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How to Get Pokemon Go Excellent Throw?

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Megan Evans

Updated: Feb 01, 2023 01:55 pm

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How to Make an Excellent Throw in Pokemon Go?

This guide is a perfect illustration of how to get Pokemon Go excellent throw. It's never as hard as most players claim it's always been. They just didn't have what it takes to make it happen. It's every player's dream to land the Pokemon inside the ball so as to get rewards and ultimately move to the next levels.

It doesn't really matter if the Pokemon is on a higher level than your current level, as long as you are comfortable and perfected Pokemon Go's excellent thrown techniques.

Part 1- All You Need to Know about Excellent Throw

1. What is an Excellent throw in Pokemon Go?

An excellent Pokemon Go throw is when you perfectly time the Pokemon and throw your ball so as to catch it and keep it inside. This requires practice and confidence that you can land excellent throws.

Some of the benefits of landing a Pokemon Go excellent throw is that you have a high chance of earning more XP rewards. Furthermore, it helps you progress in levels much more and high chances of landing a Pokemon Go.

how to get excellent throw in pokemon go

2. Levels of Pokemon Go throw?

These are the three levels of Pokemon Go throw:

Nice throw- You achieve this by landing the ball in the large circle.

Great throw- You achieve this by landing the ball in the medium circle.

Excellent throw- You achieve this by landing the ball in the small circle.

3. Pokemon Go throw rewards

Pokemon Go throw Catch chance XP rewards
Nice throw 1x - 1.3x 20 XP
Great throw 1.3x - 1.7x 100 XP
Excellent throw 1.7x - 2x 1000 XP

Part 2- Traditional method to make a throw in Pokemon Go

You can land an excellent catch in Pokemon Go by using the traditional curve throw method. You should practice to increase your chances and gain extra XP rewards. To take an excellent traditional curve throw, you should;

  • Touch the ball and hold it till the circle shrinks to the perfect size.
  • Hold till the Pokemon begins to move and attack.
  • Spin the ball so as to achieve a perfect curve throw.
  • Throw your curveball close to the center as soon as the Pokemon is halfway in its attack.

Part 3- How to get excellent throws in Pokemon Go

To increase your chances of getting excellent throws you should practice to increase your accuracy and perfect your throwing technique. Some of the tips of how to get Pokemon Go excellent throw include;

1.Circle Lock

The circle lock tip is one of the best methods to use to make an excellent throw in Pokemon Go. To make an excellent throw, you should touch and hold the ball first .Target the center circle and lock in. Spin as you wait for the Pokemon to start its attack and release halfway in its attack to land an excellent throw.

Ensure the power level of your ball is slightly higher than the pokemon so as to efficiently catch the pokemon.

pokemon circle lock

2.Free hand

Using the fast catch tip, you should touch and hold the ball in position. As the Pokemon begins its attack, you should start spinning the ball as you wait for the perfect moment. As you spin, you should precisely target the pokemon as the circle shrinks till the small perfect size and release to catch the pokemon. This method is difficult hence you should practice every now and then.

3.Gentle toss

Depending on where the pokemon is positioned, you should be able to gauge the proper technique to use. If the pokemon is positioned near you, you should touch and hold the ball in position, aim the center circle and gently toss the ball with proper timing to hit and catch the pokemon. In case the pokemon is moving too quickly, you could use Nanab berries to calm them down so as to perfectly time the pokemon.

pokemon go throw guide

Part 4- Other tips to make catching Pokemon Go easier

There are many other tips that you could consider in order to easily catch Pokemon Go. Check them out:

1.Spoof Pokemon Go location.

Certain areas are favorable in catching the pokemon Go, hence spoofing your location might be a good idea. We recommend using spoofing location apps, in particular ClevGo. ClevGo is easy and free to download and has a wide range of countries where you can find different Pokemons with amazing rewards.

Pokemon Go has made it difficult to spoof your location. One wrong move and you will be detected. ClevGuard ClevGo changes your GPS location and available to simulate the GPS movement, therefore making location detection very difficult.

Advantages of ClevGo

Some highlights features of CleGo are as following:

  • One click to Teleport in the Pokemon.
  • Custom Pokemon Go routes freely.
  • Simulate Groute track movement in at a customized speed.
  • Control the virtual location with Joystick.
  • Flunction, realistic mode, returns and loops make the location moving natually.
  • Available for both of Android and iOS without rooting or jailbreaking.
  • Change location of up to 10 devices silmutaneously with one account.

Using ClevGo to Catch Pokemon - Step by Step

Using ClevGo as your location spoofer to catch your Pokemon Go is pretty easy. Here are the simple steps:

Step 1. Download ClevGuard ClevGo using this link and install it on your device.

Download for WindowsDownload for Mac

Step 2. Connect your device to an internet connection and load the maps.

trust your iphone to connect with clevgo

Step 3. Enter teleport mode and change your GPS location to your preferred location.

Step 4. Simulate your device GPS movements by choosing either two-spot mode, where you can pick two locations or multi spot mode, where you can choose various location spots.

change location with multi spot mode

Step 5. Spoof your Pokemon Go location using the joystick mode and be ready to catch excellent throws.

spoof your location with clevgo joystick mode

2.Turn of AR mode

AR mode in Pokemon Go helps you be in a good position to see your Pokemon in 3D or as if it is in the real world. Although using AR mode will not only drain your device battery but also make it very hard to gauge the throwing distance so as to make an excellent throw.

When you turn the AR mode off, it will be easy to gauge the throwing distance as the pokemon is in a stable position. Most people wonder how to get Pokemon Go's excellent throw using AR mode. For certain Pokemon, you will be required to use AR mode so as to get close and aim perfectly.

turn off pokemon go AR mode

3.Make use of Nanab Berry

If you need to get a Pokemon Go excellent throw, Nanab berry is an essential element. Nanab berries are represented by a pink bunch of bananas. To get excellent throws, you should be precise while you aim and that can't be possible when the Pokemon is moving a lot.

To calm down the Pokemon, you should feed them Nanab berries, after which you can precisely and easily make your excellent throw. Nanab berries can only be used once till the Pokemon breaks away from the thrown ball.

pokemon go nanab berry


Understanding how to get Pokemon Go excellent throw and putting it to practice is not as hard as most people think. Using the given tips above and proper practice, you will be a pro in no time.

We recommend using ClevGO to spoof your Pokemon Go location in case you have encountered difficulties landing throws in your current region and if you want to earn more rewards and meet adverse Pokemons. As long as you know the basics of playing Pokemon Go, landing nice and excellent throws will only come with time and practice.

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