How To Clean Your Phone From Virus?

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Cody Walsh

Updated: Jul 19, 2021 04:09 pm

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Smartphones are much more available than in the last 5 years. As phone users are increasing, different problems are arising along with. Android phones and tablets are now the targets of cybercriminals. Infecting the phones through viruses, they fraud with the users and very often steal data for cybercrime. This article will sequentially address the virus attacks on phones, their symptoms, and ways to clean android phone virus. Apart from technical viruses, there are a lot of other types of phone viruses. Unauthorized or malicious software or apps as a virus. Today,we are discuss and alert you of phone virus and showing you how to clean your phone from virus and more definitive tricks to safe from phone virus.

 how to clean virus from phone

1. Can Android Phone Get Virus?

Technically, No. But,android devices are quite vulnerable to some other types of malware which can cause even more chaos on your phone. Technologically, android devices are the opposite of the ios operating system. It relies on an open source code which means that the owners of the android devices can temper with their phones’and tablets' operating system. Excess tempering might create a weakness in their devices’security. And this weakness can lead the particular android phone virus attacks. Users always worry about how to check phone for malware because Android devices are more often targeted by cybercriminals.

2. Can iPhone Get Virus?

In some circles, Apple’s iOS operating system is considered the most trustable and safe phone operating system. Apple operating systems use their own system; they don't release their system to developers.That's why it's tough for hackers to access iphones or enter any malware.But this is not the entire story. While iOS may be considered to be more secure, it’s not impossible for cybercriminals to hit iPhones or iPads through virus attacks.

3. Do I Have Virus On My Phone?

According to the experts, downloading a third-party app is the most common way for an android phone to be infected by virus. Moreover, this is not the only one way,some key characteristics will directly help you identify virus on phone issues. Android or iPhone users can also get them by downloading office documents, PDFs, by opening infected or suspicious links in websites or emails or visiting a malicious website.

 virus on phone

Sign of Virus Attack in Android Phone

These are some of the common symptoms that android may have phone virus.

  • Rapid Data Loss Of Your Phone
  • Very common and one of the first signs that phone has a virus is a rapid loss of data. Viruses often run many activities in the phone background, therefore stealing most of your personal information or making them damaged.

  • High Frequency Of Pop-ups
  • Never click any pop up or display advertising ,it's always good practise for android user.In Android operating system users get many ads /pop up ads may be attractive but users should be more cautious before click or open and pop up.

  • Phone Draining Battery Fast
  • It's not a very common issue but if your phone drains out and you think it's not as usual then be careful about spyware. Because sometimes phone virus run many programs in your phone background that drain your phone power.

  • Unknown Apps That Not Been Intsalled By You
  • When you will notice any unknown app are automatically download on your phone but you didn’t download this app, it’s likely you have a new threat on your device. Sometimes many people use unreliable phone virus cleaner apps but they don’t know this unreliable source can be more dangerous for you phone security.

  • Apps Crash Frequently
  • Apps crash on occasions but not frequently but if you start noticing that your apps are crashing over and over again, it is undoubtedly a sign that there can be new hazard on your device.

    4. How To Remove Virus From Phone?

    Removing Virus From Android Phone

    Step 1: Power Off And Reboot In Safe Mode

    Press the "Power" button to access the power Off options. Maximum Android device always come with the new and trendy option for power off or restart Safe Mode.

    Step 2: Uninstall The Suspicious App

    Find the phone app in settings, detect the suspicious app , clear the cookie or force stop or uninstall. If you think this app may be infected by spyware, when you are using your phone sometimes you feel this app is infected by malware , without thinking you should delete or uninstall that app. this not mean you should delete every apps , delete only suspicious apps or unwanted app. But sometimes spyware are undetectable, do you know how to fine hidden spy apps on your phone?

    virus removal

    Removing Virus From iPhone

    As previously stated, if you have an Apple device, it is less likely you will get a virus. But if you do, this is the method to remove them.

  • Firstly,backup your device in iTunes or iCloud.
  • Go to your phone Settings - click the "General setting" option, and choose "Reset". Then press on "Erase All Content and Settings" option.
  • After you can observe your phone become faster,operating system working a little bit smoothly.
  • Apart from all online security, the best guide line is your cautious and don’t click any pop up ad,any suspicious links and lastly don’t install any unreliable sources app its hazard your phone mostly.

