Top 7 Profile Trackers for Facebook Let You See Who Viewed Your Profile

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Cody Walsh

Updated: Nov 11, 2021 03:18 pm

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People these days are very conscious about their Facebook profiles, and that's why we often see questions like "how to find who viewed my Facebook profile?" "Can someone view private Facebook profile?"

But the core problem is, does Facebook really let you see who checked your profile? Well, the official answer is a big No.

Facebook has no such way to reveal who visited your Facebook profile, and there is a solid reason behind it. Facebook has to handle a large amount of data. If you consider the number of users, then Facebook is undoubtedly one of the largest social media platforms these days. So, it is believed by Facebook that this is confidential information and they cannot reveal this information to the public.

If you think this is over, then you are wrong.

In order to help you see who viewed your profile, there are some 3rd party Facebook visitor tracker apps available on the market. In this article, we are going to help you learn about these apps and recommend the best profile tracker for Facebook.

So keep reading till the end.

Part 1: Top 7 Facebook Profile Tracker Apps to See the Visitors

There are some third-party Facebook profile tracker apps that are capable of showing who viewed the Facebook profile of a particular user. We are going to introduce the best 7 for you. But If you want to view someone else's Facebook profile and all the messages, then you can jump to Part 2.

1. Profile Tracker

This is one of the excellent Facebook profile viewer tracker apps that you can easily find on the Play Store as well as from the Apple store. With this tool, you'll be able to keep track of people who follow your profile on Facebook.

This app provides a list of your followers and you will always know who is following you on Facebook. This app is worth using as a good Facebook profile tracker.


  • It gives specialized help through email.

  • Effective enough to track practically every one of the information.


  • It requires some investment.

  • It makes the target device lag a little bit.

profile tracker

2. Follow Analyzer Insight

It is the most used application to check who viewed your profile picture. It is capable of protecting mobile devices from theft. It also helps the user to track the various activities of their Facebook account.

It will quickly become one of your most favorite tools for checking who viewed your Facebook profile. It can send your feedback to the owners after using this app.


  • It is very easy to understand Facebook movement tracker application.

  • You can work it from everywhere throughout the world with no issue.


  • Absence of cutting edge observing highlights.

  • If there should be an occurrence of the iPhone, you need to escape in the event that you need to utilize this application.

follow analyzer insight

3. The Profiler

The app will show you a list of people who follow you on Instagram or Facebook. Tapping on each entry inside the list will give you the opportunity to see more details.

There is an option to view the follower profile inside your browser. You will also be able to see more details of the follower from the list provided by this app. It's a simple and useful analyzing tool for anyone.


  • It allows you to know who follows you.

  • You can see the list of people who follow your profile.


  • This application works very slowly.

the profiler

4. Social Detective

It's a great tool to view a list of the people who follow you on Facebook and Instagram. You just need to log into your account and view the list with your followers. It's a totally free app and it also allows users to view the profile of their followers by tapping on the "Show Profile" button inside this app.


  • Pursues a procedure, which is verified, quick just as simple.

  • This application is free.


  • Not equipped to obstruct any web addresses just as any telephone numbers.

social detective

5. Profile Reporter

This application is used to find the people who regularly visit your profile. It will provide you with proper social insights into your followers and give you a list of people who regularly follow you on Facebook and Instagram. It provides results with fast speed and it can track more than 1 account at a time.


  • Get social insight into your followers.

  • See the list of people who follow you on Facebook.


  • Not effective enough in meaning different dialects.

profile reporter

6. Social Tracker

With this Social Tracker, you'll know which friends liked your posts the most, which of the friends you are following but are not following you, and track all your detailed interactions with your friends on various social media including Facebook.

It provides automatic updates every day and it has a powerful widget-based interface. It updates all the user's insights and analytic every hour so it's a very useful app.


  • You can easily get the visitor details.

  • Nobody can identify it.


  • It is difficult to operate.

  • It asks for payment from users to run the app smoothly.

social tracker app

7. Who View My Profile

Who Viewed My Profile is a tool that allows you to see who has viewed your Facebook profile. The software categorizes visitors to your profile into three groups: friends, acquaintances, and strangers. It also enables you to see who has seen your WhatsApp and Instagram profiles.


  • It's easy to use.

  • It provides the Pro version too.


  • It asks to sign into Facebook again even user has signed in

  • It has lots of advertisements that might let users feel annoying.

social tracker app

Part 2: The Best App to Track and Spy Facebook

The above Facebook profile tracker apps have received mixed reviews, some think it is useful, while others regard it as totally like a scam.

But it all depends on your choice. When it comes to monitoring or tracking other people's Facebook, then this part will help you.

We will show you an app that will help you to spy on someone's Facebook text messages, app notifications, images, and more of a Facebook profile easily.

The best Facebook tracker app today is KidsGuard Pro for Android. It's a powerful cell phone monitoring tool and equipped with advanced Facebook tracking features.

It was recommended by many tech sites, and also won the trust of thousands of users. Using this app, you don't need to worry about being caught as it will always run in the background of the target device. All models and brands of Android devices can use this app without facing any problems.

What Can KidsGuard Pro for Android Do in Tracking Facebook Profile

The following are the various reasons for you to choose KidsGuard Pro for Android as your Facebook profile tracker app.

  • View all messages received and sent from different Facebook chats, even the target blocked you.

  • Monitor both the Facebook app and Facebook's messenger app without logging the account out.

  • Take screenshots from the target's Facebook continuously and upload them to the dashboard. All the screenshots will be deleted from target device automatically.

  • Show you all the app notifications related to the particular Facebook profile.

  • Check all the images uploaded and saved or downloaded from Facebook.

  • Track the Facebook usage time on a daily basis.

  • No need to root the mobile device for using this app.

Try It Now View Demo

kidsguard pro facebook tracker app

How Can You Track Facebook by Using KidsGuard Pro for Android

The steps for using KidsGuard Pro for Android to track Facebook are very easy, and the app won't need you to root your Android device for installation or daily use.

Now follow these guide steps to learn how you can do it.

Step 1: First you need to sign up for a KidsGuard Pro account and then get a licence for the app.

sign up for account


Now you can have a 30% off discount to enjoy all the premium features. Quickly to enjoy the best price for your need.

Step 2: Then you need to download and install KidsGuard Pro for Android on the target device. For this app to work, you should follow the on-screen instructions to configure it properly.

configure kids device

Step 3: After the installation is done, you can start monitoring the target device by logging in to the web dashboard of KidsGuard Pro and selecting the "Facebook" option from the left side panel. Then you can start tracking all the details.

start monitoring facebook

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Part 3: FAQ about Viewing Facebook Profile

Q1. How to See What My Facebook Profile Looks Like to the Public?

By heading to your Activity Log, you can see which profiles you've seen. You can then restrict the choices to only reveal search results once you've arrived there. If you don't want others to see these results, they can be removed.

Q2. Can I See What Profiles I Have Viewed on Facebook?

Well, for this question, you can go to your Facebook profile page and click the settings symbol in the upper right corner. To view as a guest, select "View As..." from the drop-down menu that appears.

Q3. Is It Legal to View Someones Facebook Profile?

Yes, of course. To be honest, the main function and purpose of social media are: social. Viewing someone's social media profile is not harassment


Facebook doesn't give any privilege to account holders to check who visits their profiles but that doesn't mean it's not possible to know who viewed your Facebook profile. After reading this article, you know how easily you can use Facebook profile view trackers and know the details of your followers.

Also, if you want to spy on someone's Facebook profile, then KidsGuard Pro for Android should top the list. This amazing app can help you to monitor your target's Facebook activities and access a lot of information without any problem.

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