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How to Secretly See Private Accounts on Instagram [Newest 2024]

A private Instagram viewer can help you see photos of a private account and other content. This post introduces 5 best choices in 2024 to access someone's private Instagram story and account.

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Megan Evans Megan Evans

Feb 20, 2024 02:28 pm

The use of a private Instagram account viewer is surrounded by controversies. While some argue that it intrudes on people's privacy, others see it as an effective tool for safeguarding the online well-being of cared ones, especially among children.

In this post, we'll introduce various private Instagram profile viewers designed to address parental concerns. These include parental control apps and dedicated private Instagram web viewers.

What Is a Private Instagram Account & Profile?

First thing first, a private Instagram account means the user has set their posts to be seen only by approved followers. To view posts on a private account, you must send a follow request and wait for the account owner to approve it. This way, only accepted followers can see the user's updates.

Can I See Someone’s Private Account on Instagram?

The answer is a resounding yes. Minors, who may struggle to distinguish right from wrong, are susceptible to online threats and predators. As guardians, monitoring kids' private profiles on Instagram becomes essential. This necessitates the use of an Instagram viewer without requiring an account.

That's precisely why we've compiled a list of the top 5 private Instagram account viewers in this roundup article. However, it's crucial to emphasize that these tools should only be used legally and with prior approval. Alright, no more delays. Let's get down to business.

5 Best Private Instagram Viewers in 2024

You may ask: is there a website to see private Instagram accounts? No more worries, this section introduces both websites and apps to help you watch private profiles on Instagram. Just check them out.

MoniVisor: Windows-based Instagram private profile viewer

MoniVisor, a sophisticated parental control software program for laptops, is tailored to monitor children's online activities, encompassing platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Skype, and Facebook.

Whether it's comprehensive software usage or private account details, this Windows-based tool caters to your essential needs, capturing everything from contact names to exchanged photos on Instagram. Sounds fantastic, doesn't it?

To assist you in maximizing the benefits of this parental control software, we'll outline some key highlights:

  • Stealth mode: The software runs in incognito mode when installed successfully on the target computer. No fear of being found and deleted by your kids;

  • Browsing history tracking: Easily record every visited website URLs, titles, last used, and time usage. Stay vigilant for any online inappropriate content;

  • Software usage: Track which programs are being used, how frequently, and for how long. Therefore, offer details information about the usage patterns on the monitored computer;

  • Live chat monitoring: Monitor live chat conversations on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Skype, and Facebook to stay informed about kids’ online interactions;

  • Remote control: The remote access to the target PC makes it easy for parents to monitor kid’s online activities, particularly with features like screen capture and live screen.

Here’s how to see private accounts on Instagram

Step 1: Register for an account and invest in a well-suited plan to gain full access to the functionality;

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Step 2: Install the private Instagram viewer on the monitored Windows PC by following the setup guide;

download monivisor on target computer

Step 3: Navigate to the “User Center” and tap on the “Start Monitoring”. Then you will be redirected to the online dashboard. Click “Web Chats” > “Instagram” to see all the private Instagram direct messages, including online chats and photos.

How to view private instagram profile in monivisor


MoniVisor is a reliable parental control tool for PC. Its monitoring capabilities, such as seeing private Instagram accounts, is safe to use. An intuitive control panel with the easy installation process is one of the factors that MoniVisor is recognized in computer monitoring.

However, this software only works on Windows OS. If this is what you need, then MoniVisor is a good private Instagram account checker.

KidsGuard Pro: Holistic Instagram viewer app

If you're in search of an app to view private Instagram account photos, KidsGuard Pro is worth a try. This parenting app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. What sets it apart is the provided stealth mode, allowing you to read chat messages and view pictures on a private Instagram account without being noticed. Here's how this app can benefit you:

How to view private instagram profile in kidsguard pro

  • Social apps monitoring: Able to monitor real-time activities on WhatsApp, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Tinder, and Telegram;

  • System app tracking: Keep an eye for the call history logs, sent and received SMS messages, photo albums, and screen time;

  • Phone locator: Track the geo-location of the monitored phone to ensure the safety and well-being of the child by providing detailed location information.


No matter it’s Instagram, Viber, WhatsApp, or Snapchat, KidsGuard Pro’s robust monitoring capabilities won’t let you down. If you need to track how your children interact with their cellphones, don’t pass up this excellent choices to guarantee kids’ online safety.

Picuki: Private Instagram web viewer

Distinguished from the above-mentioned two tools, Picuki is a website that offers Instagram users the ability to view profiles, stories, and posts, even if they are set to private. It serves as a private Instagram web viewer, allowing users to access content without being directly connected or approved by the account owner.

Picuki instagram private profile viewer

  • Profile viewing: Users could view public and private Instagram profiles without logging in;

  • Post and story viewing: Picuki allowed users to see Instagram posts and stories without using the Instagram app;

  • Download content: Users could download images and videos from Instagram posts.


No matter it’s Instagram, Viber, WhatsApp, or Snapchat, KidsGuard Pro’s robust monitoring capabilities won’t let you down. If you need to track how your children interact with their cellphones, don’t pass up this excellent choices to guarantee kids’ online safety.

xMobi: Free Instagram private account watcher

Looking for a free Instagram hacker to access one’s accounts secretly? xMobi’s InstaHack is a great choice. Why? Easy to answer. No extra cost and accessibility are reasons why it goes viral on the internet. Enter the Instagram account on its search bar and hit the “Hack” button to read all the private published posts.

How to use xmobi to view private instagram accounts

  • No personal information needed: You just need to type in the username of the private Instagram account. Registration is not a must-take step on its website;

  • Safe connection: This website adopts an SSL encryption method to make sure every move on this web page is secure, without leaving any trace.


xMobi’s ability to track direct messages helps user to better understand how the target person interacts with the followers. Alongside, the real-time location based on Instagra posts secures its place when it comes to viewing a private Instagram account.

Whether you're interested in viewing private Instagram content or delving into someone's Instagram activities, xMobi has you covered.

Inflact: Private instagram story viewer

If your need is to check one’s Instagram Story anonymously or save multimedia content from private Instagram accounts, then don’t miss out on this amazing app: Inflact. This tool boasts its Instagram growth and management capabilities Furthermore, once you are blocked by the private Instagram account, Inflact can still help view the profile and look into the chats.

How to see private accounts on instagram

  • Instagram viewer: Capable of seeing what a private Instagram account has posted, including profiles and stories;

  • Instagram profile analysis: It offers Instagram’s engagement metrics and popular posts to grow an Instagram accounts.


Inflact requires no extra sign-up process, which simplify everything you do with viewing someone’s Instagram profiles. However, there’s no free demo or version provided for new users. And the prices of subscription plans are higher than other options.


We offer five distinct methods to view private accounts on Instagram, catering to various needs, be it photos or direct messages. If you're seeking a reliable private Instagram profile viewer for your Windows computer, MoniVisor is a secure and effective choice. For Android or iOS users, KidsGuard Pro stands out as a trustworthy option.

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