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Does Facebook Password Sniper Work? How to Hack into Facebook Account?

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Almost every individual all over the world uses Facebook to interact and stay connected with their friends, family and loved ones. And there may arise certain scenarios wherein you may need to hack into a Facebook account. One of the most widely used tools for these purposes is Facebook Password Sniper tool. This tool uses the Rainbow Tables technique along with a few other advanced techniques to help you in hacking into any Facebook account. Here, we will discuss in detail about how this tool works Also, we will talk about the other methods which can also be used to hack into a Facebook account.

How Does Facebook Password Sniper Function

This Facebook password finder tool mainly makes use of the Rainbow Table technique to let you hack into a Facebook account. All the Facebook data, including the password of every other user, is stored in this Rainbow Table which is similar to a dictionary. This stores the password and other data in the form of cryptographic hashes. This Facebook password sniper software performs a Rainbow Attack and retrieves all the data which is stored in the table by cracking the password hashes. All you have to do is provide the email ID or the username of the person whose account you wish to hack and the tool will take care of the rest.

Steps to use Facebook Password Sniper

Step 1: Login into a Facebook account for which you know the login details and go to the profile of the person whose account you wish to hack.

Step 2: Select the username of the person from the address bar and copy it.

facebook username

Step 3: Navigate to the official website of Facebook Password Sniper tool.

Step 4: Scroll down to the bottom of the page and paste the copied username in the space provided in front of "Facebook username".

Step 5: Click on the "Start" option and wait for a while.

Step 6: After the password is generated, you will be asked for a verification code which you can get by completing a few offers. Then the password would be then displayed for you.

facebook verification code

Does Facebook Password Sniper Really Work

Although the above method to hack Facebook password may seem fairly simple, it does not necessarily mean that it works. This is just a tool which attracts users and collects information once they enter the website. Facebook is a well-known site and if any tool would be easily able to hack into it, there would be mass media coverage regarding this concern and eventually it would be fixed as well. The Facebook security walls are strongly encrypted and there are hardly any tools which can breach it. So, instead of trying out this method which is bound to fail, you can check out some other possible ways through which you can hack a Facebook account.

How to Hack into Facebook Account without Password

The above discussed Facebook hack tool has seldom been proven to work. That does not mean that it is impossible to hack into a Facebook account. You can try out the other ways mentioned below.

1. Hack Facebook Account using Spy Apps

One of the best ways to hack Facebook account would be to use a third-party app, and he best available app which can help you out in this task is KidsGuard Pro. This app monitors all the data and activities on the target phone including Facebook moitoring. You do not need the target phone user's Facebook login details in order to do this. This way, even if the target device user switches their Facebook account, you would still be able to view their activities on Facebook.

The entire installation process of this app takes just a few minutes. It is very simple to setup and use. You do not need to have any kind of professional knowledge in order to do this. With the help of this app, you can track all the incoming as well as outgoing messages on Facebook, read all the Facebook notifications, take a screenshot on the target phone while the user is on Facebook and even view the images shared on this platform.

This is one of the most reliable Facebook monitoring apps and has been recommended by several satisfied users, so you don't have to worry about falling victim. If you find this app not working after purchase, you can make use of the 30-day money back guarantte to get refund.

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Steps to Hack into Facebook Using KidsGuard Pro

Step 1: Using a valid email ID and create an account on the official website of KidsGuard Pro.

Step 2: Then, take the target device and go to to download and install this app. Also, enable the necessary configurational setting to make this app work. All the instructions are diaplayed clearly on the app interface.

install kidsguard pro app

Step 3: Now switch to another device and login using your KidsGuard Pro account. Access its online dashboard and select "Facebook" from the options available on the left to access the activity details.

monitor facebook via online dashboard

This is how simple it is to keep a check on someone's Facebook account activity using KidsGuard Pro. The whole process won't require too much work. To be honest, this is the most cost-effective and effortless way to get the Facebook hacking job done.

2. Hack Facebook Account Using Phishing Pages

Another way in which you can hack a Facebook account is by creating a phishing page. In this method, you would have to create a phishing website which looks exactly like the Facebook login page. After this, you would have to trick the account user to login to their Facebook account on this page. Once they login, all the login details entered by them would then be accessible to you.

phishing page

Although this method is pretty effective, you would need prior knowledge in creating a website domain in order for this method to work. Also, it may be challenging to trick the user to login to their Facebook account using this web page. This method is majorly used by hackers wherein they send the link of the websites with the phishing link. But, they are experts in the technical field and a novice user may not be able to successfully carry out the process of hacking into Facebook accounts using phishing pages.

3. Hack Facebook Account Using Cookie Stealing

You can even try hacking into a Facebook account by stealing cookies. Cookies are basically data in the form of a text file which would have all the information about the data we browse. The cookie which is used by Facebook for security purposes is "DATR". This method of stealing cookies is also known as sidejacking. Through this method, you can steal the website access of the user and this breach would let you hack into the user's account by letting you virtually impersonate him/her.

However, even if you can hack into a Facebook profile using this method, you will be immediately logged out once the user logs out and you would have to repeat all the steps again to steal the cookies.


By now you would know that Facebook Password Sniper tool is not so useful and does not let you truly hack Facebook account. However, the other methods described above are fairly effective. Out of all the methods described above, it is clearly implied that KidsGuard Pro is the best choice in case you want to keep a close check on someone's Facebook account and hence it is highly recommended.

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