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Cody Walsh

Updated: Sep 16, 2021 03:00 pm

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The web is a vast and gruesome space, and numerous deadly viruses and malwares can affect your system and destroy the functional properties of a computer. As a result, it would be best if you install a antivirus or anti-spy software in your System so that your files can be protected at all times. This will also prevent hazardous activities that may or may not be triggered by a virus intervention.

Here, you will be introduced to very reliable anti-spyware renowned for being one of the best anti-spy applications out there. Moreover, we will also provide you an unbiased opinion on both the paid and free versions of this antivirus software. So, if you are interested to know more about SUPERAntiSpyware and want a SUPERAntiSpyware free edition review, you are highly recommended to stick around.

superantispyware review

1. What is SUPERAntiSpyware?

SUPERAntiSpyware is a multi-dimensional and effective security scanner for mobile phones and computers. It cautiously examines frameworks to recognize spyware that are otherwise overlooked by similar antivirus programs. However, the SUPERAntiSpyware program also secures PCs against different sorts of viruses like malware, adware, Trojans, worms, key loggers, and some more.

With SUPERAntiSpyware, expert and business clients can have confidence that hurtful programming is taken out from their PCs and kept from reinstalling. This verifies that such viruses and foreign elements don't make harmful frameworks.

superantispyware functions

Additionally, SUPERAntiSpyware offers its users the alternative to mechanize reactions to dangers. These can be arranged for explicit areas and workstations or worldwide organizations. This ensures the prevention of such viral interventions, and the user has full authority to act upon similar threats instantly.

2. Features of SUPERAntiSpyware

As mentioned earlier, the SUPERAntiSpyware is compelling antivirus software and offers a wide range of possibilities and powers to its user. Here are some of the most advantageous features of SUPERAntiSpyware, which make this program stand out from the rest in the market.

superantispyware interface

1. A dynamic UI to enhance user activity

The free version of SUPERAntiSpyware promotes ongoing screening, programmed refreshes and comes along with a few other different highlights. Given that the paid release gets going with a considerable element deficiency contrasted with most contending items, the free version of the software is also pretty fascinating to use if you are not ready to invest money in it.

Numerous cutting-edge antivirus items adopt a moderate strategy to UI plan, with quiet foundations and only a couple tones. However, that is not the case with SUPERAntiSpyware. A brilliant symbol and title show up at the highest point of its principle window, with a red-yellow-red angle shading bar underneath. Six huge catches offer immediate admittance to significant program highlights. The sky-blue and grass-green shading plan of the catches gave me the sensation of peering out a window.

2. Scanning and Scheduling

The SUPERAntiSpyware has been tested on a malware virtual machine and is known to complete a full sweep quickly, approximately nineteen minutes long. That is quick—the normal for everyday items is longer than 60 minutes. Numerous antivirus devices utilize that first output to advance for ensuing sweeps. For instance, most other Antivirus software requires an hour for the first run-through. However, only eight minutes on the second run. An enhanced recurrent output with SUPERAntiSpyware on that equivalent test framework only needed four and a half minutes.

A quick sweep ran in only one moment. At last, there's the Critical Point Scan, which searches for dynamic malware. It took not exactly a moment. However, with the whole sweep being so quick, you may not feel the requirement for these speedier outputs.

3. Get improved test scores each time

To test the effectiveness of your antivirus software, you would require comparing the scores with the rest of the software in the market. Surprisingly, the SUPERAntiSpyware has been proven to be one of the best for test scores.

Shockingly, SUPERAntiSpyware doesn't take part in testing with any of the four substantial testing labs followed in general. That implies the solitary results that one would come with relying heavily on their computer's systems and the malware intervention inside them. However, SUPERAntiSpyware accomplished record scores in the entirety of the tests.

Most antivirus items that incorporate constant security will examine a document when any access happens. Once in a while, showing the document's subtleties in Windows Explorer is sufficient to trigger an output. On different occasions, the antivirus holds up until you click on the document. Some antivirus apparatuses don't conjure the continuous sweep until the program dispatches at the opposite end of the range. SUPERAntiSpyware falls between these limits.

4. Blocking Malware Downloads

Most of the antivirus programs in today’s world incorporate a module to assist their clients with keeping away from unhealthy and false sites. Some depend on a program augmentation, while others play out there separating beneath the program level.

Typically, the antivirus replaces a hazardous page with a notice that reveals to you the page has malware or that it's a phishing misrepresentation attempting to take your certifications. SUPERAntiSpyware does exclude any web insurance, so you'll need to depend on phishing assurance incorporated into your program or sharpen your phishing-location abilities.

SUPERAntiSpyware does not endeavour to direct your program away from site pages containing malware, yet it examines each downloaded record, so you have a level of insurance.

5. System tools and program settings

The SUPERAntiSpyware has a System Tools button located in the home window of the application software, and this tool has several vital functions. If you toggle the System Tools button, you will find a page with various settings and customizable outputs. You can choose to conduct a complete scan of your PC or even a quick scan, depending upon the time you have got in your hands. Then, you can likewise enroll in an email ID to get warnings about significant program occasions.

