How To Read Facebook Messages Without The Sender Knowing

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Megan Evans

Updated: Jul 19, 2021 04:07 pm

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Isn’t it pleasant when Facebook messenger gives you updates about your sent messages? Of course, it gives pleasure and satisfaction. But at the same time, it can become a headache when you don't want to answer texts or just want to delay a message in a busy hour and it does not offer you a chance to hide your "seen icon". However, you can read all your Facebook messages without the sender knowing, it wouldn’t be a big claim. Surprised? Don’t worry, this article will jot down all the secret tricks and tips about how to read facebook messages without the sender knowing.

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Four Icons Of Facebook Messages Status

Facebook messenger operates four icons that display the message status.

  • Sending icon
  • When you send a message, an empty circle appears first. It shows that the message is in process. It isn’t delivered yet.

  • Sent icon
  • Once a message is sent from your device, a faded circle appears with a blue tick.

  • Delivered icon
  • When a message is delivered into the receiver device, a filled circle appears with a filled blue tick.

  • Circle with a user’s profile icon
  • When a message is seen by the receiver, a mini-profile icon appears at the right corner of the message.

    Can I Turn Off Read Receipts On Facebook?

    Unfortunately, the Facebook messenger has not such an option to turn off the read receipt. If your phone is connected to the internet, you will get notifications on messenger. So you can read messages through the notification bar or just switching your phone to "Airplane mode". Below we will discuss these two tips in detail. And if you accidentally delete the text message, perhaps you will need to find how to recover deleted messages on Facebook.

    Does Facebook Remove Seen When I Mark A Message As "Unread"?

    You can mark a message as unread however messenger operates really slowly to switch from seen to unread status. Therefore, it’s hard to answer this question with YES or NO because sometimes the sender has logged in from multiple devices. So if you mark a message as unread, still there are high chances that the sender sees the contradiction in status. It might show as unread on a mobile phone while it can be visible as seen from a laptop browser.

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    How To Hide That You Have Read Messages On Facebook?

    Turning On Phone Flight Mode

    You can read messages by turning on “airplane mode”. The internet connection will be disabled from your phone. After turning on the flight mode you can open the chatbox,read the messages. Once you have read the messages, swipe the messenger from your phone drawer. Now you can turn off the airplane mode and the seen icon would not appear on the message.

    Read Messages From Your Notification Bar

    When your phone has an internet connection, you will get an instant notification as someone texts you. Instead of opening the messenger app, you can read the messages from the notification screen and reply to the sender in your leisure time.

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    Read Messages On Your PC Without The Sender Knowing

    By using third-party plug-ins on your PC, you can ditch the messenger app "seen icon", and you can read the Facebook message without seen.

  • If you are using Chrome, you can install the "Unseen" extension. The benefit of this extension is that whenever you open messenger, it will block the read receipt.
  • While for the Firefox users, "Facebook unseen" does the same job. Open a new tab, select"add-ons"from the menu, search the extension and click the?"Add to Firefox"?button. An extension will be installed that will allow you to read the messages on your PC without the sender knowing.
  • Install Third-Party App To Read Messages On Facebook

    Reading Facebook messages without being seen is a challenging task. Sometimes protective parents, responsive employers, and caring parents want to monitor their kids' phone, employees, and partners’ cell phones respectively. You want to keep an eye on their phones but can’t get access to their phones every time as you are either blocked on social media or can't get your hands on their phones easily. So you need third-party software to do the job of a monitor. KidsGuard pro for android is one such amazing app that not only monitors Facebook but all other social media applications on any device.

    Monitor NowView Demo

    KidsGuard Pro For Android

    KidsGuard Pro for android is a software that can be installed on any mobile device for complete monitoring. It logs all the phone activities in various categories such as SMS, incoming call, outgoing call, and multimedia messages.Whether you want to keep an eye on your employees, or kids, It will let know the activities on the target phone. This app is undetectable therefore you can easily install it on your target device and can get access to their Facebook secret messages. KidsGuard Pro has been designed for parents who are worrying about their kid's online activities in the online world. This app allows users to monitor their kids’ phones so that they can check every part of their life. It is believed to be the most reliable software for parental control. Let's have a detailed analysis of its features and its benefits.

    What Can KidsGuard Pro For Android Do? – Not Only For Facebook

    Monitor All Social Media Accounts

    Apart from calls and messages, the social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp are the platforms that waste most of your time when you're online. Hence, it's extremely important to check what's happening on these platforms.

    Monitor Current Location

    Thanks to the KidsGuard pro monitor, there is no need to call people and ask their friends where your kid is hanging out. With only one app, you can easily find out your child's location. It monitors application-related activities and gives you insight into GPS location logs.


    Another amazing feature of the KidsGuard is creating a virtual boundary for your child. Geofencing means a virtual boundary, where you will stay updated about your target phone owner's moves.

    Check Internet Browsing History

    This app gives you detailed information about visited websites. It spies on every keystroke done on the device. One can monitor the target phone activities by using the dashboard remotely from another computer connected to the internet. With KidsGuard pro, you also can check deleted messages on Facebook.

    How To Use KidsGuard Monitor Tool?

  • To use the KidsGuard monitoring tool, you need to make an account. Sign up with your valid email id and create a strong password. By agreeing to the terms and conditions, your KidsGuard account will be created.
  • img step1

  • Then install the software on the targeted phone and click on the download link. Once the download is completed, follow the installation instruction appearing on the screen. After installation, log in to the app with your credentials and follow the instructions.
  •  download kidsguard pro

  • Now you are ready to access the targeted phone data on your cell phone. By Logging in to your KidsGuard pro account, you will see all the data and files related to the targeted device on the dashboard.
  • kidsguard pro snapchat

    The Other Ways To Use The KidsGuard Monitor App

    You can keep an eye on your'kids online actiities,and can check Facebook messages online. Not only that you can see the online browser history of your kid's phone and can see visited website links. Besides child security, this app is quite handy for employers. As we have already discussed that it gives you access to all social media applications, KidsGuard monitor app provides you control over your employees' activities (such as emails, messages, and secret calls, etc.) as well.


    Facebook messenger does not contain a feature to turn off the seen notification. Once you have read the message it will appear on the sender's chatbox with your profile icon. However, you can read Facebook messages without being seen through the notification bar, by turning on flight mode or installing a third-party software. Besides these, KidsGuard software is invented to keep employees' and kids' mobile phones in check. As this app access all online social media applications including WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and skype, you can get access to the target device's secret messages, hidden files, and online browsing history.


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