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How to Track Someone’s Skype Messages? - Solved

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Cody Walsh

Updated: Jun 20, 2022 11:44 am

4 min read

Before We Start

Do you know someone who uses Skype more than any other app? Does how they use it to make you want to eavesdrop on their conversations?

Skype is one of the most popular communication applications in the world and especially in professional settings.

If you have employees or loved ones who are always on Skype with other people you may get curious and want to know what they are always saying on the platform.

Probably this is the reason why you are reading this article on how to spy on Skype chat. If this is the case then read on as we delve deeper into the whole topic of how to monitor Skype online chats.

Is It Possible to Monitor Skype Messages?

Skype, like most internet-based communication applications, is designed to be foolproof. This means that it is not easy to monitor Skype Messages.

The application is built with many security features designed to prevent any form of unauthorized access to someone's account.

However, if you want to track someone's Skype messages then all is not lost. There are some powerful tools that you can use to track Skype messages remotely.

monitor skype chat

How to Spy on Skype Chat?

If you want to know how to monitor Skype messages then, this is the right place for you. Let's now consider the steps you need to take to spy on Skype chat.

Spy on Skype Chat in 3 Steps

The best tool you can use to monitor Skype messages is the MoniVisor for Windows program. With this tool, you can monitor the Skype activities of your target individual remotely without worrying about ever being found out.

It is easy to use and makes it easy to also monitor other messaging applications easily.

To use this tool follow these steps:

Step 1: Create a Valid MoniVisor Account

Before you can use MoniVisor for Windows to monitor someone's Skype you will need to register a valid MoniVisor account?first and choose a plan based on your needs.

Monitor Now View Demo

sign up for monivisor

Step 2: Setup MoniVisor on Target Computer

Finish the first step, you will be taken to the "My Products and Orders Mangement" page. Click "Setup Guide" and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the set-up.

Also, remember to install its browser extension for easy monitoring of the computer's users email and social media accounts.

monivisor setup guide

Step 3: Start Tracking Skype Message Right Away

Once you have completed the set-up, log into your MoniVisor account on your device to start monitoring.

You can now monitor the individual's Skype and other social media accounts from anywhere and on any device provided you can log into your account.

monivisor skype chat

What Can You Do with MoniVisor for Windows

MoniVisor for Windows is a complete full-round computer monitor tool. This means that you can do with it more than just monitoring Skype chats.

Some of the other things you can do with this application include:

  • Monitor Social Media Conversation
  • Using MoniVisor for Windows you can track someone's social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Twitter remotely.

    For example, you can read Facebook messages, posts, profiles and videos. You can even check contact on each of the social media platforms the individuals use.

    Also, you can check calls history both incoming and outgoing ones on those social media platforms.

  • Track Internet Activity and Download History
  • The MoniVisor for Windows program also makes it easy to track and record an individual's browser history on the targeted computer.

    You can also remotely check the pages visited and check the time the individual visited on the most five popular browsers that include Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Opera.

  • Read Sent & Received Emails
  • Using this tool you can track all the emails the individual receives and sends so that you can tell the people the individual communicates with.

    Furthermore, you can remotely read each email and know what the individual you are monitoring is up to. All this data is synched in real-time make sure that you can read even the email the individual received a few seconds ago.

    monivisor read emails

  • Capture Screen
  • If you are monitoring an employee remotely you may want to capture screenshots of their computer from time to time so that you know that they are indeed working on your projects. The MoniVisor for Windows program makes it possible to do this.

    What more you can export the screenshots to your computer remotely if you need evidence without the person you are monitoring ever detecting it.

  • Login Activity
  • If you have employees working from home or in far-off offices from yours you can monitor their work parted using the MoniVisor for Windows application.

    Using this program you can check when they log on and off. You can also check when the employee is online or offline.

    Monitor Now View Demo

  • Track App Activity
  • If your employee is playing games on their work computer or using some other app you may want to track such usages for disciplinary action.

    In such a case using the MoniVisor for Windows program you can total usage time for any app and even the actual period the apps were used.

  • Monitor File Activity
  • If you work with sensitive files you want to keep track of how the files are being used. Using the MoniVisor for Windows program you can monitor when each file was opened, copied or even deleted from an employee's computer.

    You can also record the file storage path for easy retrieving in case the employee responsible for it is not available.

  • Record Keystrokes
  • Sometimes the person you are monitoring may use applications that are not supported by any tool. This means that to know what he is up to you will need to log into their account on those platforms.

    Recording keystrokes is the best way to capture their username and password for easy tracking of the individual on the other programs.

    monivisor record keystrokes

  • Print Activity
  • Printing is an important activity in the workplace. However, it may also be a source of problems if your employees are stealing your trade secrets or your client files. For these reasons, you may want to keep an eye on what is being printed in your workplace.

    Using the MoniVisor for Windows application you can check the name of each file printed. You may also go back in history and check the printed dates of some files of interest.

  • USB Connection
  • Using this feature you can track all USBs connected to the target computer and check when unknown devices are connected. You may also check the duration to see how the device was used.

Why do You need to Track Skype Chat?

There are many reasons why you may want to spy on someone's Skype chats. The following are some of the most common reasons:

Employee Monitoring:

Many employers monitor their employees for a wide range of reasons. You may want to make sure that your employees do not waste time playing video games on their computers.

Sometimes they may be stealing sensitive data from you. For these reasons you want to keep an eye on their screen for work done, emails for what they share with others, and on the printer for what they print from their computers.

track skype chat

Helps to Catch the Spouse/Partner Red-Handed:

If your spouse is cheating then the easiest way to catch them is by monitoring their social media. MoniVisor for Windows applications makes it easy to do this without being detected.

Safeguard Kids:

If you have teenage kids you want to keep an eye on what they do on the internet. There are so many dangers online nowadays. Keeping an eye on your kids is the best way to ensure that they are safe at all times.

FAQ about Monitoring Skype Messages

1. Is It Legal to Monitor Someone's Skype Chat?

Internet privacy laws across the world make it illegal to spy on someone's social media unless the person is under your care or supervision.

This means that it's ok to monitor employees using company computers or your children still under your care.

2. How Can I Spy on Skype Remotely?

The best way to spy on Skype remotely is to use a powerful tool such as the MoniVisor for Windows.

With this tool, you can access someone's Skype and a host of other social media accounts remotely and check any information that you want without being detected.

3. Can I Spy on Skype Chats in Real-Time?

Yes. MoniVisor for Windows synch data in real-time to make it easy for you to monitor your target computer in real-time.


Spying on someone's Skype messages may not be so obvious to everyone. This is because Skype is updated regularly to make sure that there are no data breaches in its use.

However, using a powerful tool such as MoniVisor for Windows you will have unrestricted access to someone else's Skype account remotely without ever being found out.

Monitor Now View Demo


By Cody Walsh

An experienced technology blogger and editor who has spent more than a decade writing about software, gadgets, and computing etc all over the Internet.

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