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[100% work] Best 5 Spam Calls Blocker Apps for iPhone and Android

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Megan Evans

Updated: Sep 26, 2021 03:22 pm

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Question: How do I stop spam calls on my Android phone and iPhone?

Mobile Spam calls have been a huge problem for all the users around. I also get 4-6 of these calls every day, and asking my friends proved that I am not all alone.

Spam callers have been masking their spam with local and genuine-looking phone numbers. That's why people want to get rid of spam calls.

In this article, there are five useful app to block spam calls and provide a tips to remove spyware from your mobile phone.

5 Best Spam Calls Blocker Apps for iPhone & Android

This is a very hopeless and useless thing if you are trying to completely eradicate the spam calls.

But if any specific number keeps calling, you may block them from your iPhone or Android with the help of spam call blocker apps.

1. Truecaller

Rate: 4.2/5

Truecaller is one of the best Call blocking apps for Android. It comes with a very impressive and modern UI and comes with some fantastic features as well.

For example, it helps you identify unknown calls and protects you from all spam calls and SMS messages.

Moreover, the Truecaller can quickly tell you if this coming call is from a business account or spam. In short, Truecaller is the best app to block spam calls.


How to use:

Step 1. Download Truecaller app from Google Play Store. Create an account with your active phone number.

Step 2. You will receive messages or call from the Truecaller app for verification. After verification set your Truecaller app as the default app.

Step 3. Open the Truecaller app. Go down and tap the Spam option; now it will show you two options: spam list and block list.

Step 4. Click on the blocklist option, now tap on "Add new entry".

Step 5. Now it will show you the options, first “number series”, second "block an existing contact", and third "enter a number".

Step 6. If you want to block a new number, put number here; if you want to block from contacts, you can directly add it from the contact list.

Step 7. You can add specific series or codes of any city or country to block all calls from that area.

Step 8. Additionally, the Truecaller app has the option to block calls from hidden numbers and private numbers.

2. Hiya

Rate: 4.9/5

Hiya is the most amazing and popular app that blocks spam calls and it has 170 million users all over the world.

After installing and setting up this app, you will start receiving notifications if this call is potentially from a spam caller, telemarketer, or any other fraud number.

When the app detects the specific number as a fake phone number, then it blocks your call even before your phone starts ringing and you get any notification.

Hiya has a database with millions of phone numbers. And this app also shows a list of various reasons why this number has been reported by other users.


How to use:

Step 1. Go to Google Play Store, download and install the Hiya app.

Step 2. Now the screen will show you two options for term and condition, accept them for creating account.

Step 3. Set Hiya as the default app and give permission to access calls and messages.

Step 4. Now the Hiya app will show you different options, if you want to block a specific number, add a number by clicking on "enter a number".

Step 5. If you want to block someone from the contact list, click on it and add a contact to the blocking list.

Step 6. There is a specific option if you want to block all calls from a specific city or country, tap on the option "number that begins with" add a specific city or county code and block all calls.

3. Robo Shield

Rate: 3.5/5

Robo shield is an automatic spam or robocall blocker that intelligently identifies the spam or scam calls and blocks their intensity.

Robo shield is currently available on iOS devices. No doubt Robo Shield is also the best app to block spam calls.

robo shield

How to use:

Step 1. Download Robot Shield app from any trusted source and install it.

Step 2. After installation, create an account.

Step 3. Now open your account and go to the block list.

Step 4. Tap on the + button and add the number manually.

4. AT&T Call Protect

Rate: 4/5

AT&T has a free service that is best to block fraudulent robocalls. You just need to install the software on your phone.

AT&T Call protect does not completely stop the telemarketer calls, but it also displays a nuisance warning when you get those.

The service completely blocks the callers, and you also build up a personal blocklist in this case. AT&T Call protects plus service also offers caller ID, reverse number lookup, and the ability to block the calls by category.

That's why people prefer this best app for blocking spam calls. These features cost you up to 3.99 dollars per month.

att call

How to use:

Step 1. Download AT&T protect app from Google Play Store and install it, now create an account on your phone number and verify your number.

Step 2. Now open your phone settings and go to my digital phone section.

Step 3. Enable the option check and or manage voice mail and features, tap on the phone feature and choose a call to protect.

Step 4. Now your AT&T account is active, for blocking the number, tap on the block, press + icon, you will see 3 options such as "Add a number", "add from contact" and "add from the call log".

Step 5. Now you are done, the app will automatically block the spam calls from any number.

5. T-Mobile Scam Shield

Rate: 4.5/5

T-Mobile Scam Shield is the best app to identify the caller's actual name, location, and phone number.

Additionally, this app can detect the telemarketer and robocalls effectively and help block these numbers quickly.

This app gives a full command in your hand who can call or text you. You can block numbers from log calls history or by manually adding numbers.


How to use:

Step 1. The T-Mobile Scam Shield is available on Google Play Store, download and install it into your phone.

Step 2. Sign up with phone number and verify your number.

Step 3. Now you are signed in, go to your account.

Step 4. Go to blocked list, add number which you want to block.

Step 5. Now this app will block all incoming calls from blocked numbers.


You can add 10 maximum numbers in block list.

Part 2. Which Spam Calls Blocker App is Suitable for you?

There are various spam call blocker apps available in the market, but according to people's personal experience, just a few apps work effectively.

Usually, people want free spam call blocking apps with all advanced features if you are also looking for free spam call blocking apps; Hiya is a free app to block spam calls. It has incredible features like you can block any number or person from the contact list.

Additionally, you can block calls from a specific area or country by putting the code of that city or country on the blacklist. But other apps like the true caller, Robo shield also have advanced features in the free version.

Moreover, Hiya is the best spam blocking app because this app does not show any ads in the free version. On the other hand, the true caller app, Robo shield, and AT&T call protect show ads in the free version, which disturbs a lot.

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Part 3. Other Mobile Phone Security Risks

There are different mobile phone security risks such as network spoofing, data leakage, phishing attacks, broken cryptography, spyware, etc. various reports of 2014 showed that mobile phone security threats are increasing day by day.

Additionally, people use unsecured Wi-Fi or public Wi-Fi, but these types of Wi-Fi are not secured. Hackers can hack your Mobile and steal personal mobile data via public Wi-Fi.

Moreover, spyware apps are also harmful to mobile phones because these apps steal mobile data without knowing you and shares it with third parties or hackers. The spyware also tracks online activity and tracks the location of the person.

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Extra Tips: How to Remove Spyware on Phone with ClevGuard?

Spyware is hazardous because it snips personal data from phones and shares personal information with hackers.

So, it is crucial to eradicate this spyware from mobile phones permanently. ClevGuard can help you remove all kinds of spyware from smartphones.

Here is the complete procedure how you can remove this spyware from the device.

Step 1. Click Get it on Google Play button below to download and install ClevGuard anti-spyware.

google play store button

Step 2. Click on the app icon, open the app and tap on the Scan option.

clevguard scan

Step 3. After finish scanning, you can know whether there is spyware on your phone in result list, if yes, when you click on Resolve All, ClevGuard will automatically remove spyware from your device.

clevguard results

Part 4. Summary

Spam calls indeed irritate all people because spam or scam doesn't stop. We receive spam calls during meetings, classes, office work, traveling even sleeping time, so everyone wants to get rid of these spam calls.

There are various apps such as Truecaller, Hiya, AT & T call to protect, Robo shield are available to block spam calls.

Furthermore, you also can scan your device and remove spyware from your phone with the help of ClevGuard.

google play store button


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