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Top 10 iPhone Tracking Apps Reviewed, 2021 Updated

author_icon Cody Walsh time_icon Last updated Apr 14, 2021 05:13 pm

iPhone is one of the most popular cell phone brands. Many people have been looking for ways to track an iPhone remotely. Although there are many ways possible for this, the best way would be to use iPhone tracking apps.

You no longer have to keep messaging your loved ones for their whereabouts thanks to the iPhone tracking apps. With these apps, you can easily get to know where your loved ones are exactly are, which would give you a peace of mind. With so many iPhone tracker apps available online, you may wonder which is the best. Here, we talk about the top 10 iPhone tracker apps which can make your life much simpler.

The best iPhone tracking apps are listed below:

1. Find My iPhone

Price: Free

Find My iPhone is the native app of Apple, which helps you locate not just your iPhone but also the other lost Apple devices. This way in case you lose your phone or want to track your loved ones location, you can do that easily for free with the help of this app. This iPhone tracking app displays a map which can locate the exact location of your iPhone easily and also help you protect your data stored on your iPhone.

sign into find my iPhone app


  • It is available free of cost.

  • It can help you locate as well as protect the data stored on your iPhone.


  • You cannot use it to track someone else's iPhone unless you know their Apple ID and password.

  • If the iPhone is switched off or if the Find My iPhone feature is turned off on the phone, you cannot locate it using this app.

2. KidsGuard Pro

Price: $29.95/month, $49.95/3 months and $99.95/year

KidsGuard Pro is the best iPhone tracker app which has been designed specifically for worried parents/couples and employers. This app can accurately give out the real-time location of a phone using the in-built GPS. It features a map-view through which you can view the current as well as the historical locations of a phone. It also gives out other details of the location including the location time, coordinates and address. This app is great for tracking someone else's location as it doesn't require you to access the target device or install any apps.

Monitor NowView Demo

kidsguard pro location tracking for iOS


  • Very intuitive user interface.

  • It can track both Android and iOS devices.

  • You can remotely track the location online.

  • It has other cell phone tracking and monitoring features as well, like WhatsApp tracking, calls & messages checking.


  • The price is a little bit high.

  • You need to know the Apple ID and password.

3. Life360 Family Locator

Price: Free with in-app purchases

This is one of the best free iPhone tracking apps and it has been in use in several families for about 7 years to track iPhone location. It simplifies the way you can stay connected with your loved ones and know where they are at all times. You can create your own groups with family and friends and stay connected with them and know about where they are at all times with the help of this app. Through this app, you can even track a lost or stolen iPhone.

life 360 family locator


  • This app works for both Android as well as iOS devices.

  • A free version is also available.

  • The app interface is quite intuitive.

  • The location tracked is accurate.


  • It is not suitable for novice users, as it is a bit complicated.

  • Other than location tracking, this app does not feature other phone monitoring capabilities.

4. FollowMee

Price: Free for limited time and then $2.99 per device per month.

Most of users should be familiar with FollowMee. It features an online site to find iPhone location and it also tracks Android phones. All you need to do is access the target device at least once after which you can remotely monitor the target device easily without any hassle. It also has the Geofencing feature through which you set boundary limitations on locations and get notified when the target device crosses that boundary.

followmee app


  • Multiple devices can be tracked using this app.

  • It also features an SOS panic button.

  • There is a geofence function provided to record the entry and exit time for certain places.


  • It tends to drain the target device's battery pretty fast.

  • The customer support for this app is not efficient.

  • The locations update every 30 mins instead of in real-time.

5. Glympse

Price: Free

This iPhone GPS tracker app offers a simple way to share and track the real-time location of an iPhone. This app helps you check where your loved ones are. You can send and request a Glympse from friends and family to join the location sharing. After 12 hours the Glympse will expire but before that you can extend it further. Glympse supports iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and now Apple Watch and iMessage.

glimpse location tracking


  • The location sharing feature is great in this app.

  • It is available in different languages.

  • You don't need to sign up for this app.