Among the extra instruments are an expulsion apparatus for difficult to-erase records, a maintenance device for the malware-caused Registry harm, and a device for uninstalling undesirable projects. You can likewise submit a suspected malware document or put an antivirus on no-interferences game mode. Numerous cutting-edge antivirus instruments can naturally flip into a game style to identify a SUPERAntiSpyware, full-screen program that expects you to draw in it physically.

6. System Investigator

If you like to get a deeper insight into what is going on inside your computer, you can always toggle the System investigator and know more about the critical warnings in your System. These are the most relevant urgent centers of the System

Windows User Start-up, Registry Load Points, Internet Browser Plugins, Apps that are Installed; Desktop, Classes (CLSIDs), Services & Drivers, Start and Taskbar, Application Data Folders, Temporary Folders, Windows Task Scheduler, Running Processes, etc. However, this section is only beneficial for the technical nerds, and so, you can primarily use this exclusive section while availing the services of SUPERAntiSpyware.

7. Central Management Console

SUPERAntiSpyware has a central administrator reassure that the product can be sent across a venture or an association. This guarantees the quick accessibility of insurance for all workstations paying little heed to their area. This makes it simpler for IT offices to download an appropriate program and definition updates to every associated PC.

Also, this administration dashboard empowers regulatory clients to characterize danger reactions internationally or independently. This gives vivacious defending to the whole organization against rehashed assaults and constant contaminations.

Moreover, the SUPERAntiSpyware arrangements must be set or altered by managers. This permits the association to verify that end clients can't adjust alternatives or cripple the program totally and influence different frameworks if one station gets tainted.

3. Pros and Cons of SUPERAntiSpyware

This section will run down a brief analysis of the pros and cons of using the SUPERAntiSpyware program. So, you will come across the various advantages and the limitations of this software if you are planning to avail its services.

The advantages of SUPERAntiSpyware

Here are the most notable advantages of the SUPERAntiSpyware:

  • The SUPERAntiSpyware is very easy to use and comes alongside a wide range of options, making screening for viruses and harmful files very smooth and effortless.
  • The time-lapse in between two clean-ups are magnificently fast, and the scans are very effective in securing a PC from any foreign interventions such as viruses and malware.
  • There are different projects that one can use to battle malware. However, SUPERAntiSpyware is accessible and very efficient.
  • The SUPERAntiSpyware is excellent for lightweight programming, and that is why, more often than not, people lean toward this over other security virtual products.
  • Installing the SUPERAntiSpyware is effortless and takes no time to be ready for scanning up PCs. So, once launched, you can be sure to be free from all the hassles and threats to your computer.
  • The Fast Scan option in the SUPERAntiSpyware is very efficient and conducts in significantly less time. This prepares your PC for the daily tasks while also allowing the users a safer environment to surf if there is not much time for a complete scan.
  • An added System Investigator tool in the System allows the users to scan for viruses and malware manually. This is a very profound feature and absent in most other antivirus software.
  • The scores of consecutive system scans yield much better results than most of the antivirus software available in the market.
  • The price for the premium subscription for the SUPERAntiSpyware software is very affordable, and thus, it imposes a significant advantage over other expensive alternatives.
  • The free version of this antivirus software is also very potent and better than most of the other free antivirus software in the market. So, it offers excellent value to anyone.
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  • What you can view: Instagram profile pictures in full size, direct message history along with exchanged media files, likes and comments, Instagram screen activity, etc.

The limitations of SUPERAntiSpyware

  • Sometimes, users may face some lags in between file deletions.
  • The SUPERAntiSpyware does not come with web protection software.
  • Frequently, the SUPERAntiSpyware program sends out continuous notifications to conduct a complete scan of the PC, even though an initial scan has been completed on the same day. However, these messages could be ignored.
  • In some PCs, especially the old ones, the scanning procedure might take a long time to be completed. Moreover, even after spending so much time, the corrupted files and programs may not be entirely deleted.
  • In most of the complete scans, you might have to shut down your browser along with all the concurrent tabs so that the screening is initiated.
  • The UI for SUPERAntiSpyware may not be particularly suited to every individual user out there. As it contains a dynamic theme, getting used to the SUPERAntiSpyware’s UI may be hectic at first.
  • If you ponder upon a malicious URL on the internet, the SUPERAntiSpyware would not be as effective to detect it.
  • There have been no scores for scans that testing labs with several computers back.
  • To fully benefit from the System Investigator, the user needs to be highly skilled and have technical expertise.
  • The free version of the SUPERAntiSpyware is known for spamming messages in your inbox advising you to upgrade.
  • SUPERAntiSpyware only supports detecting the spyware in the computer. If you want to check the phone’s spyware, ClevGuard is a nice try.

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4. What Is Different Between Professional X Edition and Free Edition?

This section will discuss the critical differences between the free and paid versions of the SUPERAntiSpyware. This will help you decide whether or not you should upgrade your services to the most premium one available.

