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[Solved] How to Tell if Your Phone is Tapped

author_icon Cody Walsh time_icon Last updated Apr 14, 2021 05:13 pm

Cell phone tapping is not very common in the public, but if people want to tap someone's phone firstly they need to have legal permission because tapping someone's phone is an illegal activity in the eye of public and even the law. In today's article we will be discussing on how to tell if your phone is tapped or not and what to do to prevent someone tapping your phone.

Part 1: Is It Legal to Tape a Phone Conversation?

Firstly, it is highly illegal to install a spy applications that in any way invades one's privacy by recording their calls or checking their text messages without the person's permission.

Secondly, there are laws that state tapping or wiretapping a punishable offence and it could lead to potentially one year of jail along with a sum of compensation.

Thirdly, it even depends if the phone is being tapped due to an accurate reason then they need to get a court permission along with the consent of the person whose phone is been tapped along with the reason of such actions.

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Part 2: How to Know if Your Phone is Tapped

There are several ways which can give you an idea about how to tell if your phone is being spied on or not. Some of them are listed below. You can go through it.

  • Noises heard in the background.

  • Strange messages been delivered to your phone.

  • Strange activities happening in your phone.

  • Your phone battery drains out quickly.

  • Quick rise in the battery temperature.

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1. Noises heard in the background

While you are talking over the phone you may notice to hear distant noises in the background of the call. It may seem to be like a network issue or static which is again caused due to an improper network at most. But does it ever cross your mind that this could be because someone is actually tapping your phone and listening to all your private conversation. This way you will know how to tell if your cell phone is tapped. You may even have heard other noises or sounds such of clicking, scratching or may be echoes. If you ever experience such noises there are chances that you phone is been tapped.

2. Strange messages been delivered to your phone

Have you ever received messages from unknown numbers or the numbers which you have never come across? These messages can be gibberish in a way it may be encoded or even coded messages which you are unable to read or understand. If you have received such messages there are high chances of your phone being tapped and someone is sitting and trying to listen to your conversations. This is another way on how to know if your phone is tapped or not.

3. Strange activities happening in your phone

Another way to know whether your phone is tapped is that whether your smartphone is behaving strangely in a way that it is opening off unnecessary applications or even switching off by itself or it lights up in between or may be listening message alerts when there is no messages coming in and your phone is on silent are signs that there are heavy chances of your phone being tapped. Which will result in such actions of your phone.

4. Your phone battery drains out quickly

The other way to know whether your phone is tapped or not will be that how quickly your battery drains out. Though it could happen due to a lot of reasons such as no proper battery backup or too many applications in the phone which needs constant usage to the battery, how high you phone brightness is or may be how frequently you use your phone. But even after you checked for all the issues causing the problem and have already resolved it still your phone battery drains soon, then it can be caused due to phone tapping.

5. Quick rise in battery temperature

Usually battery temperature can rise due to a lot of reason such as frequent use of phone on regular intervals and an excess amount of apps on the phone. But even after looking into these matters and later resolving them still you face the same problem in the future then it surely is happening because someone is trying to tap your phone and listen to your conversations. This could be next reason on how to tell if phone is tapped.

Part 3: How to Protect Your Phone from Being Tapped

There are few of the technique which will help you out to easily protect your phone from being tapped. It will also help you on how to tell if your phone is bugged or not.

  • Switch off your phone when not in use

  • Disable Bluetooth

  • Install anti-spyware software

1. Switch off your phone when not in use

The first thing you can do to avoid wiretapping is that you can try to switch off your phone whenever not required. This prevents spies from spying or tapping your phone. It even avoids them from checking your messages and record the calls. Not only that a lot of the tapping malwares won't let you switch off your phone so it even helps you to determine whether your phone is tapped or not.

2. Disable Bluetooth

It's better to disable your Bluetooth when it's not in use. It helps to reduce the chances of attracting any malware which are used to tap phones. You can't stop your Bluetooth by telling it the difference between the correct and wrong malware or spyware used by the tapper.

One more thing you can do is to even disable your GPS it will make it difficult for them to look for your location.

3. Install anti-spyware software

The best method would be to always have an anti-spyware in your phone. It reduces the chances of your phone being tapped by a huge margin. It unsure the safety of the data as when as the calls you make and make sure that no one is able to know or listen to your conversations.

Few recommended applications which you can find on Google Play as when as Apple Store are:-

  1. WireTrap and Spy Removal

  2. Incognito FREE- Easy Spyware

  3. Anti Spy Mobile FREE

  4. Ear Agent: Super hearing

Bonus: KidsGuard Pro - Protect Rather Than Spy

It is hard to predict what happens on the internet or how it is going to turn out. But if you are a parent and want to safe guard your child from unnecessary harms lurking all around the Internet, then we recommend you KidsGuard Pro, it is an application which can help you keep an eye on your child's online & offline activity. It is not only limited to this you can even check their calls, messages and other activity such as their social medias, browser history or location. Being a parent is not easy and sometimes due to the rebellious nature of the kids it's definitely a challenge to make them speak but with KidsGuard Pro you can track them anywhere and everywhere to keep a track of their safety.

The features of KidsGuard Pro are:

  • It can run in the background without getting noticed.

  • Perfectly compatible with all Android devices.

  • Easy to use and handle.

  • Easy to track the actions of your kid.

  • Gives the real-time location of your kid.

  • Encrypted data for security purpose.

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In the above article we have discussed how do you know if your phone is tapped or not. But if you really want to monitor your kid's activity then it is recommended to use KidsGuard Pro as this app has got everything that parents would require to keep an eye on their kids.


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