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6 Long Distance Relationship Apps to Keep Your Bond Strong

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Megan Evans

Updated: Feb 21, 2022 06:27 pm

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Before We Start

Research shows that 37% people in long-distance relationship find it hard to stay faithful. If you're worried about your partner is cheating on you, there's a powerful and discreet monitor tool to truly end these fears.

With over 5 years of a long distance relationship under my belt, I'm a self-claimed expert on how to keep the romance and spark alive.

Communication is an important way to keep the bond strong while living apart. Regular phone conversations are great but you need to change it up sometimes in order to keep things interesting. We're also listing some long distance couple games to schedule something fun and memorable. This serves as a time for you to check-in with each other, be fully present, and experience each other's energy.

Ready to spice things up? Below, check out 6 best apps for long distance relationships.

Intimate Communication

1. Between


between app

To begin, we have the Between in the list of apps for long distance couples which is known to make couples feel alive and free to say anything that they haven't said before. With the help of Between, couples can chat, track anniversaries, share photos and video, and plan their schedules together all in one private space.

Similar to other messengers, chat is the most frequented function. You can send texts or have a voice call. Besides, you can add cutesy lovey-dovey stickers (animated emoticons) through chat. It also has a Memory Box to store photos, videos, notes, etc, and it can display in the home screen. Couples celebrate not only a one-year anniversary, but also 100 days since meeting. Luckily, Between keeps a count, serving as a reminder for couples.

2. Couplete


couplete app

Couplete is a life-log for LDR relationships. It is also one of the best apps for long distance couples to keep all those precious moments safe and secure. It contains a private messenger that you can chat privately with your partner. Couplete allows the couple to create their own timeline with customized photos and albums, letting them treasure every memory.

This long distance dating app features in Wishbox, which is a boon for couples to create a virtual wish list and include things to do, and restaurants to go when they meet again. Take your love to the next level, with the love letter feature. The feature allows you to set a mood and also put a customized seal before sending off the letter. There is a shared calendar app to update each other's schedules and plan date nights together.

3. TouchNote


touchnote app

Send personalized, high-quality photo cards with a message with TouchNote app. This will not only save your phone bill but it's one of the best apps for long distance relationships to spoil your loved ones with love letters. Not in a text or an email but through lovely, personal pictures on real cards that last. The more you use TouchNote, the more you'll want to keep sending and sharing your memorable moments.

Designing your own postcard was actually a bit easier than you thought. TouchNote app offers several templates, borders, filters and more that you could utilize. Granted, you can easily zoom in and crop the images to perfect the look of your card. You can, of course, write a personalized message. Last but not least, if you want to send your card sometime in the future, you can set that up as well. From the looks of it, you can elect to have your custom postcard mailed out as much as a year after the date you create it.

Couple Games

1. Desire


desire app

Are you in a long distance relationship? The Desire game emphasizes romance and intimacy in a new way. The long distance couple games currently offer over 30,000 different dares (uploaded by editors and the community) and each additional "level" completed unlocks new and spicier challenges. You can choose dares from categories such as: Love sensations, Roleplay and Fantasy, Dress Code, Bath Time, Under my Thumb or Kamasutra, with new ones being uploaded on a daily basis. Once you set a dare, your partner has the option to accept it, and if they complete it they get the points, and vice-versa. Users are also free to let their imagination run wild and invent their own dares.

2. Honi


honi app

For long distance couples looking to spice things up, Honi is a good choice. Like many of the other long distance relationship apps, you can fulfil thousands of Dares to surprise your partner. It also includes answer questions on your partner, fantasy, new Kamasutra positions, tips to find out how much you know about each other and improve your relationship. To memorize your important moments, you two can share a private timeline or add a calendar. At anytime, it allows you to send cute notifications to let your partner know you think of him/her.

3. Wefeel


wefeel app

Wefeel is a long distance couple game that allows you to share unique experiences with your partner. It aims at help couples stay connected, in love and with passion, through all the stages of a couple's life. With a varied repertoire of games and questions about every element of your relationship, it will enhance your mutual passion and secret desires, which you can realize when you meet. Wefeel app also sends a tip on a daily basis that tells how couples can run their relationships by improving their personal aspects. Long distance couples can find this app on both Android and iOS app stores.

Don't Miss: The Best Way to Monitor Your Long-distance Couple Remotely

Is your long-distance relationship the one that will last? Are you afraid that your partner might not remain faithful to you? Unfortunately, it is difficult to keep tabs on your partner in such a relationship.

However, you should not get disheartened yet. There are ways on how to know if your partner is cheating on you in a long-distance relationship. That's why I wanted to tell you about KidsGuard Pro - a powerful and discreet tool that can track all cell phone activities remotely.

  • Monitor your couple's sent, reeived, or deleted text messages.

  • Keep track of your couple's whereabouts in real-time.

  • Record all live phone calls and find out the details of the person he's calling.

  • Spy on popular social media apps regarding secret conversations.

  • Keep tab on what online sites he has been visiting, even in incognito mode.

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While I do agree that trust is important, especially in a long-distance relationship, it is important to know that blind faith is never rewarded. Luckily for you, KidsGuard Pro app can help you recognize the signs of a long-distance affair. Moreover, there s no way for him to find out they re been tracked as it is undetectable, so there's little danger to your relationship.

a glimpse of kidsguard pro app

In The End

Although you can't physically sight-see together right now, you can try these long distance relationship apps for couples. Whether you are missing your loved one or looking for ways to spice up your relationship, there's always an app that comes to your assistance.

Have you tried any other long distance dating apps before? Share your experiences with us by leaving a comment below.


By Megan Evans

A certified content marketing specialist with great passion for Internet and online safety. She is bent on educating the audience about cyber safety tips and tricks.

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