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Best 5 Pokemon Go Hack in 2024 [For Android/iOS]

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Megan Evans

Updated: Mar 24, 2023 10:22 am

4 min read

Pokémon Go is one of the most admired location-based games among people, which entails trainers walking on the roads to grasp and hatch Pokémon. Though, players may not have sufficient energy or time to spend the entire day walking around. So to enhance the gameplay of Pokémon Go, the best approach is to use some Pokémon Go hacking. Keep this noted location spoofing does make your account banned. This article will help you select the safest Pokémon Go spoofer, iOS, and Android. Read the guide below for detailed insight into Pokemon Go hacks in 2022.

The Best Pokemon Go Hacks

With reliable Pokemon Go spoofing applications, users can easily experience different gameplay in Pokémon Go without difficulty. But, keep this noted that all such apps have varied requirements. Some of them work only on a rooted phone. While selecting the app, make sure you pick the one which is simple and easy to use. In this section, you will learn about the best Pokemon Go Hacks. Check the guide below.

The Best Pokemon Go Hacks

1. ClevGo: Spoof Location on Pokemon Safely [GPS & Joystick Hack]

The player can easily spoof their location on Pokemon safely with the help of a joystick. With the right set of tools and techniques, players can easily track a new location with the help of a simple push.

To perform this job, make use of the ClevGo Location Changer app. The best thing about this app is that it supports simulating the GPS movement and customising the route and speed. Beginners can also use this application without any difficulty. This amazing tool is fully compatible with all Android and iOS devices.

How to hack location on Pokemon Go?

Step 1: Get ClevGo App

The first step is to navigate to the official website of ClevGo and run the app by clicking on "Get Started."

connect device to pc with clevgo

Step 2: Attach your Phone to PC

The next step is to use a USB cord to attach your smartphone to your PC. After this, unlock your phone, and choose "Trust."

trust your iphone to connect with clevgo

Step 3: Change the Location

After this, enter the app and select the "Joystick Mode", “Two-Spot Mode” or “Three-Spot Mode” options, just depends on your preference. Select the spot to stir on the screen. After this, change the location to anywhere you want to play Pokemon Go.

change location with multi spot mode

Now, you can join Pokemon Go without moving.

2. Pokemon Go Map: Track Pokemon Online

The Map View in the Pokemon Go Map is the game's main screen, allowing users to access most of the game elements easily. The map which appears on the screen represents the trainer's surroundings in the actual world. It also shows different game elements to users, such as PokéStops, Pokémon, and Gyms.

The Pokemon Go Map tracks what other players/members have logged in precise locations. This approach is quite faster than roaming pointlessly on the streets. It includes PoGo Maps, The Silph Rod, Poke Map, Community Day Map, and more.

  • Trick 1: Enter your favorite Pokemon name to find where it is, then add it to Gym or Pokespot.

Track Pokemon Online

  • Trick 2: Enter your current location to check what pokemon near you.

Track Pokemon Online

3.Skip the Catch Animation in Pokemon Go

The latest Pokémon Go update contains a new bug that lets users completely omit the Pokémon catch screen and the Pokeball shaking animation. This Pokemon Go hack will result in improving your gameplay to a great extent. It reduces the time that is required to catch the Pokémon dramatically.

Steps to skip the animation when catching Pokemon

  • 1. The first step is to pull the Pokéball switcher icon. For this, swipe it from right to left. Avoid lifting your finger.
  • 2. After this, use your hand to throw the Pokéball at the Pokémon successfully. Avoid lifting your left finger while performing this step.
  • 3. Once the Pokeball hits the Pokemon, lift your left finger to open the switch Pokéball drawer. After this, release it and press the "Escape" button.
  • 4. If you are out of the encounter, snap on the Pokémon again.

Skip the Catch Animation in Pokemon Go

4. Bypass the Driving Lockouts in Pokemon Go

Because of the game's restrictions related to the speed limit, the players are not capable of collecting the items from PokeStops. However, there is a simple trick by which the players can easily bypass the speed limit restrictions in the game without any difficulty. For this, the players need to unbolt the journal as soon as they are near PokeStop and close it immediately. All this will cause the game to load, providing players with a small pane of opportunity to twirl the PokeStop wheel and gather the items.

The full guide to bypass Driving Lockouts

1. The first step is to launch the game and navigate toward the Eggs screen.

2. After this, tap on the Home button and then move back to the main screen.

3. Make sure the screen is kept on. Avoid using any other app while performing the job.

4. The next step is to get into your car and drive it for around ten minutes.

5. Now launch the game again. Now you will see that you have achieved all the distances.

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However, in the case of an Apple watch, there is a different trick to performing this job. In such a case, follow the below-listed steps are you are done.

First of all, start your Pokemon Go workout using the Apple Watch and use a slow mode of transportation such as a ferry, scooter, and a bus.

By doing this, you will gain distance. If things go well, then you will be able to interact with Pokestops and catch Pokemons.

bypass Driving Lockouts in Pokemon Go

5. Level up Pokemon Go Hack

In this section, you will learn how to level up fast in Pokémon Go. Levelling up in any game helps provide access to some advanced features. Here in this article, you will get a complete guide about how to level up in a game more quickly. Read the steps below.

The player can level up the Pokémon game by catching Pokémon. The best approach is to catch every possible Pokémon by utilizing all the possible practices. Well, by unlocking Great Friend status, the Player can get 3,000EXP. For this, one needs around fifty empty spots on their friend list. After this, navigate to and add new friends. Wait until your new friends can give you at least 30 gifts. After this, crack the lucky egg and open the gifts. Once you do it, you will gain 30 x 6,000EXP. After this, send the gifts to those who didn't send you before so that you can increase more speed. The player can keep adding or removing friends from the list as per their choice.

Level up Pokemon Go Hack

Frequently Ask About Pokemon Go Hacking

1. Can you still cheat in Pokemon Go?

Yes, there are different approaches to performing this job. However, the riskiest approach to cheating in Pokemon Go is through bots. This process involves a third-party app by using which Player can perform this job.

2. What happens if Pokemon Go catches you cheating?

This will make your account banned permanently.

2. Are Pokemon go hacks Bannable?

They are still many options can be choose in the market as related demand grows.

3. How do you enter Pokemon cheats?

To enter Pokemon cheats:

1. Select Cheats and then pick the Cheat list option from the VBA menu.

Pick the Gameshark option and then enter the code of your choice.

select OK twice, and you are done.

4. What is the best Pokemon hack?

There are different Pokemon Go hacks, but the best one is through ClevGo.

5. How do you get unlimited Stardust in Pokemon Go?

Player can get unlimited stardust by catching Pokémon in the wild. Another approach is to purchase them from the in-game store.


Most people wonder what the best Pokemon Go Hack in 2022 and how to hack Pokemon Go. Well, the five practical methods are discussed in this article. All these approaches help provide the desired outcome. If you wanna spoofing Pokemon Go Location, you can use ClevGo. Note that the higher your level in the game, the more features will open up to you.

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