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[Guide] How Can I Monitor Kids Computer?

If you’re looking for a methods that can monitor kids computer to ensure your kids safety, please read this article.

user By Megan Evans|Feb 21, 2022

Fitbit for Kids: More Useful or Dangerous for Children?

We have tested all popular Fitbit among the market and collected the questions that parents care about. You must read it before buying to find out if your child should wear fitness trackers.

user By Megan Evans|Feb 21, 2022

[2022] Best Ways to Find Your Lost or Stolen Android Phone

Looking for a way to find your lost or stolen Android phone? Learn all the simple methods to detect your phone’s location instantly.

user By Megan Evans|Feb 21, 2022

[2022] How to Block Someone on WhatsApp?

Do you want to block a spammer on Whatsapp? In this article, you will get to know how to block someone on Whatsapp in easy steps. Check it out!

user By Cody Walsh|Feb 19, 2022

[Top 6 Ways] How to Block Porn on Your Kid's Phone?

Looking for a way to completely block porn on your kid’s phone? Learn all the different ways to stop your kid from watching porn and adult content online.

user By Megan Evans|Feb 19, 2022

[2022] How to Check Screen Time on Samsung Phones?

Want to know how much time your kid is spending on his Samsung phone? Find out how to check screen time on Samsung phones as well as the way of protecting kids.

user By Megan Evans|Feb 18, 2022

Top 5 Kids Computer Monitoring Software for Parents 2022

This artilcle lists best 5 kid's computer monitoring software for parents that can monitor kids computer and protect their online safe, let's read and get the methods!

user By Megan Evans|Feb 17, 2022

Top 8 Chromebook Parental Control Apps in 2022

Looking for the best parental control app for Chromebook? Here is the list of the top 8 best Chromebook parental control apps. Read to get the best choice!

user By Megan Evans|Jan 24, 2022

How to Set Parental Controls on Steam? - Step by Step Guide

Looking for guide to set parental controls on Steam to protect your kid from inappropriate game content? Learn the steps and find a better alternative here.

user By Megan Evans|Jan 24, 2022

[3 Ways] How to Create Gmail Account for Child?

Want to create a Gmail account for your kid under 13? Here are the simple steps to create Gmail account your child from any device and supervise remotely.

user By Megan Evans|Jan 21, 2022