  • It sometimes makes the target device very slow.

  • It fails to show the exact location sometimes.

6. Spyzie

Price: Ultimate Version at $49.99/month, $69.99/3 months and $119.99/year

With this app, you can get the intricate details of the target iPhone's location. This app also provides an interactive dashboard where all the details of the target's location are displayed. You can also use the Location History tab to view the history of all the locations where the target device user has been is displayed. Besides, you can use this app to track the data on someone's iPhone/Android.

spyzie cell phone tracking


  • It supports multiple data type tracking.

  • It is compatible with both Android as well as iOS devices.

  • The app interface is well designed, making it very clear to use.


  • Only the Ultimate version of this app can be used for location tracking, which is expensive.

  • Real-time location tracking for iPhone is not accurate.

  • A free trial version is not offered.

7. FlexiSPY

Price: Premium at $68/month, $99/3 months and $149/year

This is one of the best iPhone tracking apps which features GPS tracking through which you can secretly track someone's iPhone location at any point of time. Once you install this app on the target device, it starts uploading the real-time location of the phone on an interactive dashboard online. This online dashboard makes it convenient for users to view the target device location with ease.

flexispy tracking feature


  • It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

  • Live demo of the app is available.

  • This app is equipped with advanced cell phone monitoring features.


  • You will have to jailbreak the target device to track its location.

  • The price is too high if you only need location tracking.

  • Not easy for a novice user to operate this app.

8. mSpy

Price: Premium at $69.99/month, $119.99/3 months and $199.99/year

This app is great to track the real-time location of iPhone as well as Android devices. It offers other phone activity tracking features as well apart from location tracking. This app features a live demo too, which makes the usage of this app much simpler. Through the online dashboard of this app, you can view the location of the target device remotely.

mspy app


  • It offers a bunch of cell phone tracking features.

  • It can be used either on iPhone or Android phones.

  • 24/7 customer support in multiple languages via Live Chat, email and phone call.


  • The basic version of this app has minimal features.

  • A clear guide support is not present.

  • You need to jailbreak the target iPhone to track its location effectively.

9. XNSpy

Price: Premium at $35.99/month, $69.99/3 months and $99.99/year

XNSpy is one of the best iPhone tracker apps which can be effectively used to monitor any iOS smartphone or tablet. This acts like a reliable location tracking app which can help you in keeping a check on the whereabouts of your children, spouse or any other family member. You can even know the location of a phone if lost or stolen with the help of this app. It has 2 editions, jailbreak and non-jailbreak version. Of course, the former one works like a charm and it allows to check most of the data on someone's iPhone.

xnspy tracking


  • Features an interactive dashboard.

  • It alerts you when the target user is some dangerous places.

  • Even the deleted data from the target phone can be retrieved for viewing.


  • No clear guide for installation and use.

  • Location tracking does not work in stealth mode.

  • Real-time tracking is not possible for iOS devices.

10. Cocospy

Price: Premium at $49.99/month, $69.99/3 months and $119.99/year

Cocospy is an excellent iPhone tracking and monitoring app which lets you check anyone's cell phone activities without getting noticed. It supports remote monitoring of all the data tracked by it on the target device. With the location tracking feature of this app, you can know where the target device user is at all time. The location history that the target iPhone has visited can also be recorded.

cocospy tracks iPhone


  • No need to jailbreak the iPhone for monitoring basic data.

  • Very easy to install and use.

  • You can take advantage of the iPhone data tracking features.


  • For tracking the location in real-time, you will have to jailbreak the iPhone.

  • Its basic version has very limited features.

  • The price is not user-friendly.


The above list will make it easier for you when you are looking for iPhone locator apps to effectively track any iPhone. If you want to check the iPhone's location for free, Find My iPhone is the best app to use. If you do not mind paying extra for the location tracking feature, KidsGuard Pro is the best option according to our reviews. You can try this app by hitting the View Demo button below.

Monitor NowView Demo


By Cody Walsh

Posted on Nov 26, 2019 ( Updated: Apr 14, 2021 )

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