    5. Other Mobile Phone Security Threats

  • Data Leakage
  • Leaking data means transferring certain information from a users' device without their knowledge and collecting it at the receiver’s side. Data leakage problem from mobile applications is a very common known problem in the industry at present. Users’ privacy is compromised through the leak. We need to be more cautious about any unreliable source data.

  • Phishing Attack
  • Phishing is a very common type of spyware attacking strategy most often used to steal user data, including login credentials and credit card numbers. These type of phone virus occurs when an attacker, deceived users as a trusted entity, dupes a victim into opening an email, instant message, or text message.

  • Mobile Fraud
  • Mobile fraud is often attempted through false advertisement.Maximum aspects mobile ad or pop up ad fraud can give you a number of different forms,attractive offers, from faked impressions,or fake news. You should be aware of these spam ads or faked installs.

  • Spyware
  • Usually spyware captures all your private information and they will blackmail you. Basically spyware design to gain access to your phone or computer, damage all important information or steal credit card information and track or sell your data to another person. More important is sometimes spyware can be additional software and it can take permission to access your phone or stored file and change the setting your device.

    6. How To Avoid Being Attacked By Spyware?

  • Disable The Auto-run Feature
  • Neither malicious spy software will damage your information, such types of software Trojan, worm, spyware, etc, get automatically installed on your system, can easily access your phone.Who doesn't like free things ? That's the weakness of using spyware software. When you see some attractive or greedy offer then we open it actually we are given permission to spyware access our phone. Always click trustable sources. Neither would be dangerous for your phone.

  • Beware Of Pop-up Ads
  • Avoid any display pop up ad,or any greedy offer.When you click any ad or offer spyware can enter your device.Nowadays email is very common and important. Everyday we get many emails but we should not use suspicious emails or spam emails.You should receive or open emails only from your trusted source.

  • Keep OS And Other Software Up-to-date
  • It's the most important factor after a particular time we should update our operating system. an outdated software completely not able to protect updated spyware. A common anti spyware can not protect you from all of the possible threats so everybody should be more careful or use any premium reputable anti spyware software.

    7.Protecting Your Phone With ClevGuard Security App

    We provide the trust-able software in here with instructions by which you can check spyware. First of all, let’s review the outstanding features of the ClevGuard anti-spyware application.

  • Real Time Protection Mode
  • ClevGuard is running in the background to protect your phone. When spyware is found, ClevGuard real time protection mode will warn you from high abnormal files, suspicious apps or any downloaded file. Always scan your phone file ,data or any unsecure app and display 100 records of suspicious files.

  • Remove Spyware On One Click
  • After scan your phone then you can see the review result click to remove it or choose the ignore options. Click to detect any spyware and delete any unsecure app by one click.

  • App Audit With ClevGurad Security App
  • It helps for scanning any installed applications with other download files, display any threat when the app accesses permission according to the risk grade. Providing 24 hours check notifies you if any threat is detected. It will help you to check suspicious hazard app.You can quickly scan and detect if your phone has been hacked.

    8. How To Use ClevGuard Security App?

  • Download ClevGuard by click "Get it on Google Play" then install in your phone,give the permission to access your phone file or data so that ClevGuard can scan your phone for any suspicious software and can warn you.
  •  download clevguard

  • Check your phone files by click "scan" button, it can detect any hazard and can show it your phone display also gives some instructions.
  •  clevguard scanner

  • After scanning you can see some suspicious file or apps. ClevGuard will recommend you removal all detectable file also it will show how much time its needed for remove every jeopardy things.
  •  scan results


    Many smartphone users feel comfortable using android because of availability and more open operating system. That’s why you need to be more careful using android it also need to be careful with ios. Still If you are not careful, automatically delete your important data, capture your credit card information, personal data photo and your locations so that they can kidnap you virtually. We should ensure our personal data security , we need to know how to check phone viruses and what protection we should have needed in the globalizations. ClevGuard anti spyware software intended to protect from all suspicious virtual activity ,regularly checks your device to ensure your all file and android is safe.


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