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[Top 6 Ways] How to Locate A Phone Number

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Cody Walsh

Updated: Jun 28, 2023 04:52 pm

3 min read

Do you know that you can locate a phone number for free? Yes, it is possible and it is pretty much easy to locate a mobile number and see other information related to it. Basically locating a cell phone number means to identify the location or the origin of the number from where it has been issued. There are plenty of methods to know the location of a phone number in which some are really easy and you will get to know instantly while other methods might take sometimes to figure it out. The reason to know the location of a phone number is to track that person which can even be done using some awesome app. In today's article, we will be covering how to locate a phone number for free.

Part 1: KidsGuard Pro - Best Way to Track Cell Phone Location

Do you know that you can always get something better if you are ready to handle it and when it comes to track the cell phone location, you will never find any best option rather than KidsGuard Pro. This app is such a wonderful that you can easily locate the cell phone location and even get more information about that particular location or number. Apart from this you get lots and lots of interesting and amazing features which will really help you in day to day life to monitor your kids and their activities. Few of the features of listed below. Have a look.

Monitor NowView Demo

  • It has got intuitive interface which makes it easy to use.

  • You can get the real-time location using GPS tracking feature.

  • Track location of the device by analyzing the Wi-Fi logger location, if the phone is on Wi-Fi.

  • View all the location history easily.

  • It works in stealth mode without the person knowing anything about it.

  • You can also track call log, contacts, photos, SMS, notes etc.

kidsguard pro location tracking

Part 2: Top 6 Ways to Locate A Cell Phone Number Free Online

If you are looking for an online help which can solve the issue of locating a cell phone number then you will find plenty of them. There are many online services that allow readers to enter a phone number and then show the location info. Some of which are listed below.

1. Truecaller

track phone number location online for free

Truecaller is one of the best app available in the market on how to locate mobile number instantly. All you need to do is, enter the phone number in the search bar and you will be able to see the location of the phone number. It also offers more features which can help the users to make their day to day life easy and convenient. You can block the number, save the number, report the number and many more. It also gives you the authority to mark the number as spam which can help other people to recognize it. Truecaller also shows the name and photos of the caller with some other info if they have provided it.

2. Phone Tracker

phone tracker app locate number

Phone Tracker is an online site that helps the user to locate mobile number current location. The website has really simple interface and a search section bar, where you can enter the number to see the location and other info related to it. All you need to do is enter the country code first and follow it by the phone number to track it. It system can only locate mobile phone based on GSM technology and relies on the principle of triangular repetition. The good part about the site is, it doesn't store any phone number in the database.


gpscellphonelocator app track phone number is another online site that makes the work on how to locate a cell phone number much more easier. The site is quite easy to operate and it has decent interface. You will be able to see the phone number search bar on the middle of the screen. Some of the important instruction you need to remember are: enter the valid phone number that must not contain any positive or negative sign on it, mobile number must have country code without any sign. You will be able to track the location in real time and even it offers many other features.

4. Trace Any Number Phone Tracker

trace phone number online site

Trace Any Number Phone Tracker is one of the simplest online site that helps the users to locate mobile number current location. The site is really simple and it must be pretty much easy for all the users to use it in one shot. You can see the first section where you need to select country, in second section you need to choose the carrier (phone operator) and the last section is to enter the phone number which will show you the result that will include the location, name, address and many more.

5. Trace Phone Number

phone number tracer site

Trace Phone Number is an online website that works to locate the phone number for free. You can see phone number tracer bar on the top of the screen where you need to enter the number. It will even show whether it is mobile number or the landline number. The site promises to give 100 % accurate information for the real phone number. The phone number that you provide can have STD number with/without 0, spaces, (-) hyphens and many more. It can easily show the location, network, operator, date of availability etc.

6. Buddy-Locator

buddy locator phone number tracker app

Buddy-Locator is also one of the website that can get cell phone location by phone number. It is quite easy to operate the site. You will see a box right side of the screen where you can find an option to enter the phone number and choose the country. Once you complete doing the process, just click on locate cell phone and soon you will be able to see the location as well as other info of that particular number. This site can only locate the mobile phone that works on GSM technology but it doesn't store any phone number in its database.

So, these are the methods that can help you know how to locate a cell number for free. But, if you want to have more flexibility and want to have total control over the particular phone then it is recommend getting KidsGuard Pro app. This app works smoothly giving you all view of the smartphone and you can take total control over the target device from locating the current address to viewing the contact numbers of the phone. It doesn't stop there as it offers wide range of features.

Comment below for any further query.

kidsguard pro

An Array of Amazing Features

  • Check all incoming and outgoing calls & SMS

  • Track the real time location and view location history

  • Monitor app activities and know which app is frequently used.

  • Remotely access the files on kid's phone, like contacts, notes, photos, keylogger, etc.


By Cody Walsh

An experienced technology blogger and editor who has spent more than a decade writing about software, gadgets, and computing etc all over the Internet.

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