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Pokémon GO Spoofing || How to Do that In the Safest Way?

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Megan Evans

Updated: Feb 10, 2023 03:52 pm

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Whether you are a veteran trainer or just starting out, this guide on Pokémon Go spoofing is all you need to learn about spoofing in the game app. In this article, we will talk about what we can spoof in Pokémon Go, how to choose the best Pokémon Go spoofer, and ultimately, which is the best spoofing tool for Pokémon Go.

Without any further delay, let us begin!

Part 1: What Can We Spoof in Pokémon Go?

While learning about Pokémon Go spoofing, it is important to first know what the term “spoofing” actually refers to. Spoofing means the use of third-party apps or tools that manipulates the GPS coordinates of a device and makes it appear that the user (with the device) is in a completely different location.

However, do note that, for Niantic, Pokémon Go spoofing is next to cheating. If you are detected spoofing your location in the game, the result is an instant ban.

Nevertheless, owing to the innumerable advantages of Pokémon Go spoofing, Pokémon trainers often spoof their location in order to extract the maximum benefits out of their game. This lets them access PokéStops, enter Gyms, and find Pokémons that are far away from their actual location and would have been physically impossible to travel there on foot. Consequently, they progress much faster in the game than their counterparts who do not spoof their location.

And in case you are wondering if they get banned for using Pokémon Go spoofers, then the answer is NO. Pokémon Go spoofers are intelligent enough to smartly trick the game spoofing detection system.

pokemon go spoofing

Part 2: How to Choose the Best Pokémon Go Spoofer

When choosing a Pokémon Go spoofer, you cannot just casually go out there and randomly pick any you like. Most Pokémon Go Spoofers, when used, are prone to be detected.

Therefore, it is important to choose the right spoofer that will make you securely spoof your location.

But how to choose the best Pokémon Go Spoofer? There are several factors to consider as listed and explained below:


Cost is the most important factor when considering Pokémon Go spoofers. You should always get one that works best within your budget range.


Also, knowing the features of your Pokémon Go Spoofer helps in giving you an idea of what to expect from it.


Moreover, keeping an eye on the trending brand of Pokémon Go spoofers is also important. If the majority are liking a particular brand, you should choose that one.


Lastly, do keep a look out for what customers are rating for a particular Pokémon Go spoofer. This is because rating is the ultimate proof of its credibility.

Part 3: What is the Best Tool for Pokémon GO Location Spoof?

In regards to all of the points mentioned above, ClevGo is the one that tops all our charts as the best tool for Pokémon Go spoofing.

1)What is ClevGo?

ClevGuard ClevGo is a GPS spoofer product of ClevGuard that helps in faking your Android/iOS location anywhere you want. It comes packed with tons of over-the-top features and offers a very flexible pricing option for everyone.

As far as Pokémon Go is concerned, ClevGo tricks the app detection system in ways so sleek and normal that the probability of being caught stands at precisely 0%.

This is because the most important concern for Pokémon trainers when using Pokémon Go Spoofers is being caught using them. And ClevGo effectively eradicates this risk in the most natural way.


2)What Can It Do to Spoof Pokémon Go

ClevGo incorporates a wealth of outstanding features that meet all your instant needs on the go. Following is a slight peek for you to see:

-Place yourself anywhere on the world map

With ClevGo, you can place yourself globally anywhere within seconds.

-Access any location-based app effortlessly

Apart from working on the Pokémon Go app, ClevGo also supports all those applications that require user location as part of its core functionality.

-Customize your GPS position as needed

Moreover, if you want to custom a route for Pokemon GO, and simulate your movement on your already feigned location, ClevGo makes it possible for you.

-Plan your GPS route with unparalleled flexibility

Providing more ease and options, ClevGo also enables its users to adjust the route and speed of their GPS location on the world map.

-Use ClevGo on both iOS and Android

In addition, ClevGo is not limited to either iOS or Android. In order to cater to as many people as possible, ClevGo is available on both platforms.

-Forget the hassle of jailbreaking your device

Unlike many other Pokémon Go spoofing apps, ClevGo doesn't require you to jailbreak your device.

3)How to Spoof Pokémon Go by ClevGo

Since ClevGo is available on both the iOS and Android platforms, there are 2 main ways to use it in Pokémon Go Spoofing.

Spoof Pokémon Go Location on iOS

Step 1: Download and Install ClevGo on your PC device.

Download for WindowsDownload for Mac

Step 2: Connect your iOS with the PC and click the “Trust” button that appears on your mobile screen.

trust your iphone to connect with clevgo

Step 3: Wait for the map to load.

Step 4: There will be 4 different modes available in front of you: Teleport, Two-Spot, Multi-Spot, and Joystick. Choose any and begin your journey!

spoof your location with clevgo

Spoof Pokémon Go Location on Android

Step 1: Download and Install ClevGo on your PC device.

Step 2: Connect your Android with the PC and ensure that the USB connection is set to Media Transfer Protocol. Also, ensure that the USB debugging is turned on and allowed. Finally, enter either “Gaming” or “Social” mode.

Android modes in ClevGo

Step 3: In Gaming mode, check the disclaimer statement and then wait for the map to load. In Social mode, let the PC install “ClevGo Assistant” on your mobile. Then find “Select mock location app” in the “Developers Option”. Then select “ClevGo Assistant”. Now, wait for the map to load.

load map in ClevGo location changer

Step 4: There will be 4 different modes available in front of you: Teleport, Two-Spot, Multi-Spot, and Joystick. Choose any and begin your journey!

change location with multi spot mode

Part 4: The Most Recommend Places to Spoof Pokémon Go

Now that the whole world is right in the palm of your hands, where will you go? Below are the best 5 recommended places that will help you find rare Pokémons that are otherwise not available in most locations.

1)Circular Quay, Sydney, Australia

If you want to diversify your library of Pokémons and fill up your Pokédex, then the Circular Quay is the perfect hot spot for you to land on.

2)Big Ben, London, United Kingdom

The historical landmark of Big Ben in the UK is home to a great Pokémon Gym and houses a number of PokéStops for you to access.

3)Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

This location quickly overwhelms players with its vast number of distinct Pokémons. Also, some of the best PokéStops and Gyms are also located here.

4)Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, USA

If you want to catch rare Pokémons then this is the location for you. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is a well-known spot to host some of the rarest Pokémons.

5)The Colosseum, Rome, Italy

The Colosseum in Rome is the most ideal place for collecting Pikachu, Squirtle, Oddish, Espeon, Umbreon, as well as Makuhita, among many other Pokémons.


Now you are all equipped to start your Pokémon Go spoofing journey with ClevGo! With the list of our 5 most recommended places given above, now is the time to start filling your Pokédex all the while staying within the comfort of your home. Thanks to the cutting-edge technology underlying ClevGo, you will not get banned for using it.

So, brushing aside all the worries, begin your Pokémon Go spoofing adventure now!

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