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Can Whatsapp Be Tracked [2024 Full Guide]

Can WhatsApp be tracked? You may ask? Learn how someone track your WhatsApp account. You can learn useful method to know if your WhatsApp is detected by others

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Annie Brooks Annie Brooks

Mar 18, 2024 05:34 pm

WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps for staying in touch with friends and family today. You may occasionally feel as if someone - either a close friend or a stranger - is watching your activity on the app. This might involve accessing your contacts, location, and even messages that you've sent or received.

Though WhatsApp has a high security system, many people has told that their WhatsApp account have been detected by hacker or other third-party toold. You could ask, "Can WhatsApp be tracked?"

Don't worry, in this article, you can get methods on how to if your WhatsApp is detected by someone esle. And you can get the full guide on how a WhatsApp spy tool monitor others WhatsApp account.

Can WhatsApp be tracked

Can WhatsApp Be Tracked?

No, WhatsApp doesn't exactly give users the ability to track other users' calls, messages, and WhatsApp activity. Even with the parental control feature turned on, you have also limits to monitoring the user activities. However, with the help of tracking tools and other methods, WhatsApp can be tracked and monitored. In the next section, we will see the methods.

How Do I know If my WhatsApp Is Being Monitored?

Here are the most common ways to know if someone is monitoring your WhatsApp either on their device, or your device.

Method 1: WhatsApp Password Has Been Changed Suddenly

The moment you learn that they changed their WhatsApp password or even your own, it could be a significance that they tracking your WhatsApp messages and activities firsthand or they are ghosting you. If your WhatsApp password has been changed suddenly, then your account may be detected by someone. You can use WhatsApp Two-Step Verification to find your password back.

can whatsapp be tracked

Method 2: Be Forced to Log out on WhatsApp

When WhatsApp automatically logs you out either on your WhatsApp mobile app, WhatsApp desktop, or WhatsApp web. It could mean someone else has logged in on your WhatsApp and is monitoring your WhatsApp activities. To know this, you can check your new messages and see if they were opened or not. You can also use the last seen online status to see when you were online by checking your WhatsApp on another person's phone.

Be Forced to Log out on WhatsApp

Method 3: WhatsApp Web Section Shows Unknown Recent Activity

You can use WhatsApp web history to check the recent activity of your WhatsApp. If you notice any malicious and unknown activity on your WhatsApp you need to take more action in checking if someone is monitoring your WhatsApp or not.

Go to Your WhatsApp Settings > WhatsApp Web, then you can see the login history.

whatsapp web log in history

Method 4: Whatsapp Suddenly Stops Working for No Reason

If your WhatsApp suddenly shuts down for no reason, this could be a big indicator that someone has been phishing your online activity either from a third-party device or software. When WhatsApp notices this, they might quickly shut you down from using WhatsApp since this has violated their user data and privacy policy.

Method 5: Get a Weird Message From Someone Who Isn't in Your Contacts

Spammy and phishing messages are one other key indicator to knowing if your WhatsApp is been monitored or not. Spammers and fraudsters have a habit of monitoring their prey/target to see if they can gain anything from them. They do this before or after messaging you. They do this for them to send messages that look useful and helpful to you so they can scam you.

Method 6: Many New WhatsApp Contacts

If you notice you have so many unsaved new WhatsApp contacts texting you and you’re been added to groups without your consent, this could mean that a cyber fraudster could have phished your WhatsApp phone contact or maybe your WhatsApp contact is been tracked and monitored by someone in your contact list.

Is There A WhatsApp Tracker to Spy on Someone's WhatsApp?

If you feel like someone is monitoring your WhatsApp activities after following the procedures mentioned above, you can use a trustworthy WhatsApp tracking software like KidsGuard for WhatsApp which is a professional WhatsApp monitoring tool. KidsGuard for WhatsApp can allow you to monitor all WhatsApp messages on the target device, including the WhatsApp chats, call, call history, status, location. You can track and know all WhatsApp online activities of anyone.

Besides, KidsGuard for WhatsApp is an all-in-one WhatsApp spy tool, which enable you to spy on someone's WhatsApp in real-time and remotely. It's a hidden WhatsApp tracker, you won't be detected by anyone.

KidsGuard for WhatsApp

KidsGuard for WhatsApp -- The Top WhatsApp Monitoring Tool

  • Track anyone's WhatsApp messages over 10+ types.
  • Track and list someone's WhatsApp call history, you can know they are call with whom recently.
  • Track the target person's current location in real-time.
  • Smooth and easy user interface

How to Spy on WhatsApp Messages of Others Using KidsGuard for WhatsApp:

Step 1. And create an account with your email accout. Then you can use this smart WhatsApp tracking tool to spy on others WhatsApp.

KidsGuard for WhatsApp

KidsGuard for WhatsApp

Top WhatsApp Monitoring Tool for Anyone

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Step 2. Choose KidsGuard for WhatsApp products and purchase a monitoring plan. Then tap on Your Profile > My Product > Start Monitoring, then you can go dashboard page on your computer.

download kidsguard for whatsapp application on target device

Step 3. Install KidsGuard for WhatsApp from on the target Android phone device you want. Follow the instructions to finish the setup, and log in this app with your account. Click Verify Setup on the screen, you can bind the target WhatsApp account.

login kidsguard for whatsapp

Step 4.You can spy on all messages on the target device. Click Chatstab on the left menu, you can track and view all WhatsApp messages on the target WhatsApp account. You can also view the status, call history, videos, pictures of the target device.

how to spy on someone's WhatsApp

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How To Stop Someone from Monitoring Your WhatsApp?

There are 2 simple methods you can use to stop someone form monitoring your WhatsApp.

1. Check your setting s and linked Device

People who often monitor WhatsApp are fond of using either WhatsApp web or WhatsApp desktop, and to use that they have to link it with your WhatsApp mobile. The way to catch them is simply to check if there's any logged devices on your WhatsApp account right on your Link Device setting. If you find any, log it out immediately.

2. Check for Web History

The WhatsApp web history is another way of checking if your WhatsApp is been used to monitor your activity by another user. It's simple, all you have to do is check your session and WhatsApp history, if you notice anything phishy then take action by following the steps below.


Finally, now that we've been able to address your question: "Can WhatsApp be tracked?" Now, you have learned several useful methods to know if your WhatsApp is monitored by someone else. WhatsApp online hacker has never been stopped, everyone should take care to protect your own WhatsApp account.

Besides, you have known a general WhatsApp monitoring tool -- WhatsApp Monitoring Tool which can be used to spy on someone's WhatsApp accout. Tracking someone's WhatsApp account should be leagal, you should repect others privacy.

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