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How to Clone Your Girlfriend's WhatsApp Without Her Knowing in 2024?

Do you want to know how to clone your girlfriend's WhatsApp without her knowing, check this article, you can clone your girlfriend's WhatsApp secretly.

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Annie Brooks Annie Brooks

Jun 28, 2023 04:41 pm

In today's digital age, trust issues have become more common in relationships. Many people feel the need to keep an eye on their partner's activities on messaging platforms like WhatsApp. If you're one of them, wondering how to clone your girlfriend's WhatsApp and read her messages secretly, this comprehensive guide will help you. Remember, these methods can apply to everyone and should be used responsibly.

how to clone your girlfriend's WhatsApp

Why To Clone Your Girlfriend's WhatsApp Messages?

In a relationship, trust is essential, but it can also be fragile. Sometimes, love and trust issues can arise, causing concern and suspicion about your partner's activities. If you feel that your girlfriend is hiding something from you or that she may be in danger, you may want to consider cloning her WhatsApp messages.

Cloning your girlfriend's WhatsApp messages allows you to monitor her conversations and ensure that she is safe from any unwanted situation. It also gives you peace of mind and reassurance that your partner is not engaging in any inappropriate behavior that could harm your relationship.

By cloning your girlfriend's WhatsApp messages, you can gain access to all her chats, multimedia files, call history, and more. This information can help you identify any red flags or suspicious activities that may be of concern. Additionally, you can set up keyword alerts to monitor specific conversations that you are interested in.

It is also important to use a reliable and trusted method to clone her messages to ensure that your privacy and security are not compromised.

How to Clone Your Girlfriend’s WhatsApp?

Here’re 4 method to help you clone your girlfriend’s WhatsApp messages.

1. Clone Your Girlfriend’s WhatsApp with Google Drive Backup


  • Go to the WhatsApp app on your girlfriend’s phone device, can click Settings > Chats > Chat Backup, make sure your girlfriend has backed up her WhatsApp to Google Drive.
  • back up whatsapp to googlw drive

  • Reinstall WhatsApp app on your device, log in the app with the target number and verification code.
  • Then click Restore and Next button to restore all your girlfriend’s WhatsApp.
  • restore whatsapp from google drive

  • Then you can check all your girlfriend’s WhatsApp messages

2. Clone Your Girlfriend’s WhatsApp via iCloud Backup


  • First ensure your girlfriend has backed up her WhatsApp to iCloud.
  • Just click WhatsApp Settings > Chats > Chat Backup, Turn the Auto Backup on.
  • back up whatsapp to icloud

  • Install WhatsApp on your iPhone device, and log in with your girlfriend’s WhatsApp account and verficcation code.
  • You will be promoted to restore WhatsApp backup from iCloud, just click Restore Chat History. And wait it to finish. Now you have cloned your girlfriend’s WhatsApp on your device.

restore whatsapp from icloud

3. Clone Your Girlfriend’s WhatsApp via WhatsApp Web


  • Go to WhatsApp Web website on the PC to get the QR code.
  • whatsapp web qr code

  • Open the WhatsApp Web on your girlfriend’s device, tap Settings> Linked devices > Link A Device
  • .

    link a device

  • Then use your girlfriend’s phone to scan the QR code.
  • scan whatsapp qr code

  • Now all your WhatsApp messages will be shown on the WhatsApp Web on your PC.

These 3 methods have many limitations to clone your girlfriend’s WhatsApp. You need to back up the WhatsApp first, and what's worse, your girlfriend will find out that you clone her WhatsApp easily. If you need a hidden clone method to clone your girlfriend’s WhatsApp without her knowing, then you should try the last method: using KidsGuard for WhatsApp -- the best hidden WhatsApp monitoring tool.

4. Clone Your Girlfriend’s WhatsApp via WhatsApp Monitoring Tool

This is the best alternative to read your girlfriend's WhatsApp messages or monitor her WhatsApp activities without her knowing, a third-party WhatsApp monitoring app like KidsGuard for WhatsApp your best bet. CleveGuard offers a range of monitoring features that make it easy for you to keep a check on your girlfriend's WhatsApp activities.

The software allows you to view all the messages sent and received by your girlfriend, even if she deletes them.It is the best tool because of these special features:

whatsapp monitoring tool

KidsGuard for WhatsApp-- The Best WhatsApp Contacts Online Tracker

  • Clone your girlfriend’s WhatsApp messages in real-time.
  • Monitors multimedia files, such as photos, videos, audio messages, and documents.
  • Views private WhatsApp statuses.
  • Records and tracks WhatsApp calls Captures WhatsApp screenshots.
  • Sets up keyword alerts.
  • Easy to use, just simple steps are needed.

How to Clone Your Girlfriend’s WhatsApp via KidsGuard Pro:

The process is straightforward and only takes a few simple steps.

Step 1. Sign up for a CleveGuard account on the official website and obtain a valid license. You will be directed to the My Product spage, where you can click on the Setup Guide to access the download link.

setup guide

Step 2. Next, acquire your girlfriend's phone and download the KidsGuard for WhatsApp app from Adjust the necessary settings in the target device's configuration as guided by the app interface.

login kidsguard for whatsapp

Step 3. Once the app is installed, it will operate discreetly in the background. Return to the CleveGuard official website and connect the device to access the dashboard. From here, you can remotely view your girlfriend's WhatsApp messages without needing physical access to her phone.

whatsapp dashboard

Step 4. With the ability to monitor WhatsApp conversations, you can now uncover any suspicious activities. On the dashboard's left side, select the WhatsApp Chats option. This will allow you to see who your girlfriend tries to communicate etc.

WhatsApp Chats

The step-by-step guide provided above makes it easy to set up and use the software, allowing you to monitor your girlfriend's activities on WhatsApp without her knowledge.


In conclusion, cloning your girlfriend's WhatsApp messages can be a useful tool in addressing trust issues or ensuring her safety. Using a trusted and reliable monitoring solution like KidsGuard for WhatsApp can provide you with comprehensive monitoring features, ease of use, discreet monitoring, 24/7 access, and affordability.

However, it is essential to use this powerful tool responsibly and with respect for your girlfriend's privacy. Remember that trust is the cornerstone of any healthy relationship, and maintaining open communication with your partner is always the best solution to address any concerns or suspicions.

whatsapp monitoring tool

KidsGuard Pro for WhatsApp

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