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[2024] How to Find out if Someone Has a Facebook Dating Profile

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Megan Evans

Updated: Sep 13, 2021 05:22 pm

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Do you have a gut feeling that your partner is cheating on you? Are you wondering how to tell if someone is on Facebook Dating?

In today's world, with the widespread of online dating and the human mind always craving for something fresh, cheating on partners is only a few clicks away.

On top of that, Facebook Dating protects the privacy of its users and makes it difficult for people to find out or bust a cheater on this platform.

In this article, we will illustrate how to find out if someone is on Facebook Dating.

Can Facebook Dating Profile Be Seen by Acquaintance?

The reason for the popularity of Facebook Dating is that it protects the privacy of its users. Facebook Dating literally hides a user's profile from his existing friends on his Facebook profile.

That is why a user will never get any of his Facebook friends as a suggested match until he chooses and changes the default settings. This means that a Facebook Dating profile cannot be seen by acquaintances under normal settings.

can facebook profile be seen

In other words, the acquaintances can only see Facebook Dating profile only when the person chooses to get matches from his friend circle too.

Moreover, a Facebook Dating profile does not show a person's Facebook relationship status, and instead, it shows everyone as single and ready to mingle.

How to Find Out if Someone is on Facebook Dating?

It may seem almost impossible to find out if someone is on Facebook Dating due to its privacy feature for every user. However, there are some ways to find it out easily and take action with full evidence.

1. Find Someone on Facebook Dating by KidsGuard Pro for Android

The easiest way on how to find someone on Facebook dating is by using the KidsGuard Pro for Android. With KidsGuard Pro for Android installed on the target person's phone, you can track all his social media activities and catch him red-handed if he is active on the Facebook Dating app.


Here we mainly introduce the Android version of KidsGuard Pro. If your partner is an iOS user, we also provide iOS version - KidsGuard Pro for iOS for iOS users. Click the "Monitor Now" button to find out if someone is on Facebook dating.

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kidsguard pro

Key Features of KidsGuard Pro for Android

  • Checking Social Media
  • KidsGuard Pro for Android lets you monitor the target person's social media activities. Starting from Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat to Tinder, Telegram, Line, and WeChat, KidsGuard for Android records the target person's activities all the time.

    You can check his activities, messages, and shared media files and come to a conclusion if he is cheating on you.

  • Viewing Browsing History
  • If the target person is not using a social media app or, more specifically, Facebook Dating app and instead, accessing Facebook Dating website through web browser, you can monitor that too using KidsGuard Pro for Android.

    In fact, you can track all his browsing history and analyze them to understand what he is up to.

  • Tracking Location
  • If your partner is lying to you regarding his whereabouts and going on dates secretly, you can find that out using KidsGuard Pro for Android. The app not only shows you the target person's past location history but also his current location in real-time by tracking his smartphone.

    Moreover, you can turn on his cell phone's camera remotely using KidsGuard Pro for Android and see if he is on a date or not.

  • Reading Text Messages
  • Instead of messaging someone of his interest via Facebook messenger or other messaging apps like WhatsApp, he may choose to use text messages and delete them after reading. Fortunately, KidsGuard Pro for Android lets you monitor the target person's text messages, including the deleted ones.

  • Checking Call Logs and Record Phone Calls
  • If your partner has been on phone calls lately for long with a person of the opposite gender, it is a warning sign that he could be cheating on you.

    With KidsGuard Pro for Android, you can check his call logs and fetch the contact number in case you want to look up whose number is that.

    Besides, you can also record phone calls and listen to their conversations in order to find out if the tone is lovey-dovey.

  • Capturing Screenshots
  • Apart from checking Facebook Dating app activities and messages, you can capture screenshots of the target person's phone in real-time using KidsGuard Pro for Android.

    This is useful when he is on a video call and you want to see who he is with and collect evidence for confronting him if you sense something is wrong.

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How to Tell if Someone is on Facebook Dating with KidsGuard Pro for Android?

You need to create a KidsGuard Pro account, deploy the app on the target person's phone and start monitoring to find out if he is on Facebook Dating. Here are the steps in detail.

