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Best Spy Apps for Cheating Spouse

List the top 6 spy apps, and determine if your spouse is cheating.

Megan Evans Megan Evans

Mar 20, 2024 03:37 pm

When everything has taken a digital route, then why not the traditional private investigators and spying methods? Yes, here in this article we will be taking you through the spy apps that can be used for keeping an eye on your cheating spouse’s smartphone. Be it call details, WhatsApp, photos, videos, or any other content on your spouse’s phone, these spy apps will let you check them remotely without him/her knowing.

With numerous options available, choosing one is a difficult task and to ease this a bit, we have shortlisted the best spy apps for cheating spouse.

Part 1. Best Spy Apps for Cheating Spouse

In this part of the topic, we will run you through the best hidden spy apps for Android and iOS devices.

1. KidsGuard Pro

When it comes to the best in the category of spy apps, KidsGuard Pro is the one we highly recommend. The app is undetectable and 100% safe to use. All the Android and iOS devices with all the versions are supported by the app and that too without any need for jailbreak.

Using this spy apps for cheating spouse, all the phone activities can be remotely monitored, and also the device location can be tracked using 4 different modes. 

kidsguard pro

  • Android and iOS-based spy app that works without any device jailbreak.

  • All phone activities can be tracked like contacts, photos, videos, messages, browser history, voice memos, iCloud drive, and more.

  • Phone location tracking using 4 modes- GPS, location history, WiFi location, and Geofencing. 

  • Complete tracking and monitoring of all the social media apps and their activities. 

  • Additional features include phone call recording, screenshot capturing, the option to take secret images using a phone camera, phone environment sound tracking, phone screen recording, and setting keyword alerts.

Steps to use KidsGuard Pro to monitor cheating spouse:

Step 1. Register on KidsGuard Pro main site and select a plan for setting up a Pro account.

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Step 2. Get access to the target smartphone and install the KidsGuard Pro app as per the instructions that appear on the phone.

install kidsguard pro on the target device

Step 3. Once the app is successfully installed on the target device, start monitoring it remotely using your Pro account.

use kidsguard pro to setup parental control

2. FlexiSPY

This is a popularly used spy software that can be installed on computers as well as mobile devices including Android and iOS. The app can be used for tracking all device activities ranging from monitoring mails to social media apps.

spy apps flexispy

Key Features:

  • Allows tracking all the target device activities remotely being undetected
  • The login and logoff activity of the phone can also be tracked
  • The app supports location tracking


  • Support real-time dashboard alerts

  • Allows remote installation

  • Support recording call and its surroundings


  • Jailbreak or device rooting is needed

  • Expensive subscription plan

  • Need tech knowledge and experience to install the software

3. Spyic

Another popular spy app in the category is Spyic which is known for its hassle-free installation and monitoring. Though widely used for tracking WhatsApp conversations, the app is capable of tracking all other device activities as well including phone calls, social media apps, media files, and more.

spy apps spyic

Key Features:

  • Allows tracking the incoming and outgoing calls on the target device
  • SMS tracking along with tracking of messages on social media supported
  • Support to Android and iOS devices
  • Works in stealth mode and supports Geo-fencing
  • Support browser history monitoring


  • Tracking of SIM is supported and also notifies about any change in SIM

  • The online demo helps in app installation and working

  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • The iOS version of the app is quite expensive

  • Lagging issues

  • Does not support monitoring deleted records

4. Hoverwatch

This spy app for cheating spouse is popular for its free trial version, though with limited features. This cell phone tracker allows monitoring the SMS, call history, locations, Telegram, calendar, contacts, and all other activities.

hoverwatch spy app for cheating spouse

Key Features:

  • Remotely monitor all the target device activities while working in stealth mode
  • The SMS and MMS sent and received on the target device are automatically recorded
  • Support Geo location tracking


  • Comes with a free trial version

  • The invisibility mode is quite impressive


  • Most of the features can be used on a rooted device

  • The app is unresponsive at times

5. Cocospy

The powerful invisibility mode of the app makes it popular among the users. Like all other spy apps, the calls, messages, social media apps, and several other activities of the target device can be monitored.

cocospy spy apps for cheating spouse

Key Features:

  • Call logs, messages, social media apps, browsing history and more can be tracked
  • Support Android and iOS devices
  • Comes with a keylogger feature
  • Timestamps can be attached and the frequency of website visits can be viewed


  • Installation and app settings are easy

  • Comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee

  • Excellent for WhatsApp monitoring


  • Expensive iOS device versions

  • The dashboard is not very impressive

6. uMobix

The app is excellent for spying on cheating spouses owing to its supported features the best being notified you when a dating app is installed on the target device.

spy apps umobix

Key Features:

  • All the target device conversations can be tracked using the app
  • Keep a tab on the device location using GPS tracking
  • Allows capturing screenshots on the target device
  • All the sent and received messages including the deleted SMS can be tracked


  • Allows to block the app access remotely

  • Dating app alerts and spying

  • Comes with keylogger

  • 14 days money back guarantee


  • Does not support screen recording

  • The features of  the iOS version is limited in comparison to the Android

Part 2. What Else Can You Do to Catch a Cheating Spouse?

Using a spy app is a tech method to keep an eye on your cheating spouse’s smartphone so that all their calls, messages, location, and other mobile device activities can be monitored. Besides apps, a few other methods can also be applied to get hold of a cheating spouse. A few are listed below.

  1. Set up a hidden spy camera in the office or place where they spend time alone

  2. Checking the history of their computer and checking auto-fill

  3. Checking digital and physical trash bin

  4. Hiring a private investigator


Clearing the doubts about your partner cheating on you can be efficiently done using a good spy app. Though there is a myriad of these apps available making tall claims, not all are as effective and safe to use. So, our above list of best spy apps for cheating spouse will prove to be of help here.

Still, if you are not sure and wish to settle on the best spy apps for cheating spouses- KidsGuard Pro is an excellent option. The app is not only safe and user-friendly but also supports all the features and functions that you would expect from a top-notch spying app.

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