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[2021] Google Hangouts Review: Is Google Hangouts Safe?

Are you one of the users of Google Hangouts? However, did you know whether it is safe or not? Continue reading this article to find out the truth!

user By Megan Evans|Oct 26, 2021

How to Remove Hover Zoom Spyware? - 2 Best Ways

Hover Zoom spyware is a major concern as it can steal browser data and drop spyware on your device. Learn how to remove zoom spyware.

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Privacy Risks: Is Bitmoji Safe to Use?

Are you a user of Bitmoji? However, how safe is Bitmoji for you and your phone? Read this article to get the answer and the way of protecting your privacy.

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[2021] Is Donating Through Facebook Safe?

Have you ever donated through Facebook? However is it really safe? Read this guide to find out the truth as well as how to secure your Facebook donations.

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[2021] Romance Scams: Everything You Need to Know

Looking to you date online through social media and dating sites? Beware of romance scams and learn how you can protect yourself in this article!

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[Safe] How To Secure WhatsApp From Being Monitored?

WhatsApp claims to be totally encrypted, but that doesn't mean it can't be tracked. Let's check methods by which your WhatsApp can be tracked and how to avoid.

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Is Telegram Secure? Everything You Need to Know in 2021

Wondering if Telegram app is safe to use? Find out the answer and learn the ways to secure your Telegram account in this article.

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LinkedIn Concerns: How to Stay Safe on LinkedIn 2021?

Worried if LinkedIn is safe to use and share your personal data? Learn how to protect your LinkedIn privacy in simple steps.

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[2021] Is Facebook Dating Safe? Everything You Need to Know Before Using It

Worried if Facebook Dating is safe to use in terms of privacy? Read this article to understand the risks and learn the ways to use Facebook Dating safely.

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[Truth Reveal] Is Microsoft Edge New Spyware?

Do you use the Microsoft Edge browser? However, have you ever thought that it might be new spyware? Well, let's read this article to find out the truth!

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