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What Are the Causes & Warning Signs of Youth Violence?

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Annie Brooks

Updated: Jun 27, 2023 05:14 pm

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Question:What is youth violence?

Youth violence refers to the intentional use of force and power to threaten and harm others. It includes physical and sexual abuse, torture, fighting, homicide, bullying, threats with weapons, and other gang-related violence.

It has become a serious health problem and an adverse childhood experience that can have long time effects on well-being.

In this article, we will be further discussing the causes and warning signs of youth violence.

What are the Causes of Youth Violence?

Domestic Violence

Children learn violence by example when they live with violent domestic culture and they grow up as violent people.

Wrong parenting, lack of proper attention, and negligence at home also promote feelings of violence among kids. Here are few causes of youth violence.

Society and Neighborhood

Neighborhood and society in which kids live also impact their behavior. If they live in a society where crime rates are higher, opportunities are few and society is socially disorganized then they tend to act more aggressively which promotes violence in them.

Research also shows that society where police protection is very rare, violence becomes street justice to protect the neighborhood is a result of which gang wars and other criminal activities prevail in the society.

Excessive Use of Media

Content offered by media tends to promote violence among kids. Research shows that playing violent video games promotes aggressiveness among kids.

Such video games not only promote aggressive behaviors but also promote angry moods and raise blood pressure as well. They also decrease a sense of empathy and helping behavior too.

youth violence

Pressure Groups

Kids tend to be more violent when they grow up with violent groups and gatherings. Teens that are not so aggressive tend to feel empowered when they form a group. Kids are portraying themselves violently to maintain their position in a group.

Use of Drugs

Easy access to alcohol and drugs for kids is the major root cause of youth violence. Excessive use of alcohol and drugs increase violent behaviors and reduces fear from inside the youth and they feel empowered which leads them to grow as a violent person.

Mental Illness

Mental illness is yet another major cause of youth violence. Lack of proper attention, deficiency, ignorance, bipolar, all have aggressive feelings and are common symptoms. It is important to treat the whole person instead of treating just the illness. This way, chances of violence inside the teen are reduced.

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Warning Signs of Youth Violence

A question like what causes someone to kick, shoot someone, hit someone, or even he is difficult to answer. Here are some reasons listed below as to why someone could commit violence:


People act violently when they are frustrated and they want to release their tension and gloomy feelings. They feel that there is no solution to their problems so they act violently to release their out-of-control feelings.

Control over Someone

Desire to take control over someone in youth promotes violent feelings in them and they grow as a violent person to have control of things according to their desires.


People often act violent to retaliate against those people whom they care about once and they hurt them.

Feelings of Isolation

If someone is in constant isolation and is neglected by society and lacks proper care from home, then it is the early sign that will lead him to violent behaviors and he will grow as a violent person in the future.

Excessive feeling of rejection

If someone is being rejected in his earlier stage of schooling at every level, for instance, he wanted to be in a basketball team but he was rejected and faces rejections from other things as well, then this is the early warning that this person will grow violent feelings in him.

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Things I Can Do to Stop Violence

There are a few things that kids can do to stop turning into violent people. Let’s just discuss some of the methods here

Things Kids can do to stop violence

Youth violence prevention is mandatory for every prosperous society. Here are a few tips which kids can follow to prevent violent behavior.


Kids should communicate with one another in case of any problem instead of taking down on each other with fists and weapons and beating the hell out of each other. In this way, they can be a good citizen as well.

Report Suspicious Activities

Kids should immediately report suspicious activities to the police if they see any in their surroundings. Instead of being a part of it, they should act responsibly.

Stay away from alcohol and drugs

Kids should stay miles away from drugs and alcohol as it is the major cause of promoting violent behaviors among them. If someone offers them to use drugs, immediately inform to police and parents about that person so he should be protected.

Control use of Media

Kids should refrain their selves from such games whose content Is violent and which promotes nudity and violent scenes. They should spend their time in healthy activities and playing outdoor games which are better for their mental and physical health.

Society and Neighbor

Kids should find safe ways to go to their homes and should not engage with bad neighbors who invite them to form gangs and other stuff. They should avoid those societies which are not socially responsible and have a bad reputation.

Volunteer against violence

Kids should engage themselves in volunteer activities against violence. They should engage in anti-drug rallies, paste stickers and play cards against violent behaviors and be a good example in the eye of their younger siblings and teens as well.

Form Discipline

Violence is a learned behavior and no kid is born perfect. Kids should practice discipline from time to time and try to improve their discipline so that they can be good people in later stages.

prevent violence

Things parents can do to stop violence

If you are worried about "What can I do about youth violence?" NO WORRIES. We will discuss here some methods parents can do to stop violence:

Proper attention and care

Parents should make sure that their kid is getting proper attention and is being treated with proper care. Their feelings and demands are being taken care of. With proper attention and care, kids can be stopped to be turning into violent people.

Help kids develop empathy

Kids follow what they see. Parents have to develop a sense of empathy in their kids by helping other persons in front of them so that they can a learn how to help others.

For instance, if your child hits someone in the park do not ask your kid to say sorry instead make him feel how he would feel if he is being hit by someone.

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Final Thoughts

In the review of the above facts, kids’ violence can be very dangerous and can have a deep and everlasting effect on their personalities when they grow up.

Feelings of loneliness, ignorance, rejection and the use of alcohol and drugs are the major causes of promoting violence among kids.

However, youth violence prevention is possible we do an early remedy for it with just a little effort. We can treat kids with affection and love and parents should pay proper attention to their kids' upbringings. Kids should be refrained from joining gangs and forming societies.


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