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AirDroid WhatsApp Messages Tracker [Everything You Should Know]

Concerned about the safety of your child and willing to give the AirDroid WhatsApp messages tracker a try? You can know Airdroid parental control more and its best alternative in this article.

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Annie Brooks Annie Brooks

May 16, 2024 03:06 pm

WhatsApp is known for its ease of use, features, and privacy and thus when it comes to tracking WhatsApp messages it’s a tricky task. The need for monitoring WhatsApp messages arises in several scenarios like the safety of young children, checking out of a doubtful partner or an employee, and others. 

To assist you with this task, several WhatsApp tracking tools are available and one of the popular names that you will come across is AirDroid WhatsApp Messages Tracker. If you are anxious to learn more about this tool and its use, we will take you through it.

AirDroid WhatsApp Messages Tracker

What's AirDroid WhatsApp Message Tracker?

AirDroid Parental Control is a comprehensive WhatsApp parental control app that works as an excellent WhatsApp message tracker. This all-in-one app can be downloaded on Android as well as iPhone devices and allows you to remotely monitor all the content of the target device.

The tool assists in content monitoring, setting screen-time limits,  for safe search, getting activity reports, and more. Though this is a paid tool with monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscription plans, there is a 3-day trial version available for you to see and get the feel of the software.

Key Features of AirDroid WhatsApp Messages Tracker

  • 1. Allows monitoring of all WhatsApp messages and other activities remotely and secretly
  • 2. Allows monitoring of all WhatsApp activities including messages, media files, calls, and others.
  • 3. Offers real-time location with route history and geo-fencing.
  • 4. Screen time limits can be set.
  • 5. Daily and weekly usage reports can be accessed .

How Do I Read WhatsApp Messages on AirDroid?

The guide below lists the steps to use the AirDroid WhatsApp messages tracker to read WhatsApp messages.

Step 1 : First of all, download and install the AirDroid Parental Control app on your device from which you need to remotely monitor the target phone and also register for an account. Also, you can visit the web version of the tool. 

Step 2 : Register for an account and log in using the same.  

Step 3 : On the target device, download the AirDroid Kids app and install it. Launch the app and then enter the code to bind the target device to your device. 

Step 4 : Grant the permissions for full parental control and all the WhatsApp messages from the target device can be seen from the Notifications tab on the dashboard. 

Is It Safe to Use AirDroid WhatsApp Messages Tracker?

AirDroid is a WhatsApp messages tracker but it may cause your data loss. Airdroid also has some limitation:


  • It can't protect your privacy for 100% Safe, all your imformation will be shown on its background.
  • It can't track the full WhatsApp messages from the target WhatsApp account you want to monitor.
  • Though you can track WhatsApp call history, you can't listen to WhatsApp recordings.


Is There A WhatsApp Messages Tracker Better Than AirDroid?

AirDroid is a decent and popularly used parental control app with some wonderful features. But on the flip side, installing, functioning, and app data collection is not that smooth and easy, and thus a lot of users look out for an alternative. Here a better alternative that we suggest is KidsGuard for WhatsApp, one of the best WhatsApp spy tool in the market.

With support to all major platforms and devices, KidsGuard for WhatsApp allows tracking more than 10 types of WhatsApp activities remotely and in real time. Most importantly, KidsGuard for WhatsApp is a smart WhatsApp parental control tool for parents to protect kid’s WhatsApp online safety.

Read WhatsApp Messages from Another Device

KidsGuard for WhatsApp -- Best WhatsApp Messages Tracker

  • Secret Tracking: You can track and view anyone’s WhatsApp messages without being detected.
  • All in One: Powerful WhatsApp tracking tool supporting over10 WhatsApp activities
  • Advanced Features: Allows monitoring WhatsApp chats, recordings, calls, contacts, voices, and other WhatsApp data
  • Tracked Deleted Messages: Access to all the media files shared over WhatsApp including the deleted and expired ones as well.
  • WhatsApp Screenshot: You can take screenshots of WhatsApp messages to save WhatsApp view once photos.
  • Track Location: Works as WhatsApp Location Tracker and Status tracker

How to Use KidsGuard for WhatsApp:

It’s pretty easy to use KidsGuard for WhatsApp to track someone’s WhatsApp messages. The steps for monitoring WhatsApp messages using the app are as follows

Step 1 Create an account on ClevGuard and get a suitable subscription plan.

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Step 2 Go to ClevGuard website > Member Center > My Products to get KidsGuard for WhatsApp tool, click Start Monitoring to move on.

download kidsguard for whatsapp application on target device

Step 3 Next, on the target device download the KidsGuard app from

how to see others whatsapp chats in your phone

Step 4  Follow the instructions and steps as they appear for installing the software. Once the process is completed, move to the tool dashboard, and from here all the WhatsApp messages and other data can be easily tracked.  You can view the WhatsApp chats, status, voice, videos, call history on the target WhatsApp account.

how to read other whatsapp messages on Android

FAQs About AirDroid WhatsApp Messages Tracker

Q1. Can we see WhatsApp in AirDroid?

Yes, WhatsApp messages can be seen in AirDroid as notifications from the dashboard. You can monitor your WhatsApp with another phone by using a WhatsApp monitoring app like the AirDroid Parental Control app. 

Q2. Is AirDroid WhatsApp messages tracker or A Parental Control Tool?

Yes, AirDroid is a complete Parental Control Tool that comes with a WhatsApp message tracking feature along with others. On the contrary, KidsGuard for WhatsApp can be a professional WhatsApp messages tracker, which can help you track and view others 10+ types WhatsApp messages.


To ensure the safety of your loved ones and protect them from several online threats WhatsApp tracking tools come quite handy. These tools help you keep an eye on all the WhatsApp and other activities of a person and protect them from any potential danger.  AirDroid WhatsApp messages tracker is a widely used tool, but if you are looking for software that is simple, effective, and also pocket-friendly KidsGuard for WhatsAp is just perfect. 

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