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2019's Top 8 Keyboard Recorders for Windows

author_icon Cody Walsh time_icon Last updated Apr 16, 2019 11:55 am tips_icon Keylogger

Keyboard recorder might sound interesting to some of you as you might not be aware of what it actually does. You don't need to be sad about not knowing this term as I am going to make it clear what actually is keyboard recorder and how does it work. Basically, keyboard recorder is a software that is used to record and monitor every keystroke typed on that computer. You simply need to install that particular software and proceed as it directs you. This technique is generally use to track the Kids activity over computer, how they use their internet and what are the different thing they search online or even to supervise some employee activities in a company. Today, I will be showing you top 8 keyboard software for Windows.

8 Best Keyboard Recording Software

Here are top 8 keyboard tracking software which will help you to choose the best one out. Check out all the software to know more about them.

1. Spytech SpyAgent

spytech spyagent keyboard logger

Spytech SpyAgent is one of the most famous keyboard software for Windows which has been in the ground for more than 19 years. This software offers some awesome features that has made it to be the best option one can go for. It allows you to record, view and even react to everything that happens on your computer system. You can even have a screenshot of everything that the targeted device is being doing. This software is totally invisible to the users, you even get logs through email, real-time alerts, restrict unwanted apps or websites are some of its features. Despite of many pros this software has, there are some users who has complained the process of installation is difficult.

2. REFOG Keylogger

refog keylogger

REFOG Keylogger is a keyboard tracer software that let you have total control on the activities of your kids computer. This software is user friendly that helps you to use the software with an ease. You can easily record everything that is being typed on the keyboard, websites history, chats of social networking sites, screenshot history. The good part of this software is that, it is invisible and has password protection which gives you extra layer of security. REFOG keylogger also lets you monitor apps and tracks files and sends you reports on your email but you can't block some websites visiting and program starting as well as you won't even find logon password in the log files which is the drawback of this software.

3. Spyrix Keylogger Free

spyrix keyboard recorder

Spyrix Keylogger Free is keyboard recorder free software that can make your job of monitoring your kids or employee much easier. You will have total control over that particular computer and the amazing thing is that even an antivirus software cannot detect it whenever the user scan the computer. There are many features included in this software among which some of them are: remote control from any device, analytics module, screenshot capture, remote uninstallation, activities of the apps, removable drives monitoring and many more. It is available in 9 language but the drawback is that it can't record mouse clicks.

4. Best Free Keylogger

best free keylogger

Best Free Keylogger is one of the best keystroke recorder software that tracks what your children and employee are doing on their computer. You can monitor almost everything on the targeted computer. Some of the basic features are: keystroke recording, application monitoring, internet activity recording, capture screenshot, clipboard monitoring, chats and password logging, automatically log clear etc. The awesome feature of this software is that it has invisible mode as well as password protection and it can also be auto uninstall. This software supports Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.

5. StaffCop

staff cop keyboard logger

StaffCop is one of the highly used keyboard tracking software that gives you 360 view of the tracked computer and even restrict the unapproved distribution of sensitive corporate information. StaffCop offers three version depending upon the need of the users- Enterprise version, Standard Version and Home Version, which can monitor numbers of computer as per the version. Some of the main features of Standard version are: Keystrokes logging, Skype tracking, email monitoring, websites monitoring/blocking, app blocking, USB blocking, social network monitoring, process monitoring etc. You can keep the software invisible and even prepare report to know the work efficiency but it doesn't provide word filtering function which can be a negative point.

6. Revealer Keylogger

revealer keylogger

Revealer Keylogger is another keyboard recorder free software that gives you the control over your children computer. It is one of the most famous software available in the market that is compatible with most of the Windows version such as Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP SP3. Some of its popular features are: conversation monitoring, screenshot capture, remote monitoring etc. As Revealer Keylogger has invisible mode the user won't be able to know that their activity is being tracked and it won't be detected in Windows Task Manager, Windows Explore or the registry. This software has an automatic screenshot features that captures screenshot of the running app when it is being typed out.

7. Elite Keylogger

elite keylogger for computer

Elite Keylogger is a wonderful keystroke tracker that is compatible with both the operating system- Windows and Mac. This software is like a hidden camera as it is invisible and helps you to monitor your computer even though you are not around. Elite Keylogger keeps an eye on your kids and even you employee. Some of the features are: Monitor Keystrokes, collect passwords, records chats & emails, websites visited, multiple log delivery options, remote installation, application monitoring, clipboard monitoring etc. This software cannot be detected by antivirus when scanned but you cannot find file-activity logging which is one drawback of this software.

8. Spyera

spyera keyboard logger

Spyera is one of best and most popular keystroke recorder software that has the ability to do almost all the stuff which a parents require to monitor their kids or a boss require to track their employee activities. This software can easily track all keystrokes and see all keylogs, secretly records screenshots, tracks visited websites even in private mode, capture chats of social networking sites. Some other features are: monitor USB activity and user logins, monitors file transfers and many more. You can even export logs from web portal and get smart reporting system. Free remote updates is available in this software.

KidsGuard Pro - Most Convenient Keyboard Recorder for Android

If you are a parents and worried about your kids spending more time with their Android phone. Your worried is now over. All thanks to KidsGuard Pro, an amazing tool which lets you to have a total control over your kids Android devices. This tool is compatible with all the Android version including Android 9.0 Pie. This tool offers you lot more features than you can expect. Some of the main features are discussed below.

Try It NowView Demo

  • KidsGuard Pro keylogger feature helps to keep an eye on kid's social media activities, including all the received messages.

  • It lets you view all the browser history which will help you to know what your kids are doing on internet.

  • You can take a real-time screenshot of the activities done by your kids on their phone.

  • It also offers advanced GPS tracking, which helps you to know the exact location of your kids.

  • This app operates on stealth mode making your monitoring work easy.

kidsguard pro keyboard logger

In this article we have mentioned top 8 keyboard recorder for Windows. You can choose anyone as per your preference as all the software has its own unique features. We have also shown parental control software, KidsGuard Pro which works like a charm in Android devices. You get full access to your kids devices and can monitor their activity. Just give it a try and hopefully you will love it.

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By Cody Walsh

Posted on Apr 16, 2019 ( Updated: Apr 16, 2019 )

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