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How to Hack Phone Camera and Spy on Someone? 100% Work

author_icon Cody Walsh time_icon Last updated Oct 14, 2019 02:12 pm tips_icon Phone Hacking

Hacking a phone camera is a difficult task and you will need certain tools to get it done. The reasons might be many, but knowing about how to hack phone camera in the right way can be priorities.

Although you can find many tools available to spy on someone by hacking into their phone camera, here are still some drawbacks to using such tools. This article focuses on enlightening the readers more about this. In the following part, we will discuss everything about hacking into someone's phone camera and why this should not be a preferred method of accessing the data on someone's phone.

Can Someone Hack My Phone Camera?

Are you thinking can someone hack my phone camera? Yes, hacking a phone camera is definitely possible. This can be done with the help of a remote access tool also commonly called as RAT which is a remote accessing/administration tool. This tool enables the user to hack into someone's phone and access all the data stored in the target device. This can be used to hack the target device's camera as well. This is a common method which is adopted by several hackers to gain remote access to the information stored in phones, PCs and laptops. They install such a tool on the target device and then hack into it.

However, this is a highly illegal activity and if someone finds out, you would be charged as a criminal for this act. Several companies appoint such hackers to make their system more secure to avoid such attacks which would lead to the leak of some sensitive information.

hack someone's camera

How to Hack Someone's Phone Camera

These days there are several apps which are available online which provides answers to how to hack mobile camera with ease. As soon as these apps are installed on the target device, they gain control over the front or the rear camera of the device and their function gets activated. Then you can take pictures or record a video through the camera easily using such an app. Here are some of them which feature the function of hacking into someone's phone camera.

1. TTSpy

ttspy app

This is a powerful phone monitoring app which is majorly used by many parents across the world to ensure their child's safety. It is a feature-rich app with around 20+ phone monitoring capabilities. This app has the unique feature of allowing the user to remotely activate the front or rear camera on the target device. This can be very useful in case of emergencies.

2. IP Webcam

ip webcam app

This has the capability of transforming your cellular device into a multiple viewing network camera. You can use any web browser or even VLC player to view from your camera. With this app, you can even access video viewing feature inside a wireless network without the need to access the internet.

3. SP camera

sp camera app

This spy camera can help you secretly record videos and take pictures without anybody getting to know. When you try recording a video through this app, you can simply put it anywhere you like and the app generates a dummy background which is seen like a clock or any other display. It also has a motion detection feature which automatically starts recording when some motion occurs.

4. Silent Secret Camera HD

silent secret camera hd app

Camera's shutter sound can be really annoying when you are trying to secretly take a photo or record a video. This app makes it easy for you to secretly take a photo or record a video without any background noises. It has several secret screen modes including black screen, internet browser screen, normal camera screen, etc.

5. Sneaky Cam

sneaky cam app

As the name suggests, this spy camera allows you to sneak in and take pictures whenever you want discreetly. If there are any people around you, they would not have a clue that you are clicking pictures. Instead of showing the camera screen, it shows any other screen which can be chosen by you from the menu.

Although these apps are great at helping users know how to hack other phones camera, there are some major disadvantages of using such apps.

  • When you use these apps to take pictures through someone's phone, it is possible that the target device user would get to know about it since the camera app gets launched on their phone.

  • Also, many of these apps cannot be triggered remotely.

  • At times, the connection of these apps to the target device's camera is also not consistent which completely defies the whole purpose of using such an app.

  • Once installed, these apps also cause the target device's battery to get drained quickly.

Due to these reasons, spying on someone through their phone camera may not be the best option. In the following part, we will discuss a better way to hack into someone's phone without taking advantage of the camera.

How to Hack Phone Camera Folder Remotely

Instead of trying to know how to hack someone's phone camera remotely, you can gain access to the camera folder of the target device as well as the data on it without being discovered. This is possible if you use third-party apps like KidsGuard Pro, which is a safer and more efficient way to know how to hack a camera on a cell phone discreetly. More detailed information about this app is listed below.

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What can KidsGuard Pro do in hacking someone's phone:

  • This app allows you to access all the stored photos and videos on the target device which are either taken by the device's camera or downloaded from other sources.

  • It allows you to remotely take an instant screenshot on the target device to know the current screen activity.

  • You can also spy on the messages, calls, contacts, social media messages and activities, locations and much more on the target device.

  • It remotely tracks the activities on the target device without being discovered since the app stays hidden on the target device once installed.

  • You can monitor the target device activities remotely via the web-based platform. Which means that once you install the app on the target device, you can spy on someone without accessing his/her phone.

Steps of using KidsGuard Pro to check photos and take screenshots:

Step 1: Using an authentic email ID, create your KidsGuard Pro account from its official website and then choose a pricing plan that suits you best.

Step 2: Navigate to on the target device to download the KidsGuard Pro app. Log into the app after downloading and complete the setup wizard following ons-screen instructions.

download and  install kidsguard pro app

Step 3: Kinldy note that the app icon will be hidden on the target device to avoid being caught. So in order to check the camera folder to take screenshots on the target device, you should visit the app website again and access its online dashboard. Select suitable options from the menu located on the left side, for example, "Capture Screenshot" or "Photos".

capture  screenshot on the target device

With just 3 simple steps, you can install this app and access the camera folder on it. The Capture Screenshot feature is also beneficial if you want to know what the target user is up to on their devices.


You may have the thought about how to hack someone's phone camera for a variety of purposes. However, doing this may be an illegal activity and it is better to refrain from such a task. Even if you do make use of the phone camera hacking apps, they have their own set of disadvantages. Instead of dealing with all this hassle, you can simply download KidsGuard Pro app which is packed with powerful features through which you can gain access to the photos stored on the target device.

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By Cody Walsh

Posted on Sep 26, 2019 ( Updated: Oct 14, 2019 )

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