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Best 10 Chores App for Kids

author_icon Cody Walsh time_icon Last updated Feb 26, 2019 11:21 am tips_icon App Reviews

A chores app is basically a platform which includes many tasks to be performed throughout the day. As soon as the tasks are completed your kids can be rewarded with points or money. It makes finishing up the tasks and chores a fun-filled activity for kids. Not only is it fun, it also acts as an effective means of instilling some responsibility as well as basic management knowledge into your kids' habits.

With so many options available on Google Play Store and iOS App Store, it is natural to get confused about making the right choice. The primary factor to consider before downloading any chores app for kids is that it should be interesting and fun for your kid's use.

After this, you should consider the educational features involved within the app. If your child is very young, you should look for the apps which engage in sensory play and promote the development of skills at an early age. Children would love some motivation to involve in some daily tasks and the chores apps available online can go a long way in helping you achieve this. Here is a list of the 10 best chores app that you can go for

1. OurHome App

This is one of the best chores app this year which makes managing your home easier. Kids are generally motivated by rewards and this app offers exactly that. Whenever your kids efficiently finish up tasks like their homework or household work, it rewards them. This basically instills a sense of responsibility in your child which goes a long way in helping them in future.

ourhome app


  • Provides incentives

  • Set goals and let kids know what they're working towards

  • Stay in sync with the apps calendar

  • Sync with unlimited devices

  • Simplifies shopping by allowing you to create an easy shopping list

  • Very handy

  • Simple user interface

  • Easy to use and you can set reminders and also send messages.

  • Colorful and vibrant backgrounds

Compatibility: iOS and Android

2. Chore Check App

Chore check offers an ideal platform to encourage your kids to do more and involve themselves more in the household activities. Through this app your kids can finish up chores and earn incentives along the way. This app is great to teach your kids the value of sharing responsibilities in a family.

chore check app


  • The whole family can be included

  • Chores can be created and scheduled for each kids

  • Effective platform to earn and learn

Compatibility: iOS phones and tablets

3. ChoreMonster App

Several satisfied users find this household chores app to be very effective as it makes the task of finishing up chores fun and interesting for the kids. As and when your child finishes up the assigned chore or task, they get rewarded. This is what makes the kids get hooked on to contributing their bit in the house.

choremonster app


  • Easy to use

  • Earn points on finishing up a task

  • The rewards are not in the form of money but in the form of exciting activities like ice cream, an hour of playing video games etc.

  • Parents get the full control on managing the tasks and the rewards.

Compatibility: iOS

4. Chore Pad HD App

This housework app gives one of the best chore chart experiences to you and your kids. The developers of this app have taken many suggestions from teachers as well as parents to devise an effective application to help you in making your kids complete their chores. This app makes finishing up of the chores fun and engaging for your kids.

chore pad hd


  • Has a Parent Mode which keeps the essential management features hidden to the kids.

  • Weekly chore charts

  • Payout rewards

  • Different themes for the chore chart

  • Trophies for achieving the completion of tasks

  • Star modifier when the chore is completed well in advance

  • Reorder chores

Compatibility: iOS

5. S'moresUp App

You no more need to write down the tasks for your kids and put it up on the fridge. All you need is this excellent application which can effectively help you in making your kids take up the responsibility of finishing up some of the chores in the household. This family chore app is very easy to use and makes the household chores management very simple.

smores app


  • Set up chores and tasks

  • Set the allowance

  • Reminders

  • Rewards on finishing up chores

  • Set goals and awards

  • Calendar featuring all the assigned tasks

  • Playdate planner

  • Family networking

  • Parent community

Compatibility: iOS and Android

6. HomeRoutines App

This is an application which helps you in setting up a routine for your child. You can create a list of jobs for them which have to be done on a daily basis so that it ultimately becomes a routine. This application would remind your kid at the time when the chore or task has to be done and then gives a star on completing the task.

