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SMS Peeper Review and Its Best Alternative

author_icon Megan Evans time_icon Last updated Oct 14, 2019 02:12 pm tips_icon App Reviews

What Is SMS Peeper

SMS peeper is a service that you can use to monitor someone else’s text messages. It can track both incoming and outgoing text messages all without the other person’s knowledge. You can use SMS peeper without having to download the app on the target device. It was one of the earliest tracking solutions to be introduced in the market.

In this article, we are going to be looking at SMS Peeper, how it works as well as its shortcomings. We are also going to share with you a viable alternative to SMS Peeper that works so much better than SMS Peeper.

What Is SMS Peeper

How SMS Peeper Works

Step 1. Visit the SMS Peeper website and enter the country, phone number that you want to track and your email address. Once you click “Get Messages” the service will start to populate all messages on that phone number.

Get Messages

Step 2. Then, you will be able to see up to 100 messages (50 incoming and 50 outgoing). To read a message, just click on “Show Messages”.

Show Messages

Step 3. You will then be required to enter a code. Click on “Download code” and follow the steps below to get the activation code:

get the activation code

  • 1. Click the “Download Code” on the left. You will be redirected to the page with the code (

  • 2. Click the “Download File” black button.

  • 3. Choose from a list one offer/survey and fill it in with your valid information. Downloading a file with the code will start automatically after completing the offer/survey.

  • 4. Enter downloaded CODE in the box on the left and click on “Show messages”.

completing the offer

Step 4. Once you’ve entered the code you should be able to see the message including the name of the sender or recipient and the date and time the message was sent.

Does SMS Peeper Really Work?

SMS Peeper will work very well to populate the messages from the provided phone number until you need to enter the code to read the messages. This is where most users have been stuck, for lack of a better word. Most users report that when they click on “Download Code” instead of getting the code, they are expected to take surveys or download other programs. Some people even say that after downloading the programs, taking the surveys or purchasing something, the code they got didn’t work.

Does SMS Peeper Really Work

Alternative to SMS Peeper

If you are looking for a better way to track someone else’s SMS, a method that will not require you to jump through numerous hoops to get the messages, you should consider KidsGuard Pro. This program is designed to be the ultimate monitoring tool, working behind the scenes on the device to provide you with as much information about the device as you need. To use it, you will have to install the app on the target device which should be easy enough if you know the person. Once the app is installed, you can monitor the text messages remotely.

Features of KidsGuard Pro

  • It can be used to monitor more than 25 different types of data including calls, SMS, social media, GPS and more.

  • It can also be used to track the real-time location of the target device without the device’s owner’s knowledge.

  • It is 100% safe to use and it will not affect the data on your device.

  • It supports all versions of the Android OS and you don’t have to root the device to use it.

Before you begin

  • You must have physical access of the device whose data you wish to track for 5 minutes

How to Use KidsGuard Pro

Here’s a complete guide to help you use KidsGuard Pro correctly;

Step 1: The first step in this process is to create a KidsGuard Pro account from which you can control everything else. To do this, click on the “Sign Up” button. Provide a valid email address and any other information required to create the account. At the same time, you will need to purchase a premium plan to access all the program’s features.

Sign UpView Demo

Step 2: Now open any browser on the target device and go to to download the KidsGuard Pro assistant.

download kidsguard pro assistant on the target device

Step 3: Tap on the APK files you downloaded and allow to install apps from unknown sources. When the installation is complete, launch the app and complete the basic user information. Follow the on-screen setup wizard to provide the app with all the permissions it needs on the device. When configuration is complete, the app icon will disappear from the main screen and start working in incognito mode.

install kidsguard pro on android

Step 4: Once the app is fully set-up on the target device, leave it alone. To check the text messages on the target device, all you have to do is log in to the KidsGuard Pro web control panel. Once logged in, you will see the different types of data on the left side of the panel. Click on “Messages” see the messages on that device. To see the details on any particular message, simply click on it to expand it and you’ll see the message itself as well as the time and date it was sent.

see the messages


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