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[Solved] How to Use Guided Access On iPhone And iPad?

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Annie Brooks

Updated: Dec 07, 2021 05:45 pm

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Question: What is guided access?

Guided access is a feature that enables you to quickly stick your iPhone or iPad screen at a specific application you want and stop getting notifications of different apps on your phone when you are busy in such work that you don’t want anything to distract you from your work.

Similarly, if you want your child not to explore your phone except for any game or educational search you want to allow.

Just simply use guided access and open the app, then your child will not even be able to see your home screen.

How to Enable Guided Access on iPhone or iPad?

It is very easy to enable guided access iPhone or iPad. Here are the few steps to enable the guided access on your iPhone.

  • First of all you need to open the settings of your iPhone or iPad and there you will find the option "General", just tap on it.
  • Then select the "Accessibility" and open the option "Guided Access".
  • Turn on the Guided Access and then tap the Passcode Settings to set the Guided Access Passcode. You can also add your Face Id and or Touch id. In this way you will be able to activate the guided access.
  • enable guided access

    How to Disable Guided Access on iPhone or iPad?

    Disabling the guided access is simple than enabling it. And the steps are also even less than that for enabling the guided access for iPhone or iPad.

    Here are two different methods i.e. with or without Face Id.

  • On an iPhone with a Home button, you need to double click on the home-button and unlock your touch Id if it is enabled otherwise triple click on the home button and enter your passcode to enable the guided access.
  • On an iPhone with Face id, double click the side button and then unlock with the Face id otherwise simply just triple click and enter the passcode.
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    What Happens When Guided Access is on?

    A guided access on iPhone can be used for certain purposes:

    1. To disable the hardware button like volume button, Keyboards, Sleep/Awake button etc.

    2. It can also be used to disable the areas of a screen that are not required to you for any specific task and can may cause disturbance or distraction in your work.

    3. Guided access for iPhone or iPad can also be used to restrict your device to stick to a certain app and does not even allow to see the home screen and other applications.


    Guided access feature helps you out a lot in work in a disciplined way without any disturbance. For example, if you are doing an office work or making your assignment and it demands your full concentration for an hour or two but you are again and again getting notifications on your iPhone that is distracting you.

    You can simply enable your Guided Access and start your work, you will not get any notification until or unless you yourself disable the guided access.

    Another important benefit of guided access is that you can stick your phone to a specific app like your child can only play the game you want him to and can do nothing else on your iPhone or iPad.

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    What You Need to Consider about Guided Access?

    Guided access has unique functions. You must be aware of the uses and benefits of guided access before using it. Another important thing to consider is to check the device model you are using.

    As, guided access is preferably discussed for an iPhone or iPad, so you must be aware of your device and the model of that device also because latest models may have some unique features other than the normal ones we have already discussed.

    You must know the use of guided access on your iPhone as it needs to be enabled first and then you need to select which feature you need and what you need to be restricted.

    You can also consider that which hardware buttons you need to use and can lock other buttons that are of no use for a time being and can create distraction in your work.

    Alternatives to Guided Access – KidsGuard

    Most probably, guided access is used by parents to block the access of whole phone for their kids and only allow them the specific app they are needed so that they may not waste their time in extra things.

    An interesting application i.e KidsGuard which is considered one of the best application in parental control list.

    This application not only provides the features that are provided by the guided access but also provides many other features that can be used to control kids through their phone.

    More features of KidsGuard

    KidsGuard provide a number of functions that can be performed to keep an eye on child’s activity other than the app blocking and web filtering. Some of its features are discussed below:

    Real Time Location

    By using KidsGuard, parents can watch their kid’s real time location anytime and anywhere they are. This is done because parents are so busy in their work that they cannot be with their kids all the time. So, sitting in office even they can watch their kids by this app.


    Geo-fencing is the feature of KidsGuard, by which parents can add some specific places where they do not want their kids to be. But if they just reached there, parents will get an alarming notification by this application.

    Filter Calls

    Parents can filter calls on their kids phone to make them stay safe from scam calls.

    Capture / Lock Screen

    Parents can capture the screen of their kids to keep an eye on them what are involved in.

    How to Set up KidsGuard?

    Step 1.

    Click button below to download KidsGuard on your phone through Google Play Store or App Store. And then use valid email address to sign up an account.

    Step 2.

    Log into your account and go to dashboard. Tap on Bind Now button, copy the Url in setup instrution and send it to kids' phone.

    bind now interface

    Step 3.

    Open Url in kids' phone to download KidsGuard Jr on his/her phone. After installation,then you can connect the devices and manage the account from KidsGuard Dashboard and enjoy all its features.

    download kidsguard jr

    Tips: How to Enable Guided Access on Android Phone?

    Guided access Android can be made workable by using different applications. One of the methods used in alternate of guided access is "Screen pinning".

    This limit is device to access specific applications only. A pin is used to enable and disable it. Another method to enable guided access on Android is to use the Mobile Device Manager Plus.

    With the help of Kiosk Mode of this Mobile Device Manager plus you can make the device to stick to only one application or more than one application only required.

    This feature is mostly used by companies for their employees. For example, a driver may be given access to only open GPS service and no any other application on Android phone.

    FAQs about Guided Access

    Q1. Why would you use Guided Access?

    Ans: We would use guided access to enable us to restrict all applications and buttons on our phone other than those we need.

    Q2. Does guided access drain battery?

    Ans: Yes, the battery drains while using guided access as the auto-lock feature of your device is also stopped and the mobile is continuously working, so definitely the battery drains.

    Q3. How do you turn off guided access on iPhone when you forgot your password?

    Ans: An easy way for this is to put your iPhone device on recovery mode. By using this method, you can easily disable the iPhone from guided access when you have forgot the password.


    From all above discussion, we can conclude that guided access is really helpful in blocking and restricting applications on your iPhone but as this feature is only for iPhone and its features are very limited so we should prefer using an application like the KidsGuard to enjoy many other features other than the guided access as battery will be consumed in both cases but more security is being provided by this parental control app. Guided access on iPad are the same as for the iPhone. Guided access can be used for blocking applications to be used on phone and allowing only relevant application to be run on that phone.


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