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Real-Time Protection

Guard Event

Detect Hidden App

Email Breach

Junk Clean

More Features

Real-Time Spyware Detector and Remover

  • 24/7 heuristic scanning to detect more spyware and trackers.
  • Detect and notify malicious files and unsecure apps in real-time.
  • Highlight the abnormal records and support removing them all with one click.
  • Unlimited and customized Whitelist or Blacklist updates.
Safety Bug Email Password Bank

Microphone and Camera Protection

  • Notify you when any applications turn on microphone or camera with or without your consent.
  • Detailed reports on the use of the microphone and camera, including app info, duration, time and date, etc.
  • Detect all attempts to access the microphone and camera to prevent unknown attacks.
Voice Camera Remind Shield

Detect and Show Hidden App

  • Find hidden or suspicious apps which are disguised with fake icons/names.
  • Remove all invisible threats going around on your devices.
  • Reinforce the security of your mobile against the various risks which can reach you.
  • Easily know if WhatsApp is monitored, find GPS tracker on your phone, etc.
Virus Eye Trogan Hacker Closed

Email Leak Checker

  • Check if your email has been exposed in a data breach.
  • Protect your sensitive online information from prying eyes.
  • Professional tips on how to secure your personal info.
Google Remind Outlook Aol Yahoo

Clear Android Junk Files and Data

  • Analyze & remove junk files, residual, cache, ad and more which slow down your phone.
  • Only a 1-tap boost can free up more space and speed your phone.
  • Find out which apps occupy too much memory.
Trash Upgrade Protect Battery

ClevGuard Anti-Spyware Pricing & Plans

Start protecting your Android phone remotely.

1-Month Plan

$4.99 / Mo

You will be billed at $4.99 / $7.99

Auto Renew. Cancel Anytime.
The license will be automatically renewed in a month. You can cancel it at any time on the product Settings page.
Renew Here >>

1-Year Plan

$2.49 / Mo

You will be billed at $29.99 / $59.99

Auto Renew. Cancel Anytime.
The license will be automatically renewed in a year. You can cancel it at any time on the product Settings page.
Renew Here >>

More Features

Audit App Audit

Manage every permission you've granted for all apps.

Report Customized Blacklist Report

Send suspicious samples to help us rectify the issues.

Scan Scan All Phone App

Remind you which app is threatening the safety of your phone.

Whitelist App Whitelist Enumeration

Add your trusted app to whitelist without security remind.

Simple Simple and Quick Scan

Scan the whole phone within minutes and fix all the issures effectively.

Delete Delete Threats in One Step

Delete any unsecure app or files in one single click.

How to Use ClevGuard to Protect Your Phone

Using ClevGuard anti-spy app to find the hidden spyware and remove the malicious files with several simple steps. ClevGuard can protect your privacy security well.

Step 1: Download ClevGuard

Download ClevGuard Spyware Remover on Google Play.

Step 2: ClevGuard Scanner

Scan phone app in real-time and check the result.

Step 3: Remove Spyware

Remove Spyware from phone in few seconds.

Full Guide

Discover Why ClevGuard Is Best Choice

ClevGuard Anti-Spy is one of the best Anti-Spy software for Android phone users. You will get an overview of why it stands out below.

Mutiple Multiple Functions

All in one tool to scan and keep phone away from spying and unsecure state in real time.

Update Update Database

You can update whitelist/blacklist database yourself without limitation.

Scan Real-Time Scan

ClevGuard protect phone in real-time. No worry about any spy tool to track your privacy data.

Reminder App Reminder

Scan all Third Party app to remind you whether it is safe or not.

Shield Data & Privacy Protection

We protect every user's data and privacy with high-security standards. Nobody else can access your data.

Easy Easy to Use

With user-friendly interface, every user can handle it in several seconds without any trouble.

Price Cheap Price

We provide much cheaper plan for our users to get the best anti-spy software to keep data safe.

Rocket Free Update

Yes, you can upgrade the software and get latest features with no extra cost when updates are available.

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Free Version vs Pro Version

ClevGuard Anti Spyware for Android offers 2 different versions. Download for free, and choose whether to upgrade to the Pro version according to your needs.

Points of Comparison Free Pro
Fast & Full Scan
Scan Result
Crush Spyware in One Click
Real-Time Protection
Microphone/Camera Abuse Warning
Email Password Leak Check
Auto Alert
App Audit
Junk Clean
Unlimited Blocklist & Customized Whitelist
Enhanced Heuristic Anti-Spy Engine
Priority Updates of New Signatures
24/7 Support
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  • How can I tell if there's a hidden spyware in my phone?

    You can use ClevGuard to test if there is a hidden spyware in your phone. Its support detect Application of hazard level determination, Blacklist example monitoring, etc.

  • Where can I download ClevGuard?

    You can download it in or Google Play.

  • How can I know whether the current version of ClevGuard is the latest one?

    You can directly check it’s latest version in our App, if you can’t figure, just contact with our Customer Center for help.

  • Is there any method that can help to prohibit with one-click?

    Yes, we support one-click prohibit or open permissions in this App, so you can setting this function and reduce inconvenience caused by operation.

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