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How Can You Track Last Seen on Telegram?

Curious about someone's last seen status on Telegram? Whether you're looking to keep track of friends, family, or monitor your child's activity for safety reasons, knowing how to check the last seen status can be quite useful.

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Cody Walsh Cody Walsh

Jun 05, 2024 04:33 pm

For many users, understanding how to see last seen on Telegram if hidden becomes crucial for various reasons ranging from monitoring children's online activity to ensuring the well-being of friends and family.

This article guides you on how to hide the last seen on Telegram and how to see someone’s last seen on Telegram using alternative methods if it's been made private. Whether you're a concerned parent, a friend wanting to check in on someone, or simply curious about the capabilities of Telegram's privacy settings, the following sections will provide you with all the necessary tools and knowledge.

What’s the Last Seen on Telegram?

Telegram's “Last Seen” feature allows you to specify exactly who can see when you were last active on the app. By default, you have three visibility options: "Everybody," "My Contacts," and "Nobody." Additionally, you can fine-tune these settings by adding exceptions to "Always Share With…" or "Never Share With…" sections, allowing for personalized configurations like hiding your “Last Seen” from a boss or selectively sharing it with a spouse.

Here’s how to adjust your “Last Seen” settings:

Step 1. Navigate to the “Privacy and Security” section in the settings menu of the Telegram application.

Step 2. Here, you can select who sees your online status and last seen time. If you choose "Nobody," you won't share your last seen time with anyone, but you will also not be able to see others' last seen times.

This setting helps maintain privacy while giving you control over who sees your activity status. For example, setting your visibility to "Nobody" shows vague statuses like "Last seen recently," ranging from a minute to three days ago. This hides your exact online status while indicating you're an active user. Remember, if you don't share your last seen time, you can't see others' either, ensuring balanced privacy for everyone.

How to Hide Last Seen on Telegram

To begin altering your “Last Seen” settings on Telegram, start by opening the application on your device. Tap on the three horizontal lines located in the top-left corner to access the main menu.

Step 1. From here, select “Settings”, and then navigate to “Privacy and Security”;

Step 2. Once you're in the “Privacy and Security” settings, look for the “Last Seen & Online” option;

Step 3. Here, you will be presented with three choices regarding who can see your activity status: "Everybody," "My Contacts," and "Nobody";

If you wish to maintain privacy from most users but still allow certain individuals to see your last seen status, Telegram offers a solution through its exceptions feature. After choosing "Nobody" in the privacy settings, you can add exceptions by selecting "Always Share With…" Here, you can pick specific contacts who will still be able to see when you were last online.

How to See Someone’s Last Seen on Telegram

If someone has hidden their "last seen" status on Telegram, it is generally tough to view it.

However, there are a few methods and considerations that can help:

TGSeen: A professional online status checker

For a more technical approach, consider using third-party tracker apps. These applications allow you to monitor various activities on the target's Telegram account, including their online status, without them knowing. Telegram Status Seen stands out thanks to its functionality and affordability.

Here’s how to check someone’s online status on Telegram even when it’s hidden:

Step 1. Sign up for the tool and select a suitable plan for seamless access to someone's last active status;

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Step 2. Navigate to the User Center, select the product, and input the contact's number into the designated field on the online dashboard;

Step 3. Check the left column and click on the profile to see someone’s last active status on Telegram.


No matter if the target person hides or blocks you, this tool can always display the accurate login history on the interface. Plus, this online status tracker not only shows login history but also displays usage peaks, weekly, and daily usage. You can even set notifications for when someone is online, ensuring you never miss their login.

Unlike other trackers, this tool requires no Telegram login, ensuring account safety for an enhanced and simplified user experience.

KidsGuard Pro: All-round phone tracker for Android & iOS

Apart from the dedicated tool, KidsGuard Pro arrives on the scene to address your problems. This is a powerful parental control software designed for both Android and iOS devices. It offers a wide range of features to help parents monitor their children’s online activities effectively. If you need to see someone’s last seen status on Telegram, KidsGuard Pro can assist with that as well.

Here’s the necessary steps to make full use of this Telegram online status checker:

Step 1. Sign up for a new account and opt for an appropriate plan to access more features of it;

Step 2. When the order is successfully placed, check out your inbox and open a confirmation mail. Follow the instructions provided to download and install the app on the target device;

Step 3. After this, use your account to login to the User Center. Navigate to the online dashboard and choose “Phone Files” > “App Library”. Then the column of “Last used” tells you the time when someone was last active on Telegram.


Assistance from mutual friends

Another method to gauge someone’s online status is by leveraging your social network. You can ask friends who are mutual contacts with the target user on Telegram. They might provide insights into the user's online status or share details from conversations that indicate the user's activity levels.

Use a secondary Telegram account

If you're exploring alternative methods to determine user activity on Telegram, setting up a secondary account can be a strategic approach. You can utilize services that provide free phone numbers, such as Google Voice or TextNow, to register a new Telegram account. This allows you to interact on the platform without revealing your primary identity.

Final Words

In summary, this post shares two methods to see someone’s last seen on Telegram if it’s hidden.

Whether you're using a secondary account, getting help from friends, or using third-party tracker apps, these methods show a clever way to stay updated on your social circle without invading anyone’s privacy.

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