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Top 10 iPhone Parental Monitoring App in 2020

author_icon Cody Walsh time_icon Last updated Feb 21, 2020 05:23 pm

Apple's iPhone is preferred by many these days. With its extensive list of attractive features it is hard not to be glued to it all the time. This can be severely detrimental to the health of your child. They are at a constant exposure to the dangerous virtual world and may even be subjected to cyberbullying. With so many such dangers lurking in the online world, parental control becomes a necessity. Moreover, with the introduction of such exciting applications on iPhone your child may start spending more time on their phone and not involve in other useful day to day activities. Are you one of those parents who are facing this issue? Worry not! Here are 10 of the best iPhone parental monitoring app which prove to be very beneficial in such a scenario.

1. Net Nanny App

This application is one of the most trusted applications to monitor your child's cell phone activity in a safe and secure manner. It helps in limiting the type of content your child can access online so that they don't land up on an inappropriate site which is not suitable for their age. It has an extensive list of attractive features which work together effectively to keep your child safe in the online world.

netnanny app


  • Parental controls

  • Internet filter

  • Pornography blocking

  • Time management

  • Profanity masking

  • Social media monitoring

  • Alerts and reporting

  • Remote administration

  • Customization of user profile settings

Price: Protect 5 devices at $59.99/year, protect 10 devices for $89.99/year and protect 15 devices for $119.99/year.

2. FamilyTime App

FamilyTime is one of the most powerful iPhone parental control apps which can be used for managing your child's activities on their iPhone. Location, internet activity, applications, phone logs, and so much more can be monitored using this wonderful application. It makes the task of parental control an effortless ordeal.

familytime app


  • Set time limits

  • Block pornography

  • Enable safe search

  • Apply web filters

  • Geo-fence places

  • Locate family members

  • Check app usage

  • Control several social media applications

Price: The most popular version of this application costs $1.15/month for every device added.

3. Qustodio Parental Control App

You can manage, supervise and protect your child's activities on their iPhone with the help of this parental control app. It offers the easiest way to control your child's activities online and keep them safe from the dangers of being addicted to their cell phones at all times.

qustodio app iphone


  • Block pornography

  • View activity on social media

  • Balance and set screen time

  • Control the other apps and games

  • Track the incoming and outgoing calls

  • iPhone parental monitoring text messages

  • Track real-time location

Price: Premium version at $54.95/year for 5 device monitoring, $96.95/year for 10 device monitoring and $ 137.95/year for 15 device monitoring.

4. Circle Smart Family Control

This is one of the best parental monitoring app for iPhone which offers an amazing interface for families to connect and monitor in a smart way. The devices of a family can be interconnected at one place through this application and can be monitored effectively. It makes the management of online time and content very easy. You can even reward your child when they have been good.

circle smart family controls


  • Set screen time limits

  • Filter content

  • Set a bedtime

  • Limit usage

  • Set offtime

  • Give rewards

  • Pause your child's device

  • View history of accessed content online

Price: $54.99

5. Kidslox Parental Control App

Kids get exposed to a lot of unwanted and inappropriate content online. Kidslox parental control app is excellent in providing the right parental control features for your kids which becomes very essential. With this application the unwanted web pages can be blocked easily without any hassle. Not just iPhone but you can also monitor iPad, iPod and Android devices as well.

kidslox parental control app


  • Locks applications

  • Blocks content

  • Can set daily limits

  • Can set mode timers

  • Enables scheduling the cell phone usage

  • 3-way-toggle

  • Childproofing

  • Fingerprint ID

Price: Premium membership for $3.99/month, $19.99/6 months, $39.99/year and Lifetime Premium membership for $79.99

6. ScreenGuide Parental Control

You can stop worrying about your child's cell phone usage once you start using this application. ScreenGuide Parental Control works effectively in monitoring and managing your child's activity online and you can take the necessary action in case of any suspicious activity. It comes with internet filtering, proper Time-Out feature which is very effective. You can remote lock device whenever you want and it is very easy to go through.

screenguide app


  • Content filtering

  • Screen time limit with Time Out feature

  • App monitoring and blocking

  • Remotely lock and unlock device

  • Customizable restrictions

Price: Free

7. Netsanity App

You can monitor and protect your child in the best possible way with the help of this parental control application. More than 20 premium features are included in this app which helps in effective monitoring of your child's cell phone activity. It offers a safe and secure medium to create restrictions of usage for your child.

netsanity app


  • App blocker

  • Time blocker

  • Game blocker

  • Category blocker

  • Website blocker

  • Youtube content filtering

  • Safe search

  • Customization of timeout

Price: Free 14-day trial, Premium version at $6.95/month.

8. Mobicip Parental App

With the help of this application you can monitor your kid's activities online and keep him/her safe. The screen time can also be managed with the help of this application which keeps the phone addiction at bay. You can even track the real-time location of your children to know their whereabouts at all times so that in case of any emergency you can reach them at the earliest.

mobicip app


  • Limit screen time

  • Block websites

  • Manage games and mobile applications

  • Track real-time location

  • Supervise video streaming

  • Filter the content on internet

  • Check the browsing history

  • Invite a co-parent

  • Simple user interface

Price: Standard version at $39.99/year to protect 5 devices. The Enterprise version protects more than 20 devices and you will need to contact the customer support service group of this application for the quote of this.

9. OurPact Parental Control And Kid Tracker

Through this excellent iPhone parental monitoring application, the location of almost every family member and their device can be found out quickly. Parents can get the instant location of their kids through this application. It is easy to use and very effective as well.

ourpact parental control app


  • Blocking of application.

  • Blocking internet for inappropriate use.

  • Blocking texting feature.

  • Locates the family members.

  • Can schedule screen time restrictions and access.

  • Building and customizing the application rules.

  • Setting up allowances for certain cell phone functions.

  • Filtering out the web pages.

Price: Free for one schedule, Plus version at $1.99/month and Premium version at $6.99/month.

10. FamiSafe Parental Control App

This application allows you to keep you children safe online in the friendliest way. It is the most reliable parental control application available online. You can track the real-time location, filter web content and do so much more to keep your children safe.

 famisafe app


  • Location tracking

  • Block any application or game

  • Filter web content

  • Block access to unwanted web pages

Price: After trying it for free, the Premium version costs $9.99/month, $19.99/3 months and $59.99/year.

Some of the high rated applications which offer parental control on iOS devices are mentioned above. They can be used effectively for cell phone activity monitoring.

Extra Tip: Best Parental Monitoring App for Android

If you are looking out for parental control application options for monitoring an Android phone, KidsGuard Pro is one of the most recommended applications available online. With this application you can know about the details of your child's cell phone activity and even track their real-time location. It aids in providing better parenting to your kids with its extensive features.

kidsguard pro app


  • Incoming and outgoing message viewing

  • Call log access

  • Photos and video access

  • Ability to take a screenshot on target phone

  • Check the browser history

  • Other mobile app monitoring

  • Social media app monitoring which includes Viber, LINE, WeChat and Whatsapp etc.

  • Access to calendar and notes

  • Real-time location tracking

Try It NowView Demo

This is a highly recommended application which is a must for every parent who is worried about their child's safety online. You can now try out the free 3-day trial for yourself and check out the amazing attributes which this application has to offer.


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