Features Free version Premium version
1. AI-powered detection engine ×
2. Multiple Scans to quicken the process ×
3. Real-time threat blocking Only for regular scans or if malicious file is caught Detects and deletes all malicious threats automatically
4. Automated updates It needs to be done manually. Updates will be launched automatically.
5. Email notifications for seamless connectivity ×
6. Detection and removal of malicious threats
7. Multi-dimensional Scans for effective screening
8. Process Interrogation technology

5. How to Setup SUPERAntiSpyware?

Here are the steps which you can follow to install and launch SUPERAntiSpyware software on your PC.

SUPERAntiSpyware makes it uncommonly simple to evaluate its services. The preliminary download links are not challenging to locate, and the installation process is swift and straightforward. However, you might be asked to join in or log in via your Email address.

As per the conducted test establishment, the SUPERAntiSpyware is exceptionally efficient and light. SUPERAntiSpyware's core service commonly needs under 10MB RAM, but it can function regularly under 5MB, and its executable and information records scarcely utilized 100MB.

Step 1: Download the free version from the website:

superantispyware download

Step 2: While the .exe file is downloaded, be ready to run the file.

superantispyware install

Step 3: Follow all the steps instructed by the program on-screen. That's it!

6. How to Uninstall SUPERAntiSpyware?

Here are the steps which you must follow to uninstall SUPERAntiSpyware from your System successfully.

Please follow the mentioned steps if you would like to uninstall SUPERAntiSpyware with the help of the Windows Control Panel:

Step 1: Close the SUPERAntiSpyware application on your PC.

You are also recommended to shut down all the other running applications on your PC to uninstall SUPERAntiSpyware successfully.

Step 2: Next, open Windows Control Panel on your computer. You can locate Windows Control Panel on your computer by searching for it in the Start menu.

Step 3: In the Control Panel, select the "Available Programs/Uninstall a Program" option.

Step 4: In the "Available Programs/Uninstall a Program," search for SUPERAntiSpyware from the list of various application software present in the dock.

remove superantispyware

Step 5:Click the SUPERAntiSpyware and then click on uninstall from the list of options that popped up.

Step 6:After that, a series of instructions will appear on your screen that will lead you to a successful uninstallation of the file ‘SUPERAntiSpyware’ from your PC. Follow the steps given and then hit OK.

Step 7:The uninstallation process is now complete, and you are highly recommended to restart your computer as soon as possible for seamless activity.

An alternate way to uninstall the SUPERAntiSpyware software from your PC

If you are working with a Windows PC, then these steps are solely limited to your usage.

Follow the mentioned steps to uninstall the SUPERAntiSpyware successfully:

Step 1: Close the SUPERAntiSpyware application on your PC by clicking on the exit option in the home menu of this application.

Step 2: Close all the applications and tabs that are currently running on your PC.

Step 3:After that, download the SUPERAntiSpyware Uninstaller Assistant for Windows PC. You can search for the file in the system package that comes with SUPERAntiSpyware software or downloads the additional file from the internet.

Step 4:Run the SUPERAntiSpyware uninstaller assistant and follow the steps given by the wizard.

Step 5:Hit OK once you are done and exit the tab.

Step 6:Restart your PC once the procedure is over, and SUPERAntiSpyware will be uninstalled from your System successfully.

Another Alternate method for uninstalling SUPERAntiSpyware

If you face trouble if the uninstallation wizard, you are highly recommended to follow the below steps to uninstall SUPERAntiSpyware from your System.

Step 1: Close the SUPERAntiSpyware application on your computer by clicking the exit option inside the application.

Step 2: Now, download the installation package for SUPERAntiSpyware from the internet.

Step 3:If you already have the installation package, re-run it on your computer.

Step 4:After the installation is complete, click on the ‘Remove’ option and initiate the uninstallation process for SUPERAntiSpyware.

Step 5:Restart your PC as soon as the uninstallation process is complete.

Step 5:You have successfully uninstalled SUPERAntiSpyware from your PC.

The SUPERAntiSpyware software has now been successfully removed from your PC.

7. FAQs

Here are a few vital FAQs which you might consider reading to resolve your queries regarding the SUPERAntiSpyware software.

1) Is SUPERAntiSpyware an antivirus program?

Yes. The SUPERAntiSpyware program is special antivirus software that imposes a significant advantage on PC users. The quick and complete scans offered by this software are very reliable and effective in removing malware.

2) Which is better, SUPERAntiSpyware or Malwarebytes?

Malwarebytes is perfect for eliminating viruses and malware from the computer, while SUPERAntiSpyware offers a complete package while also preventing potential adware.

3) What anti-spy software is recommended for a mobile phone?

The ClevGuard Anti-Spy software is one of the best anti-spy software made for mobile devices. It is not heavy and offers many services to the users while ensuring their mobile device's safety and security.

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Final Verdict

In this segment, we have talked about the SUPERAntiSpyware software and provided enough information and data to the readers while also putting forward an unbiased SUPERAntiSpyware for Android review. There are numerous advantages of using this software, and the limitations of this software are significantly less. So, every user looking for nice anti-spy software is highly recommended to try out SUPERAntiSpyware. However, if you're looking for a cell phone's anti-spyware, ClevGuard is an excellent anti-spy software for Android.


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