home routine app


  • Golden star on completion of task which get reset the next day

  • Reminder bar

  • Daily messages

  • Built-in timer

  • Focus zones

  • To do lists

  • Accomplishments

Compatibility: iOS

7. Bear In Mind App

This app makes the empowerment of your kids possible. This is a fun application which makes your child aware about the things to do on a daily and weekly basis. Once the task is completed they can simply swipe the task and the next task will appear on the screen. This application constantly reminds your kids to finish their day to day work on time which ultimately leads to your kids becoming more responsible towards their house.

bear in mind app


  • Morning alarm

  • Simple overview

  • Easy to set up

  • Posts positive messages

  • Weekly alarm

  • Daily Reminders

  • 28 defined tasks to choose from

  • Interesting images depicting the task

Compatibility: iOS

8. Mothershp App

Kids tend to procrastinate work as they are at an age where they are not much aware about the importance of time and responsibility. If you as a parent start encouraging them to take up responsibility and finish up tasks and chores on time, they ultimately would gain a lot in the long run. But the kids hardly register whatever is said to them verbally. Instead, with the help of this application, making your kids take up responsibility to finish some household chores becomes a possibility.



  • Easy to use

  • Eye pleasing graphics

  • Get notified once the chore is completed

  • Kids can choose their own rewards

  • Award kids with points on task completion

Compatibility: iOS and Android

9. Homey App

Through Homey App, your kids can learn about the importance of money. This app features a set of functions through which you can set up the daily chores for your kid. Upon completing these tasks and chores, your kid can get rewarded with money. By working towards a goal and finishing it, it gives a sense of accomplishment to your kid which drives them to finish more tasks and involve themselves more in taking up the responsibility at home.

homey app


  • Effective way to show kids how money is earned in real life

  • Incentive rewards

  • Easy to use

  • You can customize the settings

  • The main functions are kept hidden from your kids

  • Weekly allowance for kids

  • Interactive user interface

Compatibility: iOS and Android

10. Allowance & Chores Bot

With this chores app for teenagers you can set up tasks, chores and goals for your kids and once they reach their goals, you can reward them with real money or by virtual rewards like simoleons, stars and smileys. The kids can check their total money in the app which they earned. This acts a motivation for the kids to learn more about the importance of money. It gives a virtual idea about how the real world functions.

allowance and chore bot app


  • Very easy to use

  • Automatic sync of data with devices

  • Multiple chores and allowances can be managed

  • You can set up daily, monthly or weekly allowances

  • Keep a track of how your child is spending their allowance

  • Regular reminders

Compatibility: iOS and Android

Best Parental Control Apps for Kids - KidsGuard Pro

With your kids accessing the chores app constantly on their phones, it is inevitable that they might spend too much time on their phones. The virtual world is filled with many exciting and interesting apps. Your kids might even get distracted by the other applications in their phones which can ultimately delay their chore completion. This would deter them from finishing up their jobs and that would ultimately make the chores app useless. For this, you will need effective parental controls and you will definitely need a parental control application.

In case, you are wondering which one to go for, KidsGuard Pro is an efficient parental control application which works very well in supporting optimum usage of cell phones and apps. It has an extensive list of features which help in efficiently controlling the activity of your child on their cell phone to ensure that they are spending their time in the right direction. It can help you to check app activities, text messages, social media apps, and browser history etc. You can take real-time screenshots as well.

Try It NowView Demo

kidsguard pro app


  • Easy to use

  • View the contacts saved on your kids phone

  • Track the incoming and outgoing messages and calls on the target phone

  • View the photos and videos shared on the target phone

  • View different app activities

  • Access the calendar and notes

  • Take an instant screenshot on the target phone remotely

  • Check and monitor the applications such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, QQ, LINE and Kik

  • Track the real time location of your kid through the GPS feature

You can easily install this on your kid's phone and keep an eye on their activity on their cell phones. We would recommend you to try this product for three days for absolutely no cost after which you can decide to purchase the full version of this application based on your experience.


By Cody Walsh

Posted on Feb 25, 2019 ( Updated: Feb 26, 2019 )

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