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[Fast & Easy] How to Lock Text Messages on Your Phone?

Most text messages are personal conversations, some of which may include sensitive information. So we are finding somenways to lock text messages on phone. Read this blog to learn the methods

user By Cody Walsh|Jun 20, 2022

[2022] House Rules for Teens That Parents Cannot Ignore

Wondering to create an acceptable policy in your home? We have concluded 15 house rules for teens in this article to solve parents’ problems.Let's read!!!

user By Annie Brooks|Jun 20, 2022

How to Prevent Cyberbullying and Protect Kid's Mental Health?

Hundreds of kids are facing cyberbullying on social media and there are sever effects of cyberbullying on kids and teenagers,this article will tell you how to stop cyberbullying for kids

user By Cody Walsh|Jun 20, 2022

[Effective Ways] How to Check if a Link or Site is Safe?

We have tested which URL checkers provide you with the highest level of protection. When you check sketchy links with these sites, you'll be able to verify their authenticity.

user By Cody Walsh|Jun 20, 2022

Fitbit for Kids: More Useful or Dangerous for Children?

We have tested all popular Fitbit among the market and collected the questions that parents care about. You must read it before buying to find out if your child should wear fitness trackers.

user By Megan Evans|Jun 20, 2022

How to Put Restrictions on iPhone Devices for Kids? [Quick]

This article provides you with 3 methods to restrict your child's iphone. We have tested these methods, 100% working and fast. Let’s check and learn together…

user By Megan Evans|Jun 20, 2022

[Solved] How to Block Websites on iPhone and iPad?

Are you finding a useful way to block websites on your child's iphone or ipad? This article provides 3 best ways to block websites on iOS devices,let's check it!

user By Megan Evans|Jun 20, 2022

[Solved] How to Block Websites on Android Phone?

Open the website you want to block,there will be three verticle dots on the right side of adress bar, tap on them. A setting regarding that website will opens..

user By Cody Walsh|Jun 20, 2022

[Guide] How Can I Monitor Kids Computer?

If you’re looking for a methods that can monitor kids computer to ensure your kids safety, please read this article.

user By Megan Evans|Jun 20, 2022

How to Track Someone’s Skype Messages? - Solved

Are you looking for a way of monitoring Skype chats? Well, read this article to find the simplest way to track others' Skype messages!

user By Cody Walsh|Jun 20, 2022