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XNSPY WhatsApp Review [2024 Full Guide]

XNSPY has been on your list for WhatsApp monitoring for a long. Let’s do XNSPY WhatsApp  review in detail.

Annie Brooks Annie Brooks

May 21, 2024 06:14 pm

WhatsApp has become an essential means of communication on preset day for all age groups of people. Along with its perks, the platform also has its share of limitations like threats, bullying, fraud, connection with inappropriate people, and similar others.

Moreover, the chances of these issues increase with young children, and thus keeping an eye on your kids WhatsApp becomes important for their safety. There are several spying and monitoring tools available to help you get this task done and one of the popular names is XNSPY.  So, let’s start with XNSPY WhatsApp review.

XNSPY WhatsApp review

Part 1. Is XNSPY WhatsApp a Great WhatsApp Tracker?

XNSPY is a popularly used WhatsApp tracking tool that can be used for Android as well as iPhone. With a large user base across the globe, the program allows monitoring of all WhatsApp activities like texts, calls, multimedia files, and more. 

The tool can be used without any need for device jailbreak on iPhones and iPads. Also, on iOS devices you do not need to download or install any app.  So overall, XNSPY is a good tool for tracking WhatsApp activities.

Part 2.  What's XNSPY WhatsApp?

As we discussed above, XNSPY is a WhatsApp monitoring tool that allows reading all chat threads, call logs, multimedia files, time stamps, and much more.

Shining Features of XNSPY WhatsApp Reviews

  • Android and iOS-based WhatsApp monitoring tool 

  • Allows tracking individual as well as group chats

  • WhatsApp tracking on iOS devices can be done without jailbreaking

  • The No-jailbreak version does not require to installation of any XNSPY software on the target iOS device

  • Dashboard app allows monitoring target device WhatsApp activities anywhere, anytime, and that too secretly.

  • Support to remote control functions like taking screenshots, listening to the environment, and more

How To Use XNSPY to Monitor others WhatsApp?

This part will guide you with step-by-step instructions to use XNSPY to monitor others WhatsApp

Step 1 On the official page of XNSPY create an account and subscribe to a plan. 

Step 2 On the target Android device enter the download URL that you received on your registered mail and click on the Go button. The application download will start. 

XNSPY WhatsApp review

Step 3 Once the app is successfully installed, go to the dashboard and start monitoring WhatsApp activities. 

XNSPY WhatsApp review

Part 3: Pros and Cons of XNSPY

Let's check some pros and cons of XNSPY


  • Allows monitoring of all WhatsApp activities on Android and iOS devices
  • Geo-fencing and location history supported

  • For iOS devices, the app can work without jailbreak and also without app installation


  • Content filtering and control over internet usage are not supported

  • Refund options are limited

  • Too Expensive without any free trial

Part 4 Is Safe to Use XNSPY WhatsApp?

Using XNSPY or any similar spying application to monitor WhatsApp or other activities is generally not safe and raises several ethical, legal, and security concerns. Here’s why:

Violation of Privacy: Using spying apps to monitor someone’s WhatsApp activity without their consent is a significant violation of their privacy. It's unethical to monitor someone's private conversations and activities without their knowledge and permission.

Legal Issues: Spying on someone’s communications without their consent is illegal in many jurisdictions. This can lead to severe legal consequences, including fines and imprisonment. It’s essential to be aware of and comply with local laws regarding surveillance and privacy.

Data Security: Spying apps often require extensive permissions and access to personal data. This poses a significant risk if the app or its developers do not follow strict data security practices, potentially leading to data breaches or misuse of sensitive information.

Part 5. Is There XNSPY WhatsApp Alternative?

Though there are a lot of apps and tools that claim to be an alternative to XNSPY, if you are looking for the best, KidsGuard for WhatsApp can be trusted. Using this app all the WhatsApp activities of Android and iPhone devices can be tracked remotely and safely. Be it calls, messages, media files, contacts, or others, the tool allows monitoring of them all in real time.

Shining Features of KidsGuard for WhatsApp: Best WhatsApp Tracker

  • WhatsApp monitoring tool compatible with Android, iPhone, Windows, and Mac

  • Allows tracking WhatsApp chats, call recordings, contacts, voices, and more. 

  • Allows tracking deleted and expired media files as well

  • WhatsApp call recorder can be used for recording calls

  • Allows WhatsApp data export

  • Support to WhatsApp location tracker

How to Use KidsGuard for WhatsApp

Step 1 Create an account on the ClevGuard site and subscribe to the plan that meets your requirements.

Monitor Now View Demo

Step 2 On the target device download the KidsGuard app from Install and finish the app setup following the on-screen instructions.

how to see others whatsapp chats in your phone

Step 3 When setup is complete, move to the dashboard and from here all WhatsApp activities can be monitored. 

how to read other whatsapp messages on Android


Note: The above steps are for the Android device. For iPhone, you need to link the device and for this detailed steps can be checked in the iOS guide.

What makes KidsGuard for WhatsApp a better option than XNSPY

Both XNSPY and KidsGuard for WhatsApp are WhatsApp monitoring tools but when it comes to choosing between the two, we highly recommend KidsGuard. Several reasons make KidsGuard a better choice and some of them are listed for you below.

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  • KidsGuard is an easy-to-install app with a user-friendly interface

  • A free trial version is available for you to experience the tool

  • Allows monitoring of all WhatsApp activities including deleted and expired media files

  • Facilitates the recording of WhatsApp calls

  • Keyword alert can be set to be notified whenever the chat includes the set keyword


Tracking and monitoring WhatsApp has become essential in several situations like young children, aging parents, employees, cheating partners, and more. Using a monitoring tool works best in these situations and we have done XNSPY WhatsApp review above to give the tool a try. But if you want to rely on the best one KidsGuard is the name. Not only KidsGuard for WhatsApp is a feature-rich and powerful tool but also simple and apt for first-time users as well. 


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