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How Do I Stop Google From Listening to Me?

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Megan Evans

Updated: Sep 16, 2021 03:07 pm

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"When the customer isn't paying for the product on the internet, it means the customer isn't the customer. The customer is the product itself" - Andrew Lewis.

In this Internet era, you can access an online product free. However, is it really free? Don't you need to pay anything for it? Of course not! Instead, you are the product itself, and the company is generating the revenue from your data.

The same concept applies to Google. According to many authentic facts, it shows that Google is listening to you through your device's microphone for data collection. Is it creepy, right?

But don't worry, in this post, we will show you some 100% work tricks, which you can have a try to stop Google from listening to you and protect your privacy.

how to stop google from listening

Firstly, let's check the main content of this article by the following catalogue:

Part 1: Is Google Always Listening on My Phone?

Is Google always listening on your phone? Actually, Google doesn't always keep recording and listens to your voice all the time because it'll consume a lot of space on their servers, but it listens for keywords. So, they can show you personalized ads based on your activities. Google uses an advanced AI algorithm that only records the vocal verbs which matter to Google in giving you the customized advertisement's experience. Still, for most of the users, it's a violation of their privacy!

is google always listening

Part 2: How to Stop Google from Listening?

Those, who don't want Google to listen to their voice, can turn off Google but-listening. However, it's not that one click, if you hope to stop Google from listening to your voice. Below, we've mentioned some of the most popular ways by which you can turn of Google's anonymous listening:

1. Using ClevGuard - Your Best Choice

We know you can't constantly monitor if Google is listening through your microphone or not. That's why you might need a 3rd party application that can secure you from Google's listening and break into your privacy.

In that case, ClevGuard might be the perfect choice for you. The app is dedicatedly designed to prevent any spies and 3rd party applications from recording your activities without your permission.

clevguard antispyware

ClevGuard keeps an eye on all the applications and notifies if it found any unnecessary activity related to spying. The same thing applies to Google's anonymous listening.

The cutting-edge technology of ClevGuard will automatically detect if Google is accessing your phone even when it's not in use. The app will notify you about Google's suspicious activity so that you can take necessary action accordingly.

What Else Can You Do with ClevGuard?

There are many other things that you can do with ClevGuard. Below we've mentioned some of the most highlighted functions that you can do with ClevGuard:

Detect & Remove Spyware: ClevGuard allows you to identify and eliminate all the spyware applications running on your phone. So that you'll be satisfied no spyware is ruining your privacy.

Real-Time Phone Protection: You don't need to manually scan the spyware every time by visiting the application and pressing the scan button. Instead, ClevGuard offers real-time protection that notifies you if any spyware gets activated in your phone in real-time.

Clean Junk Files: ClevGuard support one-click cleaning of application cache data. The junk file feature allows you to clean and delete all the junk and temporary files from your phone's main memory. In this way, you can speed up your phone.

Check Email Breach: The email breach check feature allows you to check if your email has been breached or not so that you can take necessary actions accordingly.

Camera Spy Detector: The camera spy detector in the ClevGuard allows you to keep an eye on which app is accessing your phone's camera for taking pictures. If something happens, ClevGuard will notify you immediately that the application is using your smartphone's camera.

Amazed by the wonderful features of ClevGuard? Click the "Google Play Store" button to download it and have a try!

google play store button

How to Stop Google from Listening to You with ClevGuard?

Below we've mentioned a step-by-step on how you can stop Google from listening to you through ClevGuard. Let's take a look:

Step 1: Download and Install ClevGuard from Google Play

Enter Google Play store to download ClevGuard, and then install ClevGuard on your phone.

download clevguard

Step 2: Scan Your Phone

Open ClevGuard after it has been installed and select the "Scan" button to check all of third party apps on your phone.

clevguard scan

Step 3: Stop Google from Listening to You and Start Protecting Your Privacy

Checking the scanning results, you can find out what apps are listening to you, and then take actions to remove them to protect your privacy.

protect privacy with clevguard

2. Turning off "OK Google"

The second solution to stop Google from listening to you is to turn off your "Ok Google" voice detection from the smartphone. It's associated with the Google Assistant of your device and activates the Google Assistant whenever you say, "Ok, Google".

The AI algorithm of Google stays active and is always searching for the "Ok Google" phrase from your vocal. In this way, there are many chances that Google might be listening to you through the "Ok Google" feature.

Here is the way to turn off "OK Google":

  1. Go into phone "Settings" > Click "Google";
  2. Find "Account Services" > Tap "Search, Assistant & Voice";
  3. Click "Voice" > Choose "Voice Match";
  4. Disable "Hey Google";

turn off ok google

3. Disabling Google Assistant

The most common way that Google listens to your audio is through Google Assistant. Now Google has said that it does listen to the user's audio even when the voice mode isn't in use. However, Google states that they listen to your audio and use it to improve the algorithm of their G Assistant. Still, you can turn the Google Assistant off from "My Account" on Google.

  1. Open phone "Settings"> Enter "Google";
  2. Find "Account Services"> Tap "Search, Assistant & Voice" > Click "Google Assistant";
  3. Find "All Settings" > Select "General";
  4. Turn off "Google Assistant";

disable google assistant

4. Disabling Microphone Access to the Google App

It is possible to disable disabled the microphone access to the Google application from your device's settings, because Google claims that they may collect your data anonymously for development purposes and make Google's ad experience better for you, you can disable it.

All you need to do is:

  1. Visit phone "Settings" > Select "Applications";
  2. Find "Google" > Tap "Permissions" > Click "Microphone";
  3. Deny the microphone access;

disable microphone access to google app

5. Turning off Google Voice History

When turning off the Google Assistant or Ok Google, it'll only disable the voice recognition from your individual device. If you have any other device with the same account logged in, Google can still listen to your audio from other devices. To disable the voice recognition from your overall Google account, you can turn off the "Google Voice History" in My Account of Google.

Here are steps that you can follow:

  1. Vist My Account in Google;
  2. Click "Data and Personalization" > Tap "Voice & Data";
  3. Uncheck the box "Include audio recordings" to disable the voice history;

turn off google voice history

In this way, Google will not store any of your audio and hence will stop listening through your device's microphone from all devices.

Part 3: Top Frequently Asked Questions About Google Listening

1. Why is Google Listening to Me at All Times?

First of all, Google is not listening to you all the time, nor do they have enough space in their data server to store all your audio. The AI algorithm of Google only listens to your audio when it's needed.

According to Google, they collect your audio data for research purposes. Such as to improve the AI system of Google and to give you personalized experiences.

2. How to Delete Stored Google Voice History?

In the "My Activity" of Google account, you can find all your voice data there. Now, find your "Voice Data" in the Google Assistant tab, and you can delete it if you want.

3. Can I Use Google Assistant without Voice?

Yes, you can still access Google assistant without voice recognition. You can use the keyboard to type your queries on Google Assistant. However, without voice recognition, it's just like a typical Google search engine.


We believe that now you have a better understanding of Google listening, as well as how to secure your personal data from Google. Disabling these functions may cause some inconvenience, but if you want to have the full protection of your device in an easy way, your best option has to be ClevGuard. For your ease, tap the "Google Play" button below, it will directly lead you to the Google Play store to download ClevGuard.

google play store button


By Megan Evans

A certified content marketing specialist with great passion for Internet and online safety. She is bent on educating the audience about cyber safety tips and tricks.

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