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How to Track Someone Through Text Message

This article introduces 5 efficient ways to track someone through text messages. Using the cell phone tracker to accomplish it. It supports Android and iOS devices. Dive in to learn more!

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Megan Evans Megan Evans

Mar 25, 2024 10:38 am

The convenience of smartphones and their features, also come with their risks and drawbacks. With the increasing cases of cyberbullying and other notorious activities, young children are at risk. So here the need arises for parents to keep a tab on their locations and activities. Also in the case of aged parents, employees, and cheating partners, tracking them through text messages might prove to be helpful.

So, in this article, we will steer you through all the possible options about how to track someone through text message . Don’t miss out.

Part 1. Can Someone Track My Location Through Text Messages?

Yes, it is possible to track someone through text messages using different methods. The majority of these solutions provides a link through text messages about the location details. More details about these methods to track phone location are discussed in the coming parts of the topic.

Part 2. How to Track Someone Through Text Message?

Multiple methods and tools allow tracking someone through text messages. Let's go through them one by one.

2.1 Use Google Maps to Track Location via Messages

If you are looking for a simple, straightforward, and free solution for tracking someone’s location through messages, Google Maps works as an apt choice. The method works on both Android as well as iPhone devices.

location tracking with google maps

How to track cell phone location with Google Maps

Before using this method, ensure that you and the person whose location you wish to track are connected on Google Maps via Google accounts.

Step 1. Launch the Google Maps app and click on the hamburger menu.

Step 2. Choose the Location sharing option and then select the name of the person and click on Share location.

location tracking with google maps

Step 3. Choose the period for which you wish to share the location.

Step 4. At the More options list, you will find messaging platforms to share the device location link. You can choose from SMS, WhatsApp messages, and other supported ones.

Step 5. Select the desired person on the messaging platform and share the location link.

2.2 Send Location-Sharing Message to Track Others

Another method to track a cell phone's location for free and in a simple method is to send a location-sharing message. It means a message that can be sent through apps, and details regarding your current location are sent to the recipient, provided location services are turned on. Some of the apps that support these features are Snapchat and Facebook Messenger.

To send location location-sharing message, simply open the app and select the person from your contact list with whom you wish to share your location.

Then send your location message and when this message is opened by the recipient, they will be able to see your current or last location shared by you.

location sharing messages

2.3 Locate Other's Location via Find My iPhone

“How to track an iPhone location from another iPhone?”

The answer for iPhone users is very simple - you can track someone’s location using the Find My iPhone app. This iOS feature facilitates users to locate their devices. Through its built-in GPS technology, your phone can receive signals and determine its location in real time. This feature offers an option for location sharing with someone to keep track of them.

Steps to use Find My iPhone to track phone location

Step 1. Ensure that Find My iPhone is installed on the target device and also the device’s location services are turned on.

Step 2. On a web browser, use the Apple ID associated with the target device and log into Look for the Find iPhone option.

Step 3. The device’s current location can be seen on the map and also you will be able to see the locations they are moving around.

find my iphone to track someone's location


The feature works by locating the target device through their iCloud account, but an option for getting location through message is not supported.

2.4 Use Find My Device to Track Someone Through Text Message

Find My Device is an Android device feature that is similar to iOS’s Find My iPhone. Though the feature is majorly used for tracking lost or stolen devices, you can also use it to locate someone’s location.

For the feature to allow sharing location, the target device should be signed into a Google account, and its location and Find My Device feature should be turned on.

Steps to use Find My Device

Step 1. Open Find My Device on some other device or a web browser, and log in using the target device’s associated Google account.

Step 2. The location of the target device can be seen on a map and also if the device is moving around, it can be checked.

find my device to track someone's location

2.5 Try Phone Location Tracker to Locate Someone

In all the above-listed methods for tracking someone’s location, you need to have access to their device, details of the associated Google or iCloud accounts, and also the person being tracked is aware of the same. So, if you want to track someone secretly without them knowing, a third-party tracking app will work best.

One phone location tracker app that we highly recommend here is KidsGuard Pro, which can seamlessly work on Android as well as iOS devices without jailbreaking or rooting . The app works in the background on the targeted device without the user knowing.

In addition to location tracking, other device activities can also be monitored, such as messages, call history, screen time, etc.

 kidsguard pro

  • Support device location in 4 different modes- tracking GPS location, checking location history, WiFi location tracking, and setting geofence.
  • Monitor all the target device files and activities including contacts, call logs, videos, photos, voice memos, and others.
  • Mots of popular social media apps and their activities can be monitored, like Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  • Support remote control function for recording phone calls, capturing screenshots, taking secret photos, and setting sensitive words.

Steps to track location using KidsGuard Pro:

Step 1. Create an account of KidsGuard Pro and sign up for a suitable plan.

Step 2. Get access to the target device, download and install the KidsGuard Pro app as per the instructions on the screen.

install kidsguard pro on the target device

Step 3. Move to the main dashboard and click on Location Tracking at the left side panel. Choose from the Location, Geofence, or WiFi Logger option. Then the right side of the dashboard interface will show the target device location on the map.

kidsguard pro demo track location

Part 3. Why You Might Need to Track Someone by Text Message?

There are multiple reasons why you might need to track a person by text message. Some of the most common ones are enlisted below.

  • Keep a check on your parents, kids, and other family members about their whereabouts for their safety.
  • Monitoring employees at work
  • Finding a lost or stolen device
  • To find out the location of some person.

FAQs about Tracking Someone Through Text Message

1. Can someone find your location by texting you?

Yes, someone can find your location by texting you using third-party apps supporting the feature.

2. Is silent SMS location tracking possible?

Silent messages are those messages which do not have any notification sound when received. These messages work in a stealth mode to determine the device location without notifying the user. Yes, there are third-party tracking and spy apps available that can work secretly to send silent SMS locations.

3. Can location be tracked from iMessage?

Yes, location can be tracked through iMessage provided that location services have been shared with them.


Hope all your queries on how do I track someone’s location is now resolved.

Location sharing through messages works when you need to track someone or know their location for a day or a short time. If you want to monitor your child, spouse, or any other person for a long time, using a professional tracking app like KidsGuard Pro works better. Not only does the app provide details of location, but allows monitoring of several other activities of the target device.


By Megan Evans

A certified content marketing specialist with great passion for Internet and online safety. She is bent on educating the audience about cyber safety tips and tricks.

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