your phone is being tapped or not and also want to deal with it? Check out this article on How To Tell If Your Phone Is Tapped or not and also to know more about it.

userBy Cody Walsh|Aug 19, 2021

[2021] How to Stop Teens from Snapchat Sexting?

Snapchat sexting has never been safe,this article will introduce what parents need to know about Snapchat sexting and how yo deal with such matters,let's read!

userBy Cody Walsh|Aug 13, 2021

How Can I Monitor Kids Computer

If you’re looking for a methods that can monitor kids computer to ensure your kids safety, please read this article.

userBy Megan Evans|Aug 13, 2021

[Solved] How to Block Websites on Android Phone?

Open the website you want to block,there will be three verticle dots on the right side of adress bar, tap on them. A setting regarding that website will opens..

userBy Cody Walsh|Aug 09, 2021

Teen Dating Apps or Sites that Parents Need to Know

Teenages find new friends or start a relationship on dating apps,ybut it can go with anticipated risks. What you and your youngster should do to remain safe?Read this article and learn...

userBy Annie Brooks|Aug 06, 2021