How to Spy on iPhone without Apple ID and Password Free in 2022

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Megan Evans

Updated: Oct 19, 2022 07:47 pm

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Recently, we've had a lot of people contacting us, wondering how to spy on iPhone without Apple ID and password. Despite it being a fact that Apple takes the security of their devices very seriously and patches any vulnerabilities as soon as possible, we want to get to the bottom of a few things, as well as give out a truly effective solution that will help spy on iPhone without iCloud password or access to phone. So keep reading.

Is it Possible to Spy on iPhone without Apple ID and Password

It might surprise you, but yes, it is possible to spy on iPhone without Apple ID and password or phone. Thanks to technological advancements, two methods exist to realize this.

Way 1. Resort to a professional hacker:

You can easily gain access to hacking websites online, but the expenses required to hack an iPhone remotely are incredibly specialized and high, often costing you thousands of dollars. That means you'd better have a very high-value target to make it worth a hacker spending that much money. Well, most of us don't.

Way 2. Using effective spying apps:

Those programs can keep track of each activity on the target iPhone after being set up. After reviewing most of spying apps on the market, KidsGuard Pro for iOS iPhone hacker is a utility app for iOS that has been adapted to iPhone spy without having iCloud ID and password or jailbreak it.

spy on iphone without apple id and password

There are dozens of spying apps online, but KidsGuard Pro for iOS stands out for much lower prices and effective functionalities. They have seriously established themselves as the leader and none of the competitors seemed to have a sterling reputation than it. As the saying that one thousand readers, there are one thousand Hamlet. People prefer it for multiple reasons, let's see why it is desirable to do so.

100% Work on Spying on iPhone without Apple ID and Password

If you want to know the secret of how to spy on an iPhone with Apple ID, you'll benefit from KidsGuard Pro for iOS monitoring for all aspects. We have seen this app going places for its impressive functions and taking the market quickly. Here're some highlights of this app that you can't miss!

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Spy on iPhone without Apple ID and password free.

Simply look at other spying apps for iPhone, most of them adopt the method of iCloud syncing, which means you need to access Apple ID and password, otherwise jailbreak the device. Unlike its competitors, KidsGuard Pro is the first one to provide you complete control over the target device without iCloud credentials or jailbreaking.

Completely hidden.

This program is virtually undetectable, even a very tech-savvy smartphone owner may not be able to find it. Besides, it is in fact thoughtful to provide a flexible installation mode that you can choose to hide the app icon or not.

Only $0.3 a day to get the maximum number of features for iPhone spying.

KidsGuard Pro for iOS only has one plan so anyone can access all premium iOS features for less than a cup of coffee. In a rush? See the pricing details here and get the package that fits your need best. Or you can try its demo first for free.

kidsguard pro's social monitoring feature for parents

How to Spy on iPhone without Apple ID and Password via KidsGuard Pro

Considering the unsophisticated nature of the spy app, KidsGuard Pro for iOS is ideal for use by all users, whether or not they are tech-savvy. Below are some steps which are going to direct you how to begin spying on iPhone with 5 minutes.

Step 1: Click the button below to register with a valid email and choose a license for iOS plan.

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register kidsguard pro account

Step 2: Download KidsGuard Pro for iOS on your computer. After that, click the downloaded file to install. Then it will automatically scan and display the existing backups of target device. If the iPhone you want to spy on is not on the list, you can connect it with the computer to generate new backup data.

Besides, if you choose to show the app icon on the target computer, you do not need to worry about being logged in by others. Because a password is needed each time when launching the KidsGuard Pro for iOS.

download kidsguard pro ios


You can choose to hide the app icon on the computer depending on whether you want to do it sneakily.

Step 3: Choose the backup you want to monitor, it will scan the data right away and you can spy on all the files on target device.

download kidsguard pro ios

What Can KidsGuard Pro for iOS Do on Spying iPhone

Many features are offered by KidsGuard Pro for iOS to make it the best solution to spy on iPhone without iCloud and password.

  • KidsGuard Pro for iOS grants its users the ability to monitor SMS messages and iMessages on their target iPhones.
  • You can keep track of social media apps as well, like WhatsApp, LINE, Kik, WeChat, etc. View the attachments of photos, videos, voices.
  • You can check search history on iPhone, as well as bookmarks saved on safari.
  • You can check the entire call history, caller numbers & names, call duration, call timestamps and whether it was incoming, outgoing or missed.
  • You can see media files stored on target iPhone like photos, videos, voice memos, notes, and more.
  • You can select the data you want and save them on your own device.

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FAQs about Spying on iPhone without Apple ID

Q1. Is KidsGuard Pro for iOS compatible with my target (iPhone 13/12/11/XR/8/7/6S...)?

A: Don't worry. KidsGuard Pro for iOS is fully compatible with all iPhone models running iOS 9.0 - iOS 16.

Q2. Do I need to install the app on target iPhone?

A: No, there is no app installed on the target iPhone. All you need is to download KidsGuard Pro for iOS on the target computer and you can view the data on it

Q3. Do I need to access target iPhone to check data?

A: It depends. If the target computer contains the backup of target iPhone, you don't need to access it. If not, you have to access target iPhone to generate backup data for once. Afterward, this program will automatically scan new data each time when target iPhone is plugged into the computer.

Final Words

We looked at the best way to spy on iPhone without Apple ID and password-free, KisdGuard Pro for iOS has been demonstrated to do the job with elan. Equipped with 20+ monitoring features, KisdGuard Pro for iOS is vetted as an all-rounder app that none of its competitors can beat. If you still have any concerns, it also provides a free demo. Why not have a try?

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