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How to Catch A Cheating Spouse on WhatsApp [ 2024 Full Guide]

Discover the best methods to track how to catch a cheating spouse on WhatsApp with a smart WhatsApp cheater catcher. You can know if your spouse is cheating on WhatsApp now.

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Annie Brooks Annie Brooks

Apr 26, 2024 05:51 pm

WhatsApp has made it easier for cheating husbands and wives to communicate with their other lovers without fear of their partner finding out. After all, all that is needed for interaction to occur is a mobile phone and the internet.

If you feel your partner is cheating on you and is communicating with someone else over WhatsApp, you are in luck. In today’s guide, we'll show you how to catch a cheating spouse on WhatsApp with the best methods. Keep reading and get best way to know if your spouse is cheating on you.

how to catch a cheating spouse on WhatsApp

Part 1: How To Catch A Cheating Spouse On WhatsApp?

Here are the best ways to learn how to know if your spouse is cheating on WhatsApp or not:

Method 1: Use KidsGuard for WhatsApp

KidsGuard for WhatsApp is the number one WhatsApp tracking tool that enables users to spy and monitor target WhatsApp contact activities anonymously. With this software, you can pay keen attention to the people your spouse is engaging with on WhatsApp, whom he chats with every day and calls in secret.

This WhatsApp monitoring tool can certainly check if your spouse is cheating on WhatsApp. It can even give you the live location of your spouse without him/her noticing.


KidsGuard for WhatsApp Is The Best WhatsApp Cheater Catcher

  • You can read your spouse’s WhatsApp messages without being knowing.
  • You can monitor and control your spouse’s call history to know whom he/she is chatting with. Then you know check if he/she is cheating.
  • You can record your WhatsApp call history and listen to the WhatsApp call recordings.
  • You can track your spouse’s current location anytime you want.
  • The user interface is easy to operate
  • This tool can also be used to see all restricted statuses your spouse doesn't want you to see.

How to Catch A Cheating Spouse on WhatsApp Using KidsGuard for WhatsApp.

Here are the following steps to key to when using KidsGuard for WhatsApp to learn how to catch a cheating spouse on WhatsApp

Step 1: Pick A Tracking Plan.

Tap on the Monitor Now button below, you can choose a suitable tracking plan to use KidsGuard for WhatsApp.

Step 2: Choose Android/iOS

Tap on Start Monitoring tool, then choose Android/ iOS option based on your device OS.

Best WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker for iPhone

choose ios

Step 3: Install KidsGuard for WhatsApp

If you the target device is Android, then download and install KidsGuard for WhatsApp from www.installapk. And follow the instructions to log in this tool with your email an password you created on Step 1.

download kidsguard for WhatsApp application on target device

download kidsguard for WhatsApp application on target device

Step 4: Start Monitoring Your Spouse’s WhatsApp

Click Verify Setup button, you can bind the target WhatsApp account to your PC successfully. Now all the WhatsApp messages will shown on the screen. You can view all your spouse’s WhatsApp messages including chats, status, call history, call recordings, videos, pictures. Then you can catch your cheating spouse on WhatsApp.

spy on WhatsApp chat

Method 2: Use WhatsApp Status Seen

WhatsApp Status Seen is the best WhatsApp online tracker to track WhatsApp online status of anyone. You can use this tool to check your spouse’ WhatsApp online time and online last seen to check if she/he is cheating on you . To do this, all you have to do is monitor their last seen status. The best time to check it is when he/she is away from you or during odd hours when you know they are texting someone they're into at that time of the day.

If you find out that your spouse is often online on WhatsApp at midnight, but not tell you, then he/she may chat with other guys on WhatsApp. Besides, this tool can help you get notification when your spouse is online on WhatsApp instantly.



  • Hidden WhatsApp online status checker, you won’t be detected by

  • It’s easy to carry out

  • It's very straightforward, you need no special skills or instructions, all you need to do is check their last-seen status


  • It can be biased and inaccurate since the results are out on assumptions

  • You can’t view your spouse WhatsApp messages, you can’t know he/she is chatting with whom.

Method 3: Check His/Her Phone Secretly

Another common way to know if your spouse is cheating on you is to secretly search their phone and browse through their WhatsApp chats and messages. This is one of the most straightforward ways to get what you're looking for and clear your doubts.


  • It's easy to carry out

  • It's straightforward


  • You cannot access their phone without their permission, only if you have their password to both their phone and their WhatsApp.

Part 2: Signs to Check If Your Spouse Is Cheating on WhatsApp?

Here are 5 signs that show you have a cheating and unfaithful spouse:

1. He/She becomes Addicted to His Phone and WhatsApp

The moment you realize that anytime your spouse's phone blings, he/she rushes to pick it up and replies with vigor and smile, you need to know who he/she is texting.

2. Suddenly Changes Phone Password

If he/she changes the password, it simply means there is something private he doesn't want you to see which calls for attention.

3. He has Little to No Interest in Sleeping with You Anymore

Once he/she has no interest in having sex with you again in different scenarios and cases, this is a strong sign that should definitely pick your interest.

4. He/She Starts Communicating Less with You:

When your spouse stops opening up and communicating with you, you need to know what's happening and check if he's spending more time with someone else on WhatsApp, maybe at work or some other place. Lack of communication is the beginning of a dying relationship.

5. He/She Starts Blaming You Unnecessarily for Cheating or Been Unfaithful

In most cases, when a spouse starts becoming unfaithful to their partner, their conscience starts judging them which makes them try to equalize their wrongdoing. In that sense, they try to blame their partner for cheating so it can be that they both cheated and he/she is not the only one to be held responsible.

Part 3. What Should You Do If Your Spouse Is Cheating on You?

The best thing we recommend you do when you find out that you have a cheating partner is simply to take your time and accept the truth that your partner has been unfaithful.

If he/she seems to apologize and you think you can continue the relationship, then you can forgive and forget. But if you think you cannot take it anymore, you can forgive him/her and let them go to the person he was cheating you with.

FAQs About Cheating Spouse on WhatsApp

Q1. How can I check his/her phone for cheating?

You can either check his/her phone by taking the phone when he’s not aware and checking it if you already know the password. Or you use a monitoring tool like KidsGuard for WhatsApp to check it remotely without him/her knowing.

Q2. Why is My spouse Cheating on WhatsApp?

There could be several reasons why your spouse could be cheating on you with someone else on WhatsApp. No one knows it better than you do. But overall, a cheating spouse is an unfaithful spouse.


Now you know how to catch your cheating spouse on WhatsApp, instead of living with doubts in mind, it is better if you can follow these steps and figure out if your spouse is cheating or not. Then you can take appropriate steps to confront him/her and come up with a decision to move forward with your life.

However, the best method we recommend you use for the most fastest and accurate result is KidsGuard for WhatsApp . Check it out for yourself right here.


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