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WebWatcher Reviews - Can It Really Keep You Children Safe?

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Cody Walsh

Updated: Sep 16, 2021 03:30 pm

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With the help of WebWatcher parental control app, parents can monitor their children's phone activities. They can access the application remotely from almost any device running on iOS and Android.

WebWatcher collects information from a target device and shows it on a secure web-based account. This WebWatcher reviews is provided to those who want to monitor their children's online activity, showing all-round information of WebWatcher.

WebWatcher Compatibility's Version

  • iPhone/iPad - iOS 8.0 - 13
  • Android - Android 4 - 11
  • PC/Windows - Windows 10, Windows 8 & 8.1, Windows 7
  • MacOS - MacOS 10.8 - 10.15
  • Chromebook - All Chromebooks: HP, Asus, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Samsung & Google
  • WebWatcher is a proprietary PC and cell phone observing programming created by Awareness Technologies. It can easily work with iOS, Android, Windows, Chrome OS, and macOS functional systems. WebWatcher was initially established in 2002 for Windows PC and can be used for counter-terrorism.

    Now the software is used by parents to analyze their children's online activities and employers to monitor the actions of their employees. In 2010, Webwatcher android and blackberry version were introduced, Webwatcher for iOS was issued in 2014.

    webwatcher parent app

    Top Features of Webwatcher Mobile App you will get after Subscription

    Communication monitoring

    WebWatcher is a unique remote monitoring software, it can support you to check chats, emails, apps, website usage, keystrokes, used applications, social activities, texts, photos, calls, and more on a computer remotely. WebWatcher stores mobile text messages, call logs, web history, images, and location. Moreover, Web watcher for desktop computer and Mac characteristics contain Email and instant message monitoring.

    Keystroke Logger

    Watch the strokes of each typed, even if it has been deleted. This keystroke logger characteristic offers reader-friendly versions of all keystroke logged with raw keylogging activity so that you can realize each feature. You can also enjoy this app for Web content filtering and Screenshot monitoring.

    Automated Alerts

    There is a word notification feature in it, such as selected kinds such as pornography, entertainment, alcohol, just like violence. You can only add your words. When your child uses a search engine to search for any of these flagged words, the app takes a screenshot so you can check it out later.

    Real-Time Monitoring

    The software can access somebody's online activities, record them, and then send them online to their account, making the procedure stress-free and easy. Browse your account to enjoy real-time and quality monitoring.

    What Can Webwatcher Do?

    After install Webwatcher on the target device, you can read almost all target device’s online activities on the dashboard, include messages, calls, GPS locations, and other popular social media chats, also keep an eye on search history. WebWatcher parental app is a valuable technique to keep children’s online security.

    Is Webwatcher illegal to monitor on someone's phone?

    It is legal to use Webwatcher phone tracker app in specific situations. For example, parental monitoring and employee monitoring. It can help parents to keep children safe from cyberbullying and other Internet predators. Also, most federal and state laws allow employers to monitor.

    However, with the vigorous development of spyware, illegal surveillance is also on the increase. WebWatcher is a spying app that no system tray icon or any other shortcut that can support locating the app on phone.

    So it is challenging to detect on a target device. It particularly difficult to detect - especially when you don't know. This type of hack has been implemented. People can track someone's cell phone without knowing it. Keep real-time monitoring, and check all their online behaviors, even the messages they delete.

    Worry about Illegal Monitoring? - Protect Your Privacy with ClevGuard Anti-spyware

    Apart from the legal monitoring that aforementioned talk about, there are many illegal monitoring behavior happening in our life. Do you suspect that someone is monitor you? Do you realize that it is imperative to find a way to protect your privacy on the internet through the above-mentioned words?

    Choosing a suitable anti-spy app is a good way to protect your mobile phone. ClevGuard is an excellent anti-spy app that you can ponder using to protect your cell phone. You'll find peace of mind, and you'll always recognize how's going on when your cell phone become abnormal or you fell being monitored by someone.

    Real-time protection

    Being the most reliable anti-spyware, ClevGuard protects the phone in real-time. It can scan your phone's downloaded files 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to scan for possible spyware infections, and if something goes wrong, it will alert you in time.

    Fix mobile phone in one click

    The slow response or other problems of mobile phone can be solved by clicking a button to repair it. The professional quick repair system function can scan out the dangerous items and unknown items of the system, diagnose and repair them immediately.

    Detect spywares

    ClevGuard anti-spy app is professional to uninstall spywares and can protect mobile phone data security. Sometimes it may happen that you cannot view the spyware, but it is still running in the background. Such programs do not appear in the list of apps because the installed program generates a registry key name that is more than 60 characters long. In case of this, it is important to use an anti-spy app that can provide real-time protection of our cell phone.

    How to Use ClevGuard Anti-Spy app

    Step 1: Download and Insatll ClevGuard

    Click "Get It on Google Play" button below and skip to Google Play Store page to download it and finish installation.

    google play store button

    Step 2: ClevGuard Scanner

    Open ClevGuard, select I agree to privacy policy and EULA, and then you can start using it. Click the "scan" button to allow ClevGuard access to some permissions on your device, hence you can run the first scan now. During this process, ClevGuard will check your mobile phone comprehensively, include all files and applications, then show you the results of whether spy app exist on your device.

    clevguard scanner

    Step 3: Remove Spyware

    In scan results you can see how many problems have been found, when open each of them, there are three choices you can make. If there exist spy app on your phone,you can click "Fix" button to remove it. If you are not sure about the security of this application, "Report" and "Ignore" are required to select.

     scan results


    Spyware is one of the threats to your privacy. It usually takes all your essential information secretly. If you don't know much about system tech, you may not be able to find out if your phone has hidden spyware. So, there is no time to delay protecting your privacy.

    We strongly recommend that you use anti-spyware if you are in complete security. ClevGuard anti-spyware software aims to avoid and find annoying spyware and, as a result, remove them. The anti-spyware program will complete routine monitors on your mobile phone to keep your data secure. At the same time, it will ensure that your privacy is protected 24/7 from any possible interruption. Nobody comes close to the features that anti-spy offers.


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