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[2024]6 Best Driving Monitoring Apps for Tracking Teenage Drivers

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Megan Evans

Updated: Jan 07, 2022 06:52 pm

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How to monitor teenages when they are driving?

Different types of teenage driving monitoring apps are available over the internet. It helps the parent to monitor their child while driving the vehicle. Using these apps is simple. You can download different driving monitor app from the internet.

In this article, we will list six types of apps and the best one for parents to monitor the driving of their kids.

The Best Apps for Tracking Teenage Drivers

We are suggesting you a better app from all the listed below teenage monitoring applications. Yes, you are right. We are talking about KidsGuard Pro for android. KidsGuard Pro for Android is one of the best monitoring applications, Some common features are listed below.

  • Real-time GPS location access.
  • Track text messages and call records of their children.
  • A parent can view their kids social acticities when driving.
  • They can view stored videos and photos on their kid's gadgets.
  • A parent can track the browsing history, and emails of their kids.

Different steps involved in KidsGuard Pro Installation

Step 1. Create an account 

Press "Monitor Now" below and "Sign Up" to register account with your valid email address for KidsGuard Pro for Android.

Monitor Now View Demo

create an account

Step 2. Install KidsGuard Pro for Android 

Then the order management page will appear, you just need to click the "Setup Guide" and follow instructions to download KidsGuard Pro for Android.

setup guide

Step 3. Start Monitoring Kids by KidsGuard Pro for Android 

After everything is working properly, you can monitor kids'phone activity on your online KidsGuard Pro Dashboard.

monitor activity

KidsGuard Pro for Android can help you keep an eye on your kids, so that you can know whether your kids are surfing Internet when they are driving. You can stop them surfing when they are driving. It can creat a sefe environment for them.

Top 6 Teenage Driving Monitoring Apps

Different teenage driving monitoring apps are listed below. We are going to discuss the pros, cons of each application. So let's start.

Life 360

Life 360 is a free and paid version of the driving monitor app. It connects you and your family using the smart feature to ensure the safety of the people who matter alt for you. The app is available for both Android and iOS users.


  • Realtime location sharing

  • Pace alert, when your targeted person passes through a specific spot

  • Offer one tap direction i.e no need to address

  • Offer you a complete driver report


  • Due to sharing of real-time locations, it produces privacy concerns.
  • It is creating an environment of mistrust.
  • Besides using it for children, people use it for tracking their loved ones, which causes harm to their relationships.

life360 driving

Mama Bear

Mama bear is the second on the list of apps for parents to monitor the driving of their kids. Besides safety, it is a source of awareness tool. It is available for both Android and iOS users. Some other advantages are:


  • It allows you to set a speed limit for your child.

  • Using this app, you can access social media and text messages of your child.

  • Besides real-time location, it gives you arrival and departure notifications.


  • It is a parental control app rather than a driving monitoring app for children,
  • Due to access to child devices, it damages relation between children and their parents.
  • It increased anxiety among children if installed on their devices.

mamabear driving

AT&T Drive Mode

It is a free publicly available app for all android and iOS uses. It is one of the best driving monitoring apps. It sends you a single if your teen driver drives more than 15MPH. some other features are


  • It gives access to children's messages and call logs while driving.

  • It responds to all incoming messages and calls while a kid is driving.

  • The app has a safety feature. If the kids disable the app, parents get the notifications.


  • Like other tracking apps, it accesses your real-time location, message, and call logs.
  • The App has privacy concerns.
  • A source of mistrust among children and parents.

at drive mode

Drive Smart

Another teenage driving monitoring apps for the parent to monitor their children while driving. The application is available for both Android and iOS users. If you buy a drive Smart Plus plan. You can get more features and accurate results. The monthly smart plus plans are worth $5. Some Common Features of the Drive Smart driving monitoring app are listed below.


  • Auto responds to voice calls with a voice mail while driving.

  • Give the parent a message, if the override mode is used.

  • Both free and paid plans are available.


  • The app is not completely free.
  • The app has privacy concerns.
  • Misuse of applications for spying on someone else.

drive smart

TrueMotion Family Safe Driving

It is another app for parents to monitor driving children.  Using this app parents can know what their kids actually do. The app is completely free and available for iOS and Android users. The app has some worth mentioning features. Like


  • It tracks the speed, handling, and driving of drivers.

  • It helps the drivers to quit bad driving habits by offering rewards.

  • The app ranks users in the family. Hence encourage a safe driving environment.


  • Based on multiple reviews, the app does not classify drivers and passengers.
  • Sometimes the location is not correct.
  • Create anxiety among parents and children by accessing their private data.

truemotion family


The last but not the least teenage driving monitoring apps is Automatic. A free android and iOS application are available for all users over the internet. The app work as a car assistant. Hence improve good driving habits and help in quitting the bad habits of driving. Some worth mentioning features are


  • It locks your phone and mutes your call and text messaging while driving.

  • It has a feature of crash detection.

  • A customized dashboard make it stand-alone among other teenage driving monitoring apps.


  • The application have privacy concerns
  • Create mistrust among children and parents
  • Sometimes lack of data transfer causes inconvenience and unintended consequences.


What are the Benefits of Driving Monitoring Apps?

As mentioned above, Every parent cares about their child. And they never ever compromise on the safety of their kids. Teenage drivers are too dangerous for themselves as well as for other people on the road.

Thanks to technology, it makes everything accessible. Using a driving monitoring app parents can look at their child virtually. Some basic benefits of driving monitoring apps are listed below.

  • It ensures the safety of teenage drivers behind the wheel.
  • These apps records live location, start, stop time, cornering, stay, and seat belt details.
  • It helps the parents to study the behavior of their child while driving.
  • You can ask for maintenance help instantly.
  • Driving monitoring apps help drivers to quit bad driving habits and to adopt good habits.
  • Ensure safety, by locking phones, and auto-responding to calls and messages while driving

FAQs about Driving Monitoring Apps

Q1. What is a good drive score?

If we define a drive score, it is the measurement of the overall performance of a driver while driving a vehicle. Normally it is calculated based on data collected from the sensor of the vehicle. Which consist of speed, acceleration, and odometer reading. And later on, it is plotted on a map of 100. So, a score above 50 can be considered as a good drive score.

Q2. What is the best app for tracking driving hours?

 We mentioned above different teenage driving monitoring apps. Almost all tracking apps record location, time, etc. However, the best app that is commonly used for tracking driving hours is Road ready. Using this app, you can track your time and can view your all driving summary.

Q3. Is there an app to monitor your driving?

Of course, all the apps mentioned above can be used in the same manner for you. As we tried to track teenager drivers. The best app that tracks yourself. It acts as an awareness tool for the driver itself. You can limit your own speed by setting a specific speed limit. Similarly, it also gives you a log of arrival and departure.


Teenage drivers are dangerous behind the wheel. It is important for parents to track them in different ways so that they remain safe while driving. For this purpose, we have listed the best apps for tracking teenage drivers. It will not help the parents to keep an eye on their kids but will create a safe driving environment.

To keep an eye on your child's daily activities on a smart device. The best app is KidsGuard Pro for Android. You can download and install (Step mentioned Above) to keep an eye on your kids.


By Megan Evans

A certified content marketing specialist with great passion for Internet and online safety. She is bent on educating the audience about cyber safety tips and tricks.

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