Step 1. Sign up a KidsGuard Pro Account

Create a KidsGuard Pro account with a valid email address and password, then pick a plan based on your needs.

step sign up

Step 2. Install KidsGuard Pro for Android on Target Phone

Get physical access to the target person's phone and then install KidsGuard Pro for Android on target phone by following the instruction. It will only take your a few minutes to finish it.

kidsguard pro android installation

Step 3. Starting Finding out if Your Partner is on Facebook Dating

After installation, you can visit the official website of KidsGuard Pro, and log into your KidsGuard Pro account, and you can monitor his Facebook activities, browser history and other phone activities to see if he is on Facebook Dating.

kidsguard pro facebook

2. Find Someone on Facebook Dating by Email

You can find someone on Facebook Dating platform if you know their email address. However, there are certain limitations, but it is worth giving a try.

  1. You need to visit Facebook Dating platform from your web browser.
  2. You need to log in with the target person's email address. If no account is created with that email address, you will get a message accordingly.
  3. If the target person has multiple email addresses, you need to log in with them individually and see if any account exists with any of them.

However, the target person may have created a new email address for signing up on Facebook Dating, and if you do not know the email addresses, you cannot be sure.

3. Create An Account on Facebook Dating Yourself

You can create an account on Facebook Dating and search for your partner directly.

It is better if you create the account using a false persona. This is because if your partner finds out that you have a Facebook Dating app, he can accuse you of cheating on him.

Therefore, use a false persona and search for your partner on Facebook Dating with criteria that match his personality and personal data.

Even though there are chances that you will never find your partner on Facebook Dating even when he has an account, you can give this method a chance.

4. Act Like You Know They are on Facebook Dating

When you are almost convinced that your partner is active on Facebook Dating, it is time to confront him. Sometimes, confronting someone suddenly takes him by surprise, and he is likely to spill out the truth.

You can say something like "My friend saw your photo on Facebook Dating, why have you opened an account there?". He may still lie to you and say that he has not opened an account on Facebook Dating.

That is when you need to ask for his phone and check his phone activities. If he denies letting you check his phone, you should know that something is fishy and cooking behind your back.

Why Would You Suspect Someone of Having a Dating Profile?

Before you can apply the methods on how to see if someone is on Facebook Dating, you should have enough suspicion on your find that your partner is dating online and cheating on you.

1. Often Lost in Thought with Texting Conversations and Never Shares with You

If your partner is more interested in texting and not in having a conversation with you, it is very usual to think that the person he is texting to is more important to him than you. When a person is texting someone whom he recently contacted, which is a date in this case, the person will think deeply before sending text messages and replies.

This is because he will always want to impress the other person with witty and thoughtful text messages. This is why you may find your partner lost in thought while texting conversations.

Your suspicion should increase significantly when he denies to sharing with you who he is texting to and what he is texting. Even if it is a friend or business matter, there is no reason to hide it from you under normal circumstances.

2. Get Texts at All Hours, Even at Late Night

If your partner is always receiving text messages and your partner seems to be excited to see them immediately and even reply instantly, you can sense something wrong.

However, you should give this some time, and if you see that your partner is getting texts regularly for days, you can start suspecting something wrong.

Your suspicion should increase if he starts getting text messages late at night. No normal friend will text continuously at late night unless there is something cooking between the two persons.

find out if someone is on facebook dating

3. Quick to Put Phone Away When Sees You

If your partner is using Facebook Dating or any other dating app, he is likely to use the platform or app in your absence. However, if you are hanging out for long, he is likely to check his phone as soon as he gets an opportunity when you are not around.

But he would be putting his phone away as soon as he sees you coming as if he was doing something wrong and trying to hide it from you. This is enough to make you suspect that your partner may not be loyal to you.

4. Very Possessive of Phone

It is usual for people to be possessive of their phones. However, when two persons are in a relationship, it is also usual to trust one another with each other's phones. This is because a couple should not have anything private as such that can lead to any suspicion in their relationship.

If your partner suddenly turns super possessive of his phone, it is certain that he is hiding something from you which is likely his text messages with someone he is seeing as well as his access to Facebook Dating.


Hopefully, you have your answer on how do you know if someone is on Facebook dating. First, be sure that you have enough reasons to suspect that your partner is cheating on you and trying out online dating. The sure-shot way to find out is using KidsGuard Pro for Android.

You can find out if your partner is on Facebook Dating and monitor all his social media and phone activities. Therefore, we definitely recommend your KidsGuard Pro for Android to catch a cheating